The Rejected One

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A Roomy Surprise

Naveah’s POV

Shopping with Jasper was very fun and I think I felt the mate bond grow. He made me get a lot of stuff and I don’t think I will need this all. I got my hair done today and it felt amazing. Jasper bought a lot of products for my hair but I didn’t think it was necessary. Jasper however insisted He buys them for my hair. But you know what I was nervous about Jasper and Julian’s surprise. I didn’t know if it was a good one or a bad one but I knew that it was big.

Suddenly a blindfold was put over my eyes and I was being guided up the stairs. I Had to be very careful not to trip but Julian had his arm around my waist the whole time. Step by step I was getting nervous and I really wanted to run the other way. I couldn’t see and I was starting to get scared that they would hurt me as my family did. I heard a door open and when the blindfold was taken off I really wanted to cry.

I opened my eyes to be met with a teal blue themed bedroom. The walls were blue and the ceiling was off white. there were two nightstands that doubled as drawers and they were chrome silver that could easily reflect my face. the bed was a nice full bed with white sheets and blue, white, and gold patterns on it. over the nightstand were some mirrors and there were two lamps on the nightstand. Across the room was a desk that doubled as a vanity and it was absolutely beautiful.

This must be what Julian and Jasper were planning. I then came to the realization that the Alphas whole family must have been in on it. They must have wanted to do this for me to make up for my childhood. I didn’t want people to feel pity for me but I knew this was just their way of welcoming me into the family.

To my left, I noticed that there was a walk-in closet that was big enough to fit all of the stuff I got today. Goddess, we must have hit every store that had girls clothing for young adults and I knew that Jasper bought everything I set my eyes on. if it didn’t fit Jasper made sure they had it in my size and I kind of felt bad for the store employees. I could just picture the pay increase they would be getting from servicing us today.

I was at a loss for words and I could feel the tears start to well up in my eyes. I couldn’t stop them as they fell from my face. I turned around and gave Abby and Callen a huge hug and let them just embrace me with open arms.

“Thank you guys so much for this. You don’t know how much this means to me to know that there are people out there who care for me.” I said as Julian came up from behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist allowing me to feel his warmth.

I knew that this was all I would ever need in my life. The Webster’s were so kind to me in the two days that I had met them than anyone had ever been in my whole entire life. I still wonder though.

" How were you able to get this room done so fast? I must have taken you days to do this.” I said in major gratitude. If I am right they must have been working on this room while I was still in the hospital on suicide watch. they wanted to watch me for a couple of days to make sure I didn’t try to kill myself again. They also put me on anti-depressants to help with my mood.

The doctor also recommended I be put into therapy to help deal with my neglect and abuse. they also wanted me to have a few sessions with my brothers to start mending my relationships with them. I really did have a long road ahead of me before I was able to heal completely.

My day with Jasper was awesome. He was every bit the gentleman and he would always open the door for me. he was very patient with me and didn’t get mad at me for taking too long to get my hair done. He was everything I wanted my mate to be and more. I felt Nexus purr with delight every time he bought something we eyed for more than five seconds. She loved being spoiled by her mate and I could feel her purring right now at the sight of our bedroom.

We were finally getting treated like a real pack member after so long. I on the other hand was very skeptical about the whole thing but I knew that it was that part in my head telling me to run. I would not listen to that voice anymore.

" We started to have it made two weeks before you woke up from your coma. Julian wanted you to have your own room since your old one wasn’t really a bedroom, to begin with anyway. We wanted you to have a fresh start and we wanted you to know that we care about you.” Abby said giving me a warm smile and it was at the point I knew with pout a doubt that I was safe and I could let my guard down around the alpha and the luna.

I now felt free to be myself around them. I then felt the same feeling of tears well up in my eyes as I looked at Julian and silently mouthed a “Thank you.” He nodded his head in response and I was in his embrace again.

“I had so much fun with jasper today. Thank you for letting him out so I could meet him. He was every bit the gentleman.” I said to Julian as his arms go tighter around my waist. I almost didn’t want to let go but I wasn’t ready to be this close yet.

“I’m glad he made a good first impression. and it makes me happy to know that you had a good time today.” He said whispering in my ear. at this point, the alpha and luna had left my bedroom to give me and Julian privacy.

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