The Rejected One

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Running With The Webster's

Neveah’s POV

I watched as Isabella and Hayden shifted into their wolves. They were beautiful Hayden was a gay wolf with with specks of black on the paws and ears and white in his tummy and chest. He had a mix of the colors on his tail and he had his blue eyes. he was very pretty.He stood at about six feet tall on all fours.

Isabella’s wolf was a blonde wolf with speaks of red and all over her back, tail, and paws. Her tummy hand chest were the same white as her brother Hayden and she too looked beautiful. She gave me a questionable look as Julian walked past me and began to strip out of his clothes. I looked away as a blush made it’s way to my cheeks. she stood about five foot eleven inches and she looked fierce.

I heard the same sound of cracking and Julian began to shift. When he did shift I was at awe at how gorgeous and dangerous his wolf looked. He was an all black wolf and that all, just black. He had his electric blue eyes the matched his own and he was bigger then his siblings. He stood at six foot eleven inches and he stood out as and alpha should.

“Glad to know what you think of my mate. Just remember that I’m all yours.” he linked me and then I realized that he had heard my thoughts and my blush came back.

“Are you gonna shift now?” Julian asked through the mind link as I started to get nervous.

“Can you all turn around? I can’t shift while everyone is watching.” I told Julian as he instructed his siblings to turn around. Once they did I began to strip out of Julian’s t-shirt. I felt the familiar cracking and breaking of my bones as I felt them reshape into my wolf. Once I was on all fours I felt the others staring at me and I felt very uncomfortable with them doing it.

Julian’s POV

When my mate was done shifting I turned around and I was shocked at what I saw. My mate’s wolf was all white and she had her green eyes and was kind of small. She had a blue aura shining all around her and she gave off power and radiance. She was absolutely stunning as she slowly walked in my direction.

White wolves were rare and almost nonexistent. White wolves were considered a gift from the moon goddess. Anyone who came across a white wolf should feel blessed. I truly felt blessed and elated that my mate was one. But it was probably because she was the moon goddess’s daughter that she was a white wolf.

But still looking at her Made My heart bleed and hurt that she had to go through all that she had been through. Her parents disrespected the goddess’s gift by treating her the way they treated her. She was made to be worshiped and I was going to worship her like the goddess she was.

“but what you really want to do is worship her body if you know what I mean?” my wolf Jasper said making me horny.

“Shut up you horn dog shes not ready for that and neither is she healthy enough for that. We need to give her time to want us the way we want her.” I told my wolf hoping that it would get through his head.

“yeah I know but just look at her she is outstanding. She is the light of my life.” Jasper said sounding like I poem.

“Okay, Shakespeare time to get moving. I will let you take control of my body later so you can have time with her later today one on one.” I said as Jasper howled in my head right before he took control and went to our mate and licked her in the snout. What surprised me most was that she licked me back thought it was probably her wolf who was in control now.

Isabella’s POV

I turned when I heard the sound of cracking and the sight I saw made my jaw drop. Neveah was an all-white wolf and she was beautiful. She was a bit small but I had the feeling that it was because of the treatment that she had endured while in the Carmikeal home. I knew that with a bit of care and training she would be unstoppable.

I knew that I wanted to friend her and I wanted her to see me as a friend as well. I just never thought that such a shy and abused girl could be a white wolf. Her parents would pay for their level of disrespect towards the goddess’s gift. I knew I was going to pay and most likely by the goddess herself.

Neveah’s POV

As everyone started running I followed in stride. you see there were paths everywhere on the territory that we were to stay on so new wolves didn’t get lost. those who strayed were the ones who had been wolves the longest and knew the place inside and out. Being my family’s slave for years meant that I wasn’t allowed outside so I didn’t get to shift often.

They didn’t stick to the paths which made it hard for me to know where I was going. I was somehow faster than them but Julian was able to keep up with me. I wasn’t in control of my body at all Nexus was Because only she was able to move that fast. Julian’s wolf must have been in control too but I also might have been wrong about that but I felt like I was right.

The wind against my fur felt amazing as I moved faster than human eyes could catch. Nexus then stopped and so did Julian and she circled his wolf. they seemed to dance around each other as Nexus rubbed up against him. It was like I was watching animal porn and I shouldn’t have been watching. Nexus Licked Julian’s snout and continued rubbing on him and bolted as Julian followed.

They started to play a weird game of tag as Julian nipped at her ear. Nexus took this moment to bolt again and Julian again followed. He nipped at my tail and not in a painful way but in a playful one. This was the first time I had ever seen Nexus look so alive. It made me happy to see her run around and play with other wolves.

It was at that moment that Julian’s rejection was a thing of the past. It was at that moment that I didn’t want to fight Julian and the bond. For nexus’s sake, I would try with Julian because it would make my life better and easier. I Liked watching Nexus play and have fun if you can call rolling around in the dirt fun. If I knew what a smile as I was probably doing it. I was happy to see Nexus get the well-deserved playtime that she had been denied for seven years.

When Nexus felt like she had had enough we had been out for hours. We all headed back to Webster’s house to rest from all the roughhousing. Julian, Hayden, and Isabella all shifted and found the clothes that they had on before they shifted. I again was nervous to shift in front of them and Julian caught on this time and Hayden and Isabella went inside while Julian gave me the r-shirt I was wearing before our run.

The cracking and breaking of bones sounded in my ear as I shifted back into my human form. Julian had his back turned while I dressed and when I was done He looked back at me. he gave me a smile and I smiled back. I made short steps toward him as I wrapped my arms around his waist. It must have shocked him as he wrapped his arms around my waist in reply. we stood like this for a minute just enjoying the feeling.

“It made me happy to see Nexus play today. It made me happy that she was able to play with her mate. It made me happy to see her happy today and for that, I want to say thank you.” I said with a smile on my face. I meant every word I had said.

“I know baby and it makes me happy that Jasper was able to meet her. I want to be your everything. I want to be the one who makes you smile like you are right now. I want to be your protector and your lover. I want to be your one and only if you will let me.” He said with the most passionate voice and I knew without a doubt he was telling the truth.

“I Believe I now know you will never hurt me again. I trust you now just don’t ruin that trust. Okay?” I said as a warm feeling grew in my stomach.

" With that said I believe that there are a few words I need to say. I Neveah Carmikeal accepts Julian Webster as my mate.” I said as a powerful surge ran through me as I was sure Julian felt it too.

“Thank you I swear you won’t regret it I promise. you will be worshiped like the princess you are.” He said as he gently wrapped his arms around me again in an embrace that was passionate but loving. Something I had not had in a long long time. It felt great.

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