Cherished Lady: Part 2

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25- Artemis

The King and I spent the next half hour awkwardly moving around each other. He was able to have the servants fetch me a dress which I change into in his bathroom. While I was in there the King also changed into a pair of slacks and a button-down shirt.

Walking into the King’s sitting room, it had a similar layout to the Queen’s. However, although the Queen’s room was filled with blues and silvers, this one was decorated with reds and golds. Lord Edmon sat a small table that was filled with a small breakfast spread. Upon seeing us he stood and bowed slightly causing my cheeks to blush.

Once we were all seated Lord Edmon turned to me and spoke.

“Alright my lady. What’s the last thing you remember?” I was tired of this question.

“I remember the queen being attacked and running through the woods. Everything after that is a bit fuzzy.”

“Let’s start from the beginning then.”

They explained to me everything that had happened that night. Ralacks attacked the queen and I had tried to fight them off while running into the woods. During the attack it was revealed that Oberon and I were indeed mates, making me the next Luna Queen. All of the information was too much. I couldn’t be queen. I had a hard enough time managing a bachelor pack house. There was no way I could manage a whole kingdom.

The two males didn’t seem to notice my distress as they continued to talk about the after-effects of the events.

“So, what is this urgent matter we need to discuss?” the King asked. Lord Edmon set down the tea he was drinking and looked at us seriously.

“The counsel has summoned the queen. They wish to pledge their allegiance to their new ruler, and they say there is a urgent matter that requires her attention. They have set a meeting for this evening.”

“Why me?” I didn’t understand.

“Because you’re of the Goddess’ next chosen Luna,” the King explained. “You’re the highest-ranking ruler until you choose a mate.”

“That doesn’t make sense. You’re the King. You’re the one they should talk to.”

“It doesn’t always work like that,” the King explained. “The line doesn’t necessarily go from father to son. The Moon Goddess chooses the Luna first and then whoever is the Luna’s mate gets to be King.

“So, then there is a chance I’m not the queen then?”

“No. There is no doubt that you are the next Luna.”

“How do you know?” I didn’t see why I would be the next Luna over someone else.

“Your wolf’s coat. It’s pure white,” the King started. “Only royal Lunas have a white coat. It’s how the goddess lets us know who the new Luna is.” So how are we just now realizing I’m the next Luna? …Or are we. Furious I turned to Lord Edmon.

“When were you going to tell me?” The coward refused to look at me. Instead he was focused on stirring his tea.

“He didn’t tell you?” the King questioned.

“No, he didn’t tell me. What else have I not been told?” Lord Edmon gave a deep sigh setting his cup down.

“It seems your wolf is more unique than usual,”

“What does that mean?” I was so confused at this point.

“You need to tell her everything, uncle.” The King pressed. “It’s time to come clean. She deserves to know.” Lord Edmon was looking guilty now.

“You’re right.”

I was not prepared for everything he told me. Lord Edmon knew I was going to be the next Luna since my first shift. He kept it from me as a form of protection. My wolf, apparently, has since then been going around creating a new pack. So far it included Lord Edmon, Dalton and rogue named Ace. No one knew why she picked the rogue. Throughout the entire explanation the king kept trying to give me reassuring squeezes on my arm which only served to put my on edge. My head was still spinning when he was finished.

“So, you’re my Beta?” I questioned.

“I am.”

“Then as my Beta, if ever withhold information from me again, I will tear off your balls and wear them around my neck as a necklace. Understand?” I heard a snicker from the King.

“As you say, your majesty.” I groaned at the title.

“Can we not call me that?”

“You are the Queen.” Lord Edmon explained. “Until you chose a mate, you will be expected to lead the kingdom in all matters of state. Get use to formalities.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“But I have a mate,” I said desperately gesturing towards the King.

“Officially you haven’t chosen him yet,” Lord Edmon explained.

“And how do I do that?”

“You have to mark me?” the King interrupted. My cheeks flamed at the thought. I began to fidget with my dress. The king placed his hand over mine stilling the motion. “It’s ok. We don’t have to until you’re ready. Lord Edmon and I will be there to help you every step of the way. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves.

“So what do I have to do at this council meeting?”

“Don’t worry gentleman I’ll take it from here.” The queen came strolling in to stand near us. “Eddie, I thought we talked about leaving me out of things.” I turned to the King shocked by the Queen’s nickname for Lord Edmon.

“Eddie?” I whispered. The King gave a knowing smile.

"She like to call him that to keep him in his place." The King whispered back.

“Rina, I didn’t intentionally leave you out," Lord Edmond responded. "Besides you know everything we discussed already.”

“Well now that everyone is finally on the same page,” the Queen turned to me, “Artemis my dear you are coming with me. We have much to prepare.”

I stood to follow the queen, but Lord Edmon rose with me.

“Rina, there are more important things than dresses and make up.” The queen gave a growl.

“Yes, cause the only thing I know after twenty odd years of governing a nation is how to dress pretty.” If looks could kill.

“Rina, that’s not what-“

“Shut up Eddie. No one cares.” Lord Edmon sat down pouting at his sister’s comments. The queen just ignored him.

“Come on Artemis. We’ve got a council to intimidate.”

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