The Rejected One

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The Meeting Area

Naveah’s POV

It has been a couple of days since the sleepover and I was enjoying every bit of the calm life I was finally living. It was very weird to wake up every day and not be forced to cook or clean the house. It was weird to not get beaten for not wanted to do something. I still found myself flinching every time someone brought their hand close to my face or head.

I was hanging out by their pool which had a built in heater system that lit up at night. I was wearing my one-piece bathing suit It was all white and was all lacy material with a lot of ties. I tried hard not to be insecure in this bathing suit but I didn’t have a lot of muscle so I looked really bony in it.

I was relaxing when Julian Entered the backyard and snaked his arms around the seat I was sitting in and over my shoulders. The sparks were starting to get intense between us and My wolf was starting to get antsy about mating. However, she wouldn’t push me into mating because she knew that if I did the strengthening bond going on overdrive would be enough to kill me for good.

My body was still weak from my torture but my ribs were starting to disappear under the new fat I got in my stomach. My arms too had a little bit of fat growing on it and Julian was really taking care of me. I even went to the doctor yesterday and she said that I could now start eating solids for the first time in my life. I even had chicken nuggets for the first time and I had mac and cheese and they were so good.

I remember Julian’s face of joy as I ate my first bit. I must have had a childlike face of enjoyment and surprise as the flavor hit my mouth causing me to moan in delight. I truly didn’t know What I had been missing all those years I hadn’t had a proper meal. I didn’t know how bad I had had it. My stomach didn’t ache anymore because I didn’t have anything to eat for the last few days hoping I would be fed.

“My parents want us to meet them in the packed room for a meeting with the pack. so you need to get dressed. Okay, sweetheart?” He said In a sweet tone that had me agreeing with him. As per my request, he had not Marked me and I was starting to trust him more.

“Okay. What are we doing there?” I asked because it was big to have more than one pack meeting a week. I wasn’t able to attend any pack meetings due to the fact that Julian didn’t want me to go. He said he just wanted me to rest and get better. So him wanting me at this meeting was big.

“You have ten minutes to be ready beautiful.“He said as he walked right back into the house.

I got up and put my bathing suit cover over my body and slipped in my white flip flops and walked into the house right after Julian. I quickly made my way to my bedroom and changed into a yellow hoop skirt and a white long-sleeved top the has a lace-like look to it. I topped it off with white heels and I ran my fingers through my hair to fix it a little.

I ran downstairs where Julian was waiting with a grin on his face. He looked like a prince in my Green eyes and he slowly approached me extending his arm out for me to take. I happily took it as I hooked my arm under his. The way he held me sent chills down my spine but not the bad kind. During the last week and a half, he had been so good to me and he had been so patient. It really gave me a whole new perspective of him that I didn’t get to see at school.

Speaking of I had started to go back to school and I was so nervous on my first day back but everyone was so nice to me. They had all heard about what happened and everything that I had been through. The teachers felt so bad for not seeing the signs of abuse that they excused my absents and I wouldn’t be held responsible for work missed during the month I was in my coma. I was even starting to make friends at school too.

My brothers were nice to me at school but the guilt was clearly eating away at them. Spencer would talk to me in the halls and even came over yesterday to hang out with me before I went to the doctor and as much as I hate to admit it, he and I had a really good time. Axel was the one who didn’t want to come over out of fear that he wasn’t welcome. He was still punishing himself for not being there for me during my abuse and he was beating himself up. From what Spencer told me, He would only come out of his room for food and school that’s it. He did talk to me in the halls but I guess the shame of his actions made it hard for him to try to speak to me.

As Julian and I made it to the auditorium the loud chatter could be heard. It all stopped once Julian and I entered the room. I could feel all eyes staring at me as we made our way to the stage. I could hear the sound of my heartbeat through my chest as we took our seats in the last two chairs on stage. The rest was taken up by the alpha, delta, and gamma family so there were quite a few people on stage. It was custom to show off the high ranks family to the whole pack during pack meetings. Everyone went even quieter as alpha Callen spoke through the mic to everyone.

" Hello, Dust Rose Pack we are gathered here to deliver justice to a fellow packmate.” He said as the pack erupted into whispers. everyone wanted to know what happened and who was being punished.

“It has come to my attention the or very own Neveah Carmikeal was being abused by our betas Mr. and Mrs. Carmikeal for ten years right under our nose.” He paused again as everyone’s eyes landed on me. It wasn’t hard to notice that I was still way too skinny to have eaten properly. I got many eyes of pity and many eyes of disbelief as more whispers spread around the room.

“We gather here for Neveah to tell her story and for justice to be served. Neveah will you come up to the mic?” He asked as I stood up on shaky legs scared of the crowd before me. Callen stopped me to whisper into my ear.

“Don’t be scared, my child. you see the woman right in the front with the green shirt?“He asked as I nodded my head.

“She is gonna ask you some questions and you will need to answer them as honestly as possible. Just pretend you and she is the only people in the room. the council members are the other eight people in front and they also need to hear this so that way there is proof of the whole thing.“He said working his best to calm my nerves.

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