The Rejected One

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Dress Shopping

Neveah’s POV

It was a long drive to the dress store but I was not complaining. The girls were just as excited to pick their dresses out as I was. As we pulled into the dress store we find our parking spot. We get out of the car and start walking into the store. I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the store. There were a ton of dresses in an assortment of colors. I was getting whiplash seeing all of them. We were met at the door by a consultant and she had a smile on her face.

“Hi welcome to Morning Glories my name is Rachel and I will be your consultant today. You must be the Webster party.” She said smiling and being very professional.

“Yes, we are it’s a pleasure to meet you, Rachel,” Abby said with the warm smile she always gave people.

“Come right this way and we will get you started.” Rachel said as she leads us to a secluded part of the dress store.

We got our own private section because we got the VIP treatment whatever that meant. I was just glad that I wouldn’t have to deal with being overwhelmed by a lot of people because I was still a timid person. I would probably always be a timid person because of how I was treated by my “Parents.”

Rachel picked out a bunch of white dresses and jumpsuits for luna Abby to try on. It was a custom for The Luna who was passing on her title to wear something white. It was a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. It was also a show of respect for the new luna.

she tried on many and chose a sexy jumpsuit the would make her look taller and slimmer next to alpha Callen. The jumpsuit had a low V cut that showed off her chest in a low plunge. It had no sleeves and had pockets which I found to be quite awesome. She looked like a goddess in her jumpsuit and I found myself getting insecure.

Layla was the next person to try on dresses as Rachel grabbed more dresses from the racks. Rachel was joined by another consultant Penny who got busy helping Makenna find a dress. Dresses were being pulled off the racks and Layla and Makenna were escorted to the fitting rooms. ten to twelve dresses were tired one by both girls before they made their dress choices.

Layla chose a short-sleeved long blood-red floor-length loose-fitting gown that showed her slender figure. It had a low V cut and It looked absolutely stunning on her. She spun around a few times and she looked like a princess. She like Luna Abby looked like a vision of grace.

Makenna chose an emerald green floor-length dress. It had spaghetti straps and a low V cut that showed her assets more than the Abby and Layla’d dress did. the silk material hugged her waist in all the right places. The dress had a slit down her left leg. I could tell she liked to wear risky dresses when at formal events because she looked so confident in them. She looked like a show stopper in her dress.

Penny took Isabella into the fitting room with ten dresses and what she picked made me realize that blue was her color. She chose a Greek-style dress that had bot over the shoulder straps and regular straps as well. It had a sweetheart V neck with a mid to low plunge. Her dress also had a slit in the left leg but it wasn’t a high cut of Makenna’s dress. She also looked like a goddess in her chosen dress.

Lastly, It was my turn to pick out my ceremony dress and it took me a long time but Rachel was very kind to me. I tied on twenty dresses while my entourage gave me a few pointers. I chose a puffy yellow strapless ball gown fit for a royal. It had flowers sewn into the tool-like fabric everywhere. It hugged my body in all the right places. I could breathe and I had a lot of moving room. The dress was very light which surprised me because the dress looked like it was going to be heavy. I looked like a princess and I was in love with the dress.

The girls looked at me with awe as I walked out of the dressing room with my ball gown on. Abby had tears in her eyes as she looked me up and down. Isabella and Layla’s jaws were practically on the floor and Makenna had a smirk on her face.

“You look beautiful in that dress, honey. Absolutely beautiful. Julian is going to melt when he sees you in that gown. You look absolutely radiant as the sun.” She said giving me a hug while the others gave me a thumbs up. I knew I had their dress approval when I saw their reactions.

“guys we should wear our family jewels for the Luna ceremony,” Isabella said.

“You mean the crown jewels that have been in our families for generations?” Layla asks sparking my interest.

“Yes you guys should and You, my future daughter in law will look good in the ones I have in mind for you. They will match your dress.” Abby said with a proud smile as we walked to the checkout with the dresses we were buying.

Mine was not a dress that I could walk out with today but we fast-tracked my order to arrive at the house in two weeks and paid for it then and there. The rest were able to bring theirs home today. It would be great for me because I didn’t think I would be able to keep my dress a surprise for Julian before the ceremony.

The girls all got special boxes for their dresses and we all walked out happy customers. Rachel said she would deliver my dress to the Webster house when it arrived at Morning Glories. If this place had yelp I would give them five stars because now I see why they had the best reputation in the territory.

We made our way to the house and the girls lead me to the jewels vault where they kept all of their family jewels. There were four vaults in front of me. One for the alpha family, One for the bate family my family, One for the Delta family, and one for the gamma family.

I knew the password to my family's vault so I opened it and let Isabella choose something the wear. She begged to wear something blue to match her dress. The bate family jewels were all blue whereas the alpha family jewels were yellow so I saw where she was coming from.

She chose my birth givers sapphire crown that would really match her dress. I wasn’t too flashy and it would really look great on her. She chose a simple singular sapphire gem in a white gold chain and sapphire studs also white gold because wolves can’t tough silver.

Makenna opened her family vault and it had an assortment of emerald jewels that would match her dress. Now I knew why she chose green we all would have a matching theme. she chose emerald earrings and an emerald necklace that were lined with diamonds. her tiara had emeralds on it too and it had a gold framing and had white diamonds embedded in it.

Layla opened her family vault which had rubies. She chose a single ruby stud on a white gold chain and ruby studs She chose the wear her family tiara that was also made with white gold and was diamond-encrusted. It was also encrusted with huge rubies as its stand-out feature.

She was getting crowned during the ceremony as well sebashtion didn’t want to be the next Gamma so she would step up. She was stronger than her brother and all things training so it made sense. People would be mad but like Isabella and Makenna said ” People would just have to grow up and deal with it. Females could hold a place in power just as much a man could.” They were huge feminists when it came to the powerful movement that was currently happening.

Isabella helped me get into the Webster’s vault and it was the biggest one It was filled to the brim with yellow and white jewels. I chose a singular yellow diamond with three little white diamonds stacked on top of it with a white gold chain. I chose yellow diamond studs with three smaller white diamonds in a triangle formation on top of them. I chose a Yellow Diamond ring that was surrounded by smaller white diamonds.

The crown I chose was a white gold frame with white diamonds encrusted all throughout the whole frame. There were big yellow diamonds encrusted in the crown as well. I picked out a White gold bracelet with big yellow diamonds and big white diamonds to match my dress. When I showed Abby what I picked out her face lit up. I must have picked out what she wanted me to wear.

“You are gonna look like a queen during the ceremony. Goddess you making me cry.” Abby said as she again gave me a big hug. It was nice to finally do things that normal high-ranked wolves got to do. It was nice to finally belong to something.

“Yeah, and she is gonna look stunning while being crowned,” Layla said beaming at me.

“So are you Layla? Female gamma is a big thing. Own it.” I said nudging her with my elbow.

“I can’t wait. I’m gonna take the gamma world by storm,” she said with a confidence in her voice that I wish I had,

" Girls I have gotten permission from your parent to have a sleepover tonight. Please try not to end up in the pool again.” Abby said leaving the room before we all erupted screeching fits of joy.

Today was a good day and I had fun trying on dresses and overall being a normal teenager. I knew Julian would be happy to see me when he got home. I really missed him so much. But I knew that these girls have made the distance much more bearable for me. Three weeks was all I had to Wait for to see my mate again.

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