The Rejected One

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Confessions And Judgment

“Can Julian come up with me he helps me keep calm?” I asked and he nodded his head. He quickly beckoned Julian and Julian was at my side holding my hand.

“You got this baby I am going to be right here. Right by your side.” Julian said as his hold on my hand tightened a little bit. We walked up to the podium and I looked out to all my pack mates. The woman in the green shirt had a very serious look on her face and it kind of gave me shivers.

“Hi fellow pack mate my Name is Neveah Carmikeal and I am here to talk about my parents,” I said feeling very awkward as I was not the best public speaker.

“Hi Neveah my name is Hazel and I am here to ask you a few questions about your parent so just answer them as honestly as you can. Can you do that for me?” She asked as she gave me a warm smile.

“Yes, I can,” I said wanting to cower in my mate’s arms but I knew I needed to look strong in front of my pack as I would be there future luna and I needed to be strong.

“Okay first question why are we here today?” she asked getting ready to jot down what I said on a notepad.

“We are here today because My parents are being punished for torturing me and abusing me for ten years,” I said as the anger and fear of what they did to me crept up into me.

“How was your treatment in your home for the ten years you were in the Carmikeal residence?” she asked and it was like I could tell her anything. I took a deep breath as I prepared to vent the last ten years of my life to this woman.

“My parents first started out by telling my brothers to disown me as their sister when I turned five. Even when I was four I could remember that My mom didn’t really love me. The beatings really didn’t start until I was six. When I was five my parents would yell at me all the time for the smallest things I did wrong. They forced me to be their slave at the age of seven right after I shifted into my wolf. The beatings got worse after that with them sometimes ripping my hair out to me ending up with broken bones. They never once showed me love nor did they show any type of regret for how they treated me. They would chain me up in their basement and beat me with a whip the had silver embedded into the threading. sometimes they would inject wolfsbane into me to make the beating worse and it would take weeks for me to heal.” I paused to wipe my eyes of the tears that fell down my face at that moment.

“They only let me eat once or twice a week if I was lucky as they didn’t think it right to make sure I was properly fed. The three items of clothes I had I had to steal because they said I didn’t deserve to have clothes at all. I only got to take clod shower and they could only last three to five minutes. They didn’t even teach me about puberty and how to take care of myself. I had to teach myself all about this stuff by going to the library, which I was eventually banned from going to three years ago.” I said as my eyes became a waterfall of tears. I heard a few sniffles in the audience and a lot of whispers as my truths came to light. No one knew how bad it really was, so I guess they were shocked.

“When I was rejected by my mate in the halls at school something in me broke and I tried to kill myself. I really felt like no one cared about me and that I was going to be alone and unloved my whole life and it almost worked if my mate hadn’t found me at the bottom of the cliff that night. I was at the lowest point in my life that night.“I said my breath heaving from the sobs that were threatening to escape my body. Julian held me tightly the help me not break down as I was again reliving my whole life all over.

“You poor child you have been through hell and back and yet you are standing here alive. is that your mate right beside you?” she asked with watery eyes.

“Yes, he is. I chose to forgive him for my wolf’s sake because she needs her mate but I made clear rules for him to follow if he wants to keep me.” I said with shaken confidence in my voice.

“Now for my last question. Why did they put you through all of this torture your whole life?” She asked waiting for my answer.

“They wanted to keep me weak so I wouldn’t overthrow the pack at least that’s what they said. I now know that it’s because I am the true daughter of the moon goddess sent here to fight in a war coming up. You see while I was in my coma She came to me and told me that I was her blood and that she was livid about how I was treated here on earth. I had to plead with her that her creations could be saved. I also begged her to take me with her but she needs me here. She was also the one to convinced me to forgive my mate because I would need him for the coming war.” I said shaking a little bit as Julian let out a gasp of shock. I hadn’t yet told him the real reason why I forgave him. He also didn’t know that last bit of information I had given the whole pack so he was shocked.

“So the prophecy was true? The Goddess would send her pearl to the earth the save the millions.” a council member said with a look of astonishment.

“Thank you for telling us your story we are done with you for now,” she said as I turned to go sit back in my seat.

“Bring out the Carmikeal’s please.” the woman said with slight anger laced in her tone.

My “Parents” were brought out in chains and they looked like they hadn’t had a shower in days. They looked around and when their eyes met mine they held a look of anger and disgust. They looked like they wanted to kill me right there at that moment. Once they were in front of Hazel she began her questioning.

“Do you know why you are her Mr. and Mrs. Carmikeal?” she asked in a rhetorical way.

“Is it because of our whore of a mistake?” My birth giver said anger in her voice.

“she is not a whore for one and yes that is the reason you are here today. You have been charged with a very serious crime but before we pass judgment we want to hear both sides.” Hazel said with a look of disdain on her face.

“Now Mrs. Carmikeal what was your reason for abusing such a kind and innocent girl?” she asked with passion in her voice.

“Because we never wanted a girl and When The moon goddess came to me in my dream and told me that I was giving birth to her spawn I wanted to get an abortion. Girls can’t carry on the family name and they can’t be anything more than a baby-making machine. She is worthless and I had to weaken her or she would have overthrown the alpha in this pack. she would have overthrown every alpha in every pack.” My birth giver said with no remorse in her voice.

“Mr. Carmikeal do you share in your wife’s opinion?” Hazel asked my sperm donor more anger in her voice.

“Yes, I do. Whatever my mate wants she gets and she never wanted a daughter. When we went to get her abortion it didn’t take. It was like there was magic protecting her. so we were sent home. She is nothing but a stain on my family and We should have killed her when she was born.” He said causing my heart to break.

How could they say they about me right in front of me? Did I mean so little to them that they hated me? Julian wrapped his arms around me and rubbed circles around my upper arm and a soothing motion and it kind of worked as the sparks danced around my flesh.

How could they say they about me right in front of me? Did I mean so little to them that they hated me? Julian wrapped his arms around me and rubbed circles around my upper arm and a soothing motion and it kind of worked as the sparks danced around my flesh.

“For your crimes against the goddess and the abuse of your packmate you are hereby sentenced to death and your punishment? Your execution will be given to you by your so-called” Mistake” you will await punishment in the council prison while Neveah gets in better shape.” He said as My “Parents were dragged off kicking screaming profanities at me until I could no longer hear them.

Hazel leaped on stage and wrapped her arms around me apologizing profusely about what she made me relive. I told her that I was all right and that it was just hard but that I would be okay as long as my mate was with me. The auditorium was quickly evacuated for a brief intermission so people could unpack what was just said. Some of the girls from the school in my pack came up to me and gave me a hug and apologized about how they thought I was weird.

They had never known just what my life was like. They just assumed I was being weird because of how I would peep behind a corner to make sure I was safe. To make sure I wouldn’t get hurt. The whole pack now knew the reason why I acted the way I did and they all felt bad about how they treated me. But the damage was already done the only way past this was the moving forward and not make the same mistake again.

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