Cherished Lady: Part 2

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9- Ace

She was surprising, that runt. Been here maybe a couple of months and already she was the Queen’s Lady’s Maid. It took me almost a year to get anywhere near the royal family and here she comes sweeping in. I knew there was something special about her the day she first brought the tea tray for the Queen. She was so scared, so timid. The Queen ate it right up, her Luna tendencies compelling her to protect the little thing. If it was an act, it was a damn good one.

The Queen wasn’t the only one. That new kid Dalton was following her around like a lost puppy. He had it bad and to make things worse, she didn’t even seem to notice. Poor guy was stuck in the friend zone hard and he seemed to be ok with it. Even that dumb Beta Lord Edmon was catering to her. Giving her private defense training. At first I thought maybe he was sleeping with her but I’m not even sure if the man even likes girls at this point. Which is fine. To each their own.

All of that seemed plausible. All of that I could accept. It wasn’t until the the imposter King showed up that she really caught my interest. I was there when she opened the queen’s door to him. The man was gawking at her in the hallway before his mother interrupted. If I didn’t know any better I would have said she was her mate. But I knew that couldn’t be true. His mate was dead. We made sure of that 18 years ago.

Still any interest the king had in her wasn’t good. We had a plan. The Ingrival girl would be queen. That was the deal my father made. It wouldn’t be for long though. Just enough to get the imposter out of the way.

I should probably report the girl to my father. He would make sure the runt stayed out of the way. That would be the smart thing to do, but something in my gut kept stopping me. Maybe she was wrapping me around her finger too. Enjoy your peace now little runt. It won’t last much longer.

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