The Rejected One

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Mark For Mark

Julian’s POV

My Mate was the moon goddess’s daughter? She didn’t say anything about that to me. Though maybe she didn’t know-how. This little bit of information all be it huge made me want to protect her even more. I was a lovesick fool and I would happily fall for her every day. Then the final piece of what her parents said that day clicked into place. That’s what they meant by when the goddess said they would birth her daughter.

Then my next action was to be pissed at her “Parents” for how they disrespected the goddess by doing that to her daughter. Hearing her story in full made my wolf livid and sad for what our mate had endured in her life. I also know that I love her even more now knowing just how strong my mate really is. she lived through the worse and is still standing here and giving me a second chance.

The next thing that stuck out was that if what she said was real then she would now have a target on her back all the time. I will need to up the guards I have around her all the time. I would need to ask her questions about some of the things that were said today. I know she didn’t intentionally keep this information from me and that she was probably scared. The only thing I could do now was supportive of her. My wolf if he could probably kick my ass for not respecting her wishes. so that is what I will do for her.

The woman who I now know as Hazel walked up on stage and gave my mate a hug. She had unshed tears in her eyes as hearing my mate’s story had made lots of our pack members cry today. Lots of the pack girls ran up to my mate a hugged her too and giving her their sympathies.

Everyone got back from the intermission and took their seats again and we began the second half of the meeting. The first half though short, unpacked a lot of years of pent-up emotions and confessions. We needed a little break so everyone could shake off some of the stress and tension in the room.

Once everyone was back the tension has more died down and everyone was more laid back. the second thing we were doing was introducing my mate to the pack and talking about border patrol. now knowing the truth about my mate I wouldn’t put it past anyone to not hurt Neveah and I would not risk that. My dad stepped up to the mic and the room went silent as he began to speak.

“So now that we have got that done I would also like to announce that my son will be heading out to do his alpha training starting next week. He will be back in five months’ time and when he is back I will be giving him my title and you will have a new alpha.” He said and my heart stopped.

Fuck I forgot That I was about to be shipped out for my alpha training. That meant that I would be away from my mate for five months. I guess I will have to make this week all about spending time with my mate.

“The third thing we are here for is that my son has found his mate Neveah Julian will you step forward?” He asked as I held my mate tight and we walked until we were standing right next to my dad.

“Neveah will be having her luna training here at the pack for the next five months while Julian will be at his alpha training. I hope you, My people will accept her with open arms.” He announces and the pack erupted in cheers. They all already loved Neveah and I guess hearing her story made them see how strong she was.

I knew that my mom and the elder woman in the pack would be great for Neveah they could help her more. It made my wolf feel more at ease that my mate would be doing the same as me in those five months that we would be apart. I just didn’t count on finding my mate so close to me doing my alpha training so.

I was worried about leaving her for so long but I knew my sister and the rank family girls would be there for her. She would not be so alone during that time so I knew she would be safe. My father silenced the crowd again to continue the meeting and talked about the matters of borders.

Once the meeting was over we made our way back to our house. Neveah looked tired so I picked her up bridal style and brought her upstairs to her bedroom. I set her down on her feet and she walked to her closet and put on a nightgown. she looked so sexy in her nightgown that my wolf wanted to ravish her.

Goddess, she looked like an angel But I had to fight my wolf not to take her right then and there. She slowly made her way to me and she landed a light kiss on my lips but surprised me when she deepened it.

Neveah’s POV

After the meeting Julian brought me home I decided that I really couldn’t wait to be marked anymore. I trusted him with my life and he had proven that I could trust him with my heart. so I planned on letting him mark me tonight. once we were in my room I changed into a sexy nightgown I bought at Victoria’s secret.

I walked out and kissed him lightly and when I felt like that wasn’t enough I deepened the kiss. when we kissed it was like the world around us disappeared. His lips molded perfectly to mine and I crushed my body closer to him. I don’t know where this confidence came from but it felt good.

“We need to stop while we can sweetheart or I might not be able to stop myself from marking you,” Julian said in a husky voice and sent a chill through my body. he was trying to hold his wolf back but I didn’t want him to.

“What if I don’t want you to stop? What if I want you to mark me right here right now?” I asked knowing I was egging him on. It worked as he growled in approval at my attempts to get closer.

“Is that what you want baby? Because once I do it it can’t be undone and besides I can smell your arousal and believe me, baby, it is very sexy,” he said sending a deep throbbing feeling in my core. He knew what words to say to turn me on and what buttons to push to get me there.

“Yes, I am. You have proven to me that I can trust you with my heart. I know you can protect me and I want you to mark me. Make me yours.” I said in a new voice I had never thought I was capable of producing.

He started to trail kisses from my lips and down to my neck he kissed a sucked in every spot until he found the spot that made me moan. He continued to kiss and suck on that spot causing a series of moans to escape my lips. I felt his teeth elongate and scrape against my skin. I moaned once more and held back a whimper as he sank his teeth in my neck.

The pain was uncomfortable as he went deeper into my flesh. The pain soon turned into a more intense pain as he again went deeper. That pain was then replaced with a dull ache and pleasure seeped in when he retracted his teeth from my neck. He then licked and sucked at the spot her had marked me and I had to fight to keep myself awake long enough to start marking him.

“can I mark you?” I asked in my usual shy tone as a blush displayed its self on my face.

“I thought you would never ask baby. yes, you may mark me,” he said making my wolf jump for joy.

I kissed him on his lips and stared my journey on his neck. I kissed everywhere I could and when I heard his sultry grunt I knew I found his sweet spot. I kiss that spot a little more and let my wolf take over partly as my teeth elongated. I found my spot again and slowly sank my teeth into his flesh.

He let out a grunt of pain as my teeth went deeper and deeper. I then retracted my teeth from his neck and started the process of cleaning it. I sucked and licked the spot where my new mark sat proudly on his neck. I took a minute to admire my woke as he had done to me.

I felt the bond strengthen as we walked to my bed and pulled back the covers. he undressed until he was in his boxers and I blushed from embarrassment. He laid down in bad and brought me closer to him after I turned off the lights.

I was happy that we marked each other because that meant the no matter how far we were we would be able to talk to each other. That meant that we could keep each other updated on what we were doing during the day. Plus Our wolves could get off our backs about mating for a while longer. I felt the world around me close in as the postmark tiredness sank in and I fell into blackness.

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