Cherished Lady: Part 2

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Author's Notes

Thank you everyone for reading. Your comments and words of encouragement have pushed me to finish. I didn’t think anyone but me would enjoy this story so it was a great surprise to see you all excited for each chapter.

Part three is being written now. I will post chapters as I write them. You can find it on my profile.

Honored Queen: Part III

Artemis has been named The Goddess’s Chosen Luna Queen and must now rule her kingdom. After dismantling the corrupt political council she must find new members to help her govern. The kingdom is watching her closely, looking to point out any errors she makes. On top of that the Ralacks now know of her existence and plot against her.

To aid her in her rule, Artemis has her own pack which consists of Lord Edmon, the kingdom’s former Beta, Dalton, her childhood friend, and a strange wolf name Ace. She also has the help of the Dowager Queen and her son the former King Oberon who claims that they are mates.

Leaning on these few allies. Artemis must learn the secrets of her past and forge a new future for herself and the kingdom.

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