The Rejected One

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Meeting The Ranks

Neveah’s POV

I woke up to the sound of talking in my room as I opened my eyes there were four people in my room. I wanted to cower in my blankets but Julian must have noticed that I was up the room went quiet. There were four people in my room and it looked like they were arguing. It took time to me to adjust my eyes but when I did I was shocked to see how many adults were in my room.

“Who are these people and why are they in my room? Is something wrong?” I asked in my just waking groggy voice.

" I’m sorry I tried to tell them that you weren’t ready for people yet but they insisted on meeting you. They didn’t know that you were still sleeping. How did you sleep?” he said as he gave me the most gentle eyes.

“Can I get some water my throat is kind of dry?” I asked in a low voice so that only Julian could hear me.

“sure baby let me link one of the omega’s to get it for you.” He exclaimed as he started to space out linking an omega to get water for me. once he was done his attention was back in the room.

“These people are the Delta and Gamma couple. Mr. and Mrs. Gardener and Mr. and Mrs. Hanover. They really wanted to meet you but like I said I tried to tell them that you were sleeping.” He said as he tried to usher them out of the room but, they wouldn’t budge.

“Leave now my mate isn’t properly dressed. You shouldn’t even be here right now. My mate is in no state of mind to talk to you guys. I told you not to wake her up she needs to sleep so her wolf can be strong.” He said in an angered voice that scared me a little.

“But Julian everyone wants to meet her and you can’t keep our future luna all to yourself.” one of the people said as she tried to push past Julian.

“It is very rude to barge into someone’s room uninvited. Not just that but she is a victim of abuse and just look at her shes shaking you can’t really expect to meet her acting like this. I told you guys to give me time to get her comfortable around people and yet here you are invading her personal space and bedroom. Now get out before I link my parents.” Julian said in his alpha voice as they all started to shuffle out of the room.

I didn’t notice but what he said was right. I was shaking and very bad. I guess I didn’t do well with pushy people and what they did was wrong. They should have respected my space. That was twice that I had woken up to the unwelcome guests. I felt like I wasn’t safe because of them.

" Why are there some many people in my room I don’t know? Have they come to hurt me?” I asked in a frantic tone wishing that they would just leave.

“fine Julian, but we all wanted to meet her but We see that we have stepped over a major boundary and we deeply apologize,” they said giving me an apologetic look.

Once they were out of my room I proceeded to get out of my covers. I gave Julian a hug because he was the only one I felt comfortable holding me. I then walked to my closet and picked out a white shirt and jeans and a black leather jacket to wear today. and I quickly dashed for the bathroom.

once I was dressed I walked out and noticed that Julian wasn’t there. I walked out of my room and went downstairs and noticed that there were even more people in the house. I kept my head down and tried hard to not look at people in the eyes. Growing up my sperm donor and birth giver would whip me for looking them in the eyes so it had been engraved in me not to look at people in the eyes unless said otherwise.

I followed Julian’s scent and stopped when I felt sparks. I gained his attention immediately as he turned around and wrapped his arms around my waist. I tried to shrink myself in his hold so I would not have to be in this situation. But that was easier said than done as everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Julian.

I noticed that the girl from Julian’s room was here with three other people. The people who were in my room were here with people who looked like them and were around mine and Julian’s age. They must have been their kids and the girl looked just like her mom. I recognized the kids in this room as Julian’s friends from school. They didn’t do anything to me but they didn’t really try to help me when I was being bullied though.

The room fell silent as Callen and Abby made their presents known to the many in the room. Goddess their auras were strong and it made me want to cower but, I wanted to look strong so I pretended not to look weak.

“Thank you all for coming. this meeting should have happened a week ago but, I wanted to wait till the woman of the hour was out of the hospital before we made this known publicly.” He said silencing the room. everyone looked at me with looks of wonder on their faces. I started to feel uncomfortable about so I started to fidget with my fingers.

“as you all know mt son Julian found his mate but what you don’t know is that he found her nine weeks ago,” he said as the room erupted into shocked gasps and whispers then Julian spoke up.

“I cruelly rejected her without a care for what she was going through. But what I didn’t know was She had lived a tragic life.” He said as the room erupted in silent chaos. The rejection was considered taboo in the werewolf community and to reject your mate was to reject the goddess’s gift.

“I didn’t know that she was being abused at home. I didn’t know that I had let her down when she needed me most. I had put her in the hospital without knowing what her life was like.” He said as I noticed tears in his eyes. He was crying for me and that made Nexus love him even more. Callen took over the conversation.

“As you may as well know the Carmikeals have been detained in the pack prison. They will be staying there until Neveah has decided the proper punishment for there crimes of abuse of a pack member and torture of the future luna and crimes against the moon goddess,” he said as everyone in the room either had looks of anger or looks of pity for what I had gone through.

“you have all been summoned her Because I have made it your job to train Neveah as she was banned from training by the Carmikeal’s for her whole life. she needs to know how to fight,” he said making me look up at him in full surprise.

“Gamma Gardener you will be in charge of her physical training. but start out really easy so she does not tire out easily,” he said as a mane with dark hair and a dark beard walked over to me and extended his hand for me to shake it. I tried hard not to cower in fear and with Julian by my side I was a little bit more comfortable with the situation.

I shook his hand as his firm grip on me and caused a warm feeling to spread around my body. He gave me a smile and I smiled back at him.

“Hi, my name is Henry Gardener but you can call me Henry. It’s nice to meet you. This is my wife and mate Margret .” He said as the woman gave me a hug.

“You poor baby. I can’t imagine what you have been through but if you ever need someone to talk to you can come to me,” she said as more warmth spread through me.

“thank you,” I whispered so only she could hear my voice. Callen’s voice brought my attention back.

“Delta Gregory Hanover you will be in charge of her therapy and helping her come out of her shell. She has been through some of the worst abuse I have ever seen. You and your wife Maradith seem to be really good with people so you will be in charge of that. You will also be in charge of integrating her back into the pack.” he said as they bowed their heads to Callen.

Mrs, Hanover walked over to me and hugged me as well and I started to feel overwhelmed. so I clung to Julian hoping he would get What I was trying to do. Fortunately, he did and we silently slipped out of the room. My heart was pumping hard and I was finding it hard to breathe.

I took some deep breaths and tried to focus on Julian’s heartbeat and for some reason, it worked. He wrapped his arms around me as I set my head on his chest just listening to the quickening rhythm of his heartbeat. I knew that my being close caused that and I blushed a little.

" Are you okay now sweetheart?” he asked as I nodded my head.

“Yeah thank you for getting me out of there. I was starting to get overwhelmed by how many people were touching me.” I said as his hold on me got a little tighter. This was his protective side and it brought joy to my heart. He was holding me so lovingly and I wanted to capture this moment forever.

We were interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat. Julian and I turned our heads to look at the person or should I say people who wanted to get our attention. They were the people around our age who were just in that room with us while I’m guessing Their parents were introduced to me.

“Well aren’t you going to introduce us to your mate?” the one who looked like Mr. Gardener asked as he inched closer to Julian and me. My hold on Julian got tighter as fear crept into me as he approached me.

“That’s enough You are overwhelming her,” Julian said as Jasper came through a little bit. His being protective Made my wolf growl in approval. She loved that He was making me his first priority and it turned her on.

“It okay Julian I will be fine,” I whispered while rubbing my hand up and down his arm. My touch calmed him down and I guess I had the mate bond to thank for that.

“Okay.” He said to me in a gentle voice bringing the tension in the room down by many levels.

“Guys this is Neveah, my mate. Neveah these people are Luca and Makenna Hanover the delta’s kids. Luca will be talking over as Delta when I take over as alpha.” He introduced Luca pushed out his hand for me to shake. I shook his hand and pulled away to give myself some space.

“These people are The gardener kids and Sebashtion is the next gamma of that pack. Layla is his sister Layla, Sebashtion this is my mate Neveah I hope you two girls can help her come out of her shell. She has been through a lot of abuse and she will need friends.” He said as the girls came and gave me a hug.

It felt strange being surrounded by love and care as I had not had that in seven long years. Fate had been so meaningful to me and It was time I did things to make my life better. I needed to be in a place where I could fight in the up and the coming war. Having friends by my side wouldn’t be a bad thing either. The moon goddess told me I would need all the help I could get so Friends would be an asset to the pending war. Let’s just hope they are all for helping me out.

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