The Rejected One

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Lustful Encounters

Neveah’s POV

We were now left alone in my new bedroom. I could feel my heart palpitate as the heat started to dance around my skin. It was a new feeling and it felt good and I begin to wonder what would happen next. Julian gave me a smirk and began to walk in my direction.

“What’s wrong sweetheart you look a little flustered.” He said in a sultry voice that sent shivers everywhere and I felt this intense feeling in the pit of my stomach, was I aroused?

That feeling only got more intense as he got closer. by this point, my face was hotter than the rest of my body and he closed the gap between us. he tilted my head up to look at him he still had his sexy smirk on his face as if he knew what he was doing to me. it was confirmed when he chuckled a little bit.

“I can smell your arousal baby girl and I’m glad I have that effect on you,” he said making my core throb for attention. I squeezed my legs together to try to make the feeling subside but the friction only made it worse.

“Can I try something?” Julian asked as I nodded my head giving him consent do to what he wanted to do.

He leaned his head towards mine very slowly giving me some time to back out if I wanted to. I didn’t know what to do I was frozen. Was he going to kiss me? That thought had me a little nervous but I tried to push the thought down. He inched closer and I braced myself for what’s to come.

Our lips connected and it was like fireworks exploded on my mouth. it made my core throb even more as sparks shocked my whole body in a magical way. It was like my body was a kid in a candy store and all it wanted was Julian. Julian made my body come alive in ways it had never been before. It craved his touch, I craved his touch.

He deepened the kiss as I reached up to cress his hair but instead I grabbed it full force. The action earned me a growl of approval as he grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist. That actions alone made me gasp as he took the opportunity to thrust his tongue inside my mouth. We were at it for what felt like forever until I broke the kiss to breathe. I unwrapped my legs from around his waist and as he set me down carefully. As I worked really hard to catch my breath.

“Wow that was-” I said very flusteredly.

“Just amazing. They were right when they said kissing your mate is like magic,” he said with a bright smile on his face like he had won the lottery. I guess in werewolf culture finding your mate is like winning the lottery.

“especially since that was my first kiss. But trust me when I say that was the best first kiss ever,” I confessed with a blush profusely as I tried not to look him in the eyes. I was embarrassed over the fact that I didn’t have as much experience as he did and that thought alone made me scared. What if he didn’t like that? What if he wanted someone with more experience? What if I wasn’t enough the satisfy him?

" I’m glad that your mate was your first. I want to be able to give you these experiences. You may not be my first but you will be my last everything. You are the woman I want to marry. You are the woman I want to have my pups with. You are the only person who has the power to destroy me inside and out. But you know what I would be honored to let you destroy me.” He proclaimed in the most sincere voice so I knew he was being truthful.

The thought that I wasn’t his first had my wolf feeling sad but she knew that teenage boys were very hormonal. I was put in a corner as I didn’t know what to say so I stood on my tiptoes and landed a kiss on his cheek to show my appreciation.

“can we start to put all this stuff away? I am really tired after all of the shopping we did today and I really want to go to sleep.” I said as I started to unpack everything. I hung all of my clothes and lined all of my new shoes in specific racks in my walk-in closet. There were so many colors and styles that made everything so vibrant in here.

Once I was done I headed into my on-site bathroom was connected to my closet. It was so luxurious with the white theme. the shower was big enough to fit both Julian and me and there was a beautiful vanity the tub was separate. it gave me a choice to either shower or bathe and I was happy about that.

I grabbed a white short-sleeved white top and red and white plaid comfy pajama pants that had white lace around the waistband. I then brought a white towel with me to the bathroom. Jasper tried to get me to buy shorts for bed but I was uncomfortable with that and so he didn’t push me. I was already on edge with being in the mall, to begin with. I didn’t even want to see the receipt for all the stuff Jasper bought for me. I think seeing them would give me a heart attack.

Julian helped me get the shower to the right temperature and quickly left the bathroom. I slowly stepped into the shower. The feeling of hot water in my back shocked me a little. You see I wasn’t allowed to use the hot water in my shit hole. Sperm donor and birth giver said they didn’t want their water bill to be over the top so I wasn’t allowed to use the hot water. My brothers were able to use the hot water though and they took forty-five-minute showers but I only took ten-minute showers.

I took my time in here loving the feeling in my bones relaxing and the water beads fall on my back. It was like heaven but I had to fight to not let myself fall asleep. I took a bottle of shampoo and washed my hair. I then did the same with the conditioner. I found a lufa squeezed some liquid soap onto it and lathered it up. I then began to wash my body and rinse all the soapy suds off my body. I then proceeded to rinse my hair off the conditioner and once I was done I turned the shower off.

I wrapped the towel around my body and began to dry myself off. Once that was done I proceeded to get dressed. I didn’t want to be in this bathroom anymore because the steam was making it hard for me to breathe so I made my swift exit from the bathroom.

I walked out of the bathroom and out of the closet and made my way to my new bed. I was startled by Julian as he looked up at me. Had he been waiting for me this whole time? He smiled at me and held his arm open as I walked towards the bed I then laid down next to him as he just cuddled with me.

We stayed like this for what felt like forever. I then got up and pulled the sheets back so I could get warm as right after I got out of the shower I was met with the chilly air. I climbed into bed and snuggled into the nice fluffy comforter while Julian cuddled right back into me. I then felt like my eyes were getting very heavy and they started to close on their own as blackness swallowed me whole.

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