The Rejected One

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Shopping With Jasper

Julian’s POV

She accepted me. She actually accepted me. Today was a better and happier day than Christmas and my birthday combine. She wanted me and I was going to be everything she needed. I was going to be the reason she smiled the way she did today.

Goddess that smile was so beautiful her lips so full. She really did smile like an angel and I brought a new radiance to her beauty. I was going to be sure that everything she needed I would provide. Speaking of I needed to get her some clothes because she didn’t have any clothing at her house when I went to pick some up for her a couple of days before She was released from the hospital.

It made my wolf and me livid to see her bedroom again as you couldn’t even call it a room her bed had holes in it and she a on dresser with a few shirts and pants that weren’t her size at all. the room didn’t have a window and the paint on the walls was peeling or chipped at.

Her old bedroom was in no living condition and I was astonished that she was even able to stay in this room for five minutes. Yet somehow she managed to live in this room for her whole life. there were hols in the wall and the wood looked like it would break under my feet. She didn’t own much at all and that was what pissed me off the most.

With that, I decided to let Jasper take her out shopping. This would give him time to get to know Neveah and Grow our bond a little bit. I know he needed it and I know That I would need to get Neveah used to my wolf. I wanted her to grow to love my wolf and not be afraid of him as he was a lovable softy. so today they would have some time together.

“hey, jasper you and Naveah are going to go shopping make sure she knows that there is no budget and she can get what she wants. Buy it anyway even if she just looks at it for more than five seconds. Make sure she enjoys herself today.” I told jasper knowing he knew what to do and when to do it.

“Okay, Julian I will make sure our lovely mate has the best day of her life.” He said as I let him take over.

Neveah’s POV

We were walking back inside the house when Julian made a sudden stop. “um Julian why did you stop?” I asked Looking at my mate as worry started to seep in. He turned to me his blue eyes glowing I then know his wolf was in control.

" Hello sweetheart My name is jasper it’s nice to meet you. I have been waiting a long time to meet you and spend time with you,” he said with a sexy smirk on his face. I wondered if Julian could do the same thing and look just as sexy.

" I heard what you just said there sweetheart and I’m glad you think my smirk is sexy. But we have some things we need to get done today. Julian wants me to take you shopping for some clothes. He promised to let me spend some time with you so you could get to know me.” He said and a light blush spread across my cheeks.

“I have never been shopping before. What does one do when they go shopping?“I asked not sure if I was ecstatic about going to a place that was crowded. That thought of so many people around me made me kind of scared but I knew that Jasper would keep me safe.

Jasper’s POV

My little mate was so fragile and so innocent. She was as graceful as a white dove on a spring morning. I was so mad when Julian rejected her as when I first lay my eyes on her, she was all I would ever need to satisfy me. She was my mate for life and I was going to treat her like my queen.

“Well, let’s see if Isabella will lead you a dress so we can get going,” I said mind linking my sister to bring her one of her smallest dresses. My mate was so skinny and not in a healthy way. That will change when I put my seed, my pup in her. Goddess the thought of her carrying my pups did something in my pants but I will wait until she is ready. I will not push my agenda on her but, I will have to mark her soon so she doesn’t go into heat.

We reached my room and Isabella brought in a yellow sundress that had spaghetti straps and hung to a low V-neck. It hugged every inch of her torso and flowed out at her waist. yellow was the perfect color on her, with her tanned skin, chestnut hair, and green eyes it really looked good on her. goddess I was in love with her and everything about her. Isabella was also nice enough to bring her some sandals for my mate to wear and she looked ravishing.

She looked like a vision of pure grace and I was living for it. Once she was done I got a brush and helped her brush her beautiful locks of chestnut wonder. Her hair was so soft as I ran my fingers through it. Okay her hair would be my new favorite thing about her. I would be sure to buy products to make sure it looked and felt pretty all the time. I would absolutely pamper her to the ends of the earth.

Once we were done we went out to the huge garage and I found my baby, my Ferrari 458 in black. I went into the passenger side and opened the door for her and once she was in I closed the door and made my way to the driver’s side. whoever said chivalry was dead was wrong in this case. I would treat her like a princess for the rest of our lives.

I turned the car on and it roared to life causing my little mate to jump at the sound. I put my hand in hers as a way to soothe her. I forgot that she had been through hell so I knew that I needed to help her with that. She just looked so precious in my sister’s yellow dress holding my hand sitting next to me.

We had finally reached the mall which was an all supernatural mall and my little mate hid behind me. She had never been allowed to leave her house and that was what I would change the most. This mall was completely run by supernatural beings as it was founded and built by a supernatural being. I think it’s owned by an elf or was it a Faye I really don’t remember. Oh, wait back to the task.

I brought her to the first store I could think of that every girl liked going to in any mall, Forever 21. We walked in and I immediately headed to the girl’s section and started to pull things that I thought were her size. She went into the changing room and tried on all the stuff we found.

Just like Julian said everything she laid eyes on brought light to her eyes. I had a secret plan to give her her own bedroom at my house and my mom and dad were in on it. I knew that she would want a room of her own so this shopping trip was also a trip to stalk her closet. By the end of the day, she would have a new room to sleep in that was filled with her favorite things. that means I would have to keep her distracted all day.

Were to Forever 21 for two hours just picking out and buying s clothes. once were done I took her to the food court where I ordered a milkshake for her. I know she couldn’t hold down solids yet and I know that milkshakes were pretty filling. I wanted her to know how a mate is supposed to be treated. I wanted to show her That I would go to the ends of the earth to make sure she was happy.

After she ate we went to a couple of shoe stores and we bought her a couple of shoes and I may or may not have slipped a few more shoes into the cart and no matter how many times she protested I didn’t budge on the situation. She needed to know that she would get everything she needed when she needed it so I would not relent on the subject.

“I’m serious Jasper I have enough already I don’t need any more stuff. You and Julian have spent enough on me already today,” she said with an adorable pout on her lips I wanted to bit those lips.

“Julian told me not to let you say no money is no object when it come to you. Besides we have a surprise at the house for you when we get back. Plus I was tasked to spend the day with you and I want to make the most out of the time we have today my little mate. Also, get used to being spoiled Because there is more to what we have gotten today.” I said with a smirk on my face.

It was fun to see my mate at a loss for words as she looked for a way to protest but once she knew she wouldn’t win she complied. Today was about her and her needs. the next place I took her to was the Hair salon and she decided to get some highlights in her hair and if I was being honest she looked stunning. It took hours to do and I tipped the stylist a hundred bucks for her service.

His highlights were not very noticeable to the human eye but my eyes made it so I was able to see the difference. You would be able to see them in the sunlight and I could easily imagine what it would look like. she kept her hair long and I loved it as it went past her hips. Words could not describe the feeling I get just by looking at her.

When we were done it was time to go home and I was very excited to show her her room. She still didn’t know that that was why we were gone all day and I was excited. She was going to have a new life and I was going to be the first to show her. We had a lot of bags from the many stores we went to the one I felt the least bit comfortable in was Victoria’s secret. But when she was done we checked out the items and headed home.

The drive home was quiet as my mate fell asleep from all the shopping and walking we did today. She woke up just as we were pulling into the driveway of my house. After I parked the car she got out and I linked a pack member to help carry her things into her new bedroom. we walked through the front door and was greeted by my mom. I then felt Julian start to take over and I sank back into the back of my mind.

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