The Rejected One

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Brothers Day

Neveah’s POV

Making my way downstairs I texted my brother that I was on my way. The thing Julian gave me before he left for training was an iPhone eleven pro so I could talk to him every day. It was a sweet notion and it helped me out so much emotionally.

I don’t know why I was so clingy to him as I was so scared of him and everyone in the pack. I guess the mate bond has been helping me more than I had realized. I was starting to come out of my shell a little bit and by the time Julian I hope I won’t be as scared of everything.

I was downstairs when I reached my brothers who all held nervous looks on their faces. Joey wanted today to be a day we all got together to start fresh. They had been controlled by our “Parents” just as much as I was beaten. They wanted to get to know me again and I was okay with that. They knew that if they hurt me again they wouldn’t have that chance again.

“Hey, sis.” Spencer greeted with a smile on his face. I stretched my arms out and Axel and Spencer gave me a hug as I welcomed this newfound warmth.

“So should we get going. I have to tell Julian when I back because he gets worried.” I said and my brothers nodded their heads and stretched their hands out gesturing for me to walk out the door before them. We walk out of the house and into my Joey’s red 2019 Buick encore that he used when he went out to football practice with his friends on the weekends. It was his bro car and I was kind of worried that it would smell like dirt and sweat.

We went to an all supernatural school that was on the territory and no humans were allowed. You see as soon as humans come near a place filled with supernaturals they would be misdirected due to all the witches around the packs. We all lived in peace due to the peace accord the was signed five centuries ago.

The vampires couldn’t attack the werewolves unless we attacked them and the witches wanted to ensure that the vampires and the werewolves couldn’t do anything to them either. It was the perfect agreement for us all. The only reason a vampire could be on our territory as if he smelled their mate on our land. the same with the witches if they sensed their mate among us we would grant them that courtesy to look around.

It was rare for mixed species mating but it does happen. The babies that resulted in those pairings were hybrids who had half the strength of both sides of their parentage. They were truly unique creatures as they did not inherit any of our weaknesses.

“Where is your mind at fuzzy?” Joey asked using the old nickname he gave me when I was four.

“Just think about what I learned about the supernatural accord. I find mixed mating very fascinating.” I exclaimed as I skipped to my brother’s car. I opened the door and got in the car and buckled my seat belt and closed the car door.

“It was always like you to absorb knowledge like a sponge,” Spencer said with a smirk on his face looking smug.

“Oh shut up we all know why she likes books so why are you looking so smug. you puck ass bitch.” Axel said smacking Spencer in the back of the head.

“Ow.” Spencer cried as Joey finally got into the car.

“Joey Axel hit me” Spencer wined while Joey looked like he was done with their shit.

“Grow up. Do you want some cheese to go with that wine?” Joey asked sarcastically as Spencer crossed his arms and pouted.

I just couldn’t help myself as I burst out in laughter. I guess I never got to see how funny they were when they weren’t hurting me. I laughed for a good two minutes and had to wipe the tears that gathered in my eyes away.

“You guys are so funny. You know that?” I said still wiping my tears away. I Haven’t laughed like this since a day before Julian went to his training. It felt really good to laugh.

“Guys we did it,” Spencer said with a smirk on his face.

“We got her to laugh,” Joey said with the same smirk on his face.

“That means the first step of the night was a success,” Axel said with a matching grin.

The rest of the ride was spent with Spencer making jokes and Joey getting irritated but he couldn’t do anything to him as he was driving. We arrived at an ice cream place that looked kind of familiar to me but I don’t know why.

I look around and notice a bunch of people I don’t know at all and shrunk into my seat. Spencer took my hand and lightly squeezed it. I think he knew that being around too many people would put me in a place where I might have a panic attack. He was very aware of the way I was feeling right now and I was happy he was here for me.

We walked up to the long line and waited there for twelve minutes. I was not complaining as it gave me time to figure out what I want to have. they had a lot of flavors from Giffard’s and they all looked really yummy.

They had flavors like:

Muddy Boots

Rocky Road

Black Raspberry

Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate

Caramel Cookie Crunch

Campfire s’mores.

I had decided that I wanted one scoop of Muddy Boots and one scoop of Campfire s’mores on a waffle cone. When I reached the window I told the lady what I wanted and so did my brother’s. I noticed that Spencer was looking at her with the look of someone who just found their mate.

“Mate.” they both said at the same time as a smile displayed its self on my face.

“Spencer finally found someone who would live him forever,” I said with a smile on my face. She let out a growl and glared at me.

" Who might you be?” she asked in a snarky tone that made me mad.

“I’m Neveah. This doofus’s sister. What’s your name?“I asked with a smile on my face with no hostility in my voice.

“Oh, I guess I saw you and thought you were on a date with him but now I can see it’s a family outing. My name is Daisy” She said trying to laugh off the misunderstanding. She was clearly embarrassed about her assumption.

" A Beautiful name For A beautiful girl,” Spencer said with a confident smirk on his face.

“It’s Okay. This is so cool we’re gonna be sisters.” I said feeling happy that Spencer had someone who would love him unconditionally.

“When do you get off work?” Spencer asked with a longing look in his eyes.

“In an hour. You hang out until I get off if you want.” She said with a shy smile on her face as she went to get our orders. She handed Spencer his ice cream then Spencer got his then joey then mine. It was hard not to notice the flirty looks she gave Spencer. But it was even better seeing Spencer blush by her advances.

“Oh, My Goddess you are already whipped, Spencer,” I said loud enough for Daisy to hear me which earned me a giggle from her. Yeah, she and I were going to get along great I just knew it in my heart.

We sat and ate our ice cream for an hour and I eat all of mine. As I suspected It was really good and I got sad when it was gone. I got up and threw my napkins away and headed to the car. I got in the passenger seat waited for the others to be done. To pass my time I Face timed Julian because I really wanted to see his face. He answered it on the third ring.

" Hey, baby how is your day with your brothers going?” He asked and I could tell he had been working hard due to the bags under his eyes.

“It is going well. Spencer found his mate just now and I am really happy for him.” I exclaimed in excitement. I was just really happy for him.

" She is so beautiful I really can’t wait for you to meet her. I can already tell we are going to be the best of friends.” I said Hope very present in my voice. What I didn’t realize was that everyone had gathered in the car now that they were done eating their ice cream.

“I miss you but my luna training is going really well. I can’t wait to show you what I learned when you get back.” I said longing in my voice as I was really missing my mate.

“I know you will. I hope you have grown out of your shell more by the time I get back.” He said as he let out a tired yawn.

“Okay well... I can see you’re really tired so I’m gonna let you get your rest. Call me when you wake up in the morning okay?” I asked as he nodded his head and yawned again.

“All right baby I hope you get a good rest tonight as well. I love you and I will see you tomorrow.” He said looking at me longingly.

“Okay bye baby,” I said as we both ended the call. I had to fight the tears the threaten to spill out of my eyes.

“All right boys take me home,” I said as we made our drive to the Webster mansion.

Once I was in the house I ran upstairs to my bedroom and changed into shorts and a t-shirt. I brushed my teeth and went to bed I was overtired from my training today and I knew I needed to sleep. I undid my hair and put it into a side braid so it didn’t go everywhere when I sleep. I soon welcomed the darkness to came over me. I had a long way to go to get where I needed to be in time for the war.

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