The Rejected One

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Home Coming

Julian’s POV

Today is the day I get to see my mate again and from what I heard she, my mom, and the girls went to go dress shopping. I wonder what my mate chose for a dress. Jasper was elated to see Nexus today as he kept putting images in my mind of the many things he wanted to do to her. Great now when I get home I’m gonna have to take a cold shower.

My body changed a lot while I was training. I had more muscle than I had before I started. I also got a little bit taller if that was even possible. I was afraid my mate would not recognize me when I saw her. Though our wolves would still recognize each other.

“oh, you know you want to pound into our mate just as bad as I do,” Jasper said giving me a raging hard-on.

“We made a promise to her that we would wait till she was ready. Give her that. She needs to warm up to us still.” I said shutting down Jasper’s infatuations.

“I just can’t wait to see Nexus. She said the dress the was picked for the ceremony is big.” He said and I was now very interested in what she was going to wear. As we neared my house I could feel myself getting antsy so I took a deep breath to calm myself.

Neveah’s POV

Today the other ranked boys and Julian are coming home and My wolf and I have missed him so much. I really can’t wait to have him in my arms. They have felt so empty without him here. My body is not the same as when he left and I want to show him that I have gotten stronger.

I keep looking out the window hoping to see a car driving up the driveway. I have been at it for hours. every hour on the hour like clockwork. By the fifth hour, I made myself comfortable on the sofa in the living room. Then I heard the sound that made my heart speed up and my wolf go wild, He was home.

I rushed to the front door yanking the front door open and running out the door. Callen and Abby were giggling at my actions because they knew what it was like to be new mates. As the pack black Cadillac came into view. It was big enough for all of the guys to fit in it.

The car door opened and Luca stepped out first and then my man of the hour. He rushed out of the car and it felt like forever but when our fingers touched, it only made sense that I would fill the gap. Tears were in my eyes as we embraced each other. I just didn’t want to let go of him and judging by how gently but tightly he held me, He didn’t want to let go either.

“Goddess I have missed you so much,” I said pushing my body into his welcoming sparks.

“I missed you to baby, but I am here now.” He said and he cradled my head in his arms trying to get more of me than I could give.

“You look healthy as well. and you have more muscle too,” He said pulling himself from me and looking me up and down inspecting me from head to toe.

“I am now eating three meals a day even if I can’t finish them. I Have been training hard with Mr. and Mrs. Gardener. I even defeated Sebashtion in combat. Turns out I am a pretty fast learner.” I said with a proud smile on my face. I too took the time to inspect him as well. He had more build to his muscles if that was even possible

“You look good,” I said looking down and blushing at my own compliment.

“What do you mean good our mate is one sexy beast girl.” Nexus said with a little bit of sass in her tone. She had never been like this before, She like myself must be growing in personality. I felt Julian lift my chin so I was looking at him in the eyes,

“Don’t hide your blush from me baby I want to see all of you.” He said in a sultry voice and sent chills down my spine.

It was weird that When he and I were together it was like we were the only ones in the room. I guess absents can make the heart grow fonder. I really wanted to kiss him right now but I knew that we were in front of his parents and I didn’t want to give them that kind of show. He must have linked a pack omega to get his stuff and bring it to his room but he will be quite surprised when his stuff ends up in my room.

His stuff from his room was moved up to my room a few days ago and I only knew this information because I woke up to the omega’s and Abby bringing his stuff into my room. We would be Alpha and Luna and three days’ time so it was considered appropriate for us to sleep together like husband and wife.

He took me by surprise when he picked me up bridal style and walked inside the house. he put me down and we walked up to my room. Like I guessed he was shocked to find all of his possessions in my room. I quickly mouthed” Your mother” as he nodded his head.

The tension in the room was thick and there was this silent longing in the air that made my skin crawl and my nerves come alive. He slowly walked towards me and I prepared myself for what would happen next. He wrapped his arm around me and lowered his head as I felt his breath on my face.

“Goddess your so beautiful. You have been on my mind for five months baby.” He said as his lips lightly brushed my lips.

“And you don’t think you have been on my mind every second of every day?” I asked as my heart rate increased.

“Maybe we need to fix that baby girl.” He said as my wolf purred in delight as our lips connected.

our kiss was sweet and slow but that slow pace turned hungry as he grabbed my ass causing me to gasp. He took the opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth. We fought for dominance and I was winning but Julian’s growl caught me off guard and I lost. My skin felt hot and a new need built up in my stomach.

( The start of a sexual scene )

“I can smell your arousal baby.” He said causing my cheeks to flush. The next thing I said socked both of us.

“Then do something about it,” I said in a breathy voice as my cheeks got even redder.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish mate.” He whispered in my ear as my need for him got even worse.

“Your gonna have to teach me a few things because I don’t know what I am doing mate,” I said as a new insecurity seeped into me.

“Well then Let’s start your first lesson baby girl.” he purred as he picked me up and gently laid me on our bed.

He kissed me in such a sensual passion as I sat up to break the kiss as he removed my shirt. my breath quickened as we hungrily kissed and I felt him unbutton my jeans. he broke the kiss and slowly slipped my jeans off my body revealing my red lace Victoria’s Secret underwear.

I earned myself a growl of approval as the heat built up in my core. he kissed me with so much passion and so much lust that I had a hard time knowing where I started and where he ended. He brought his hand down to my thighs sending shocks everywhere he touched. He stopped and looked at me with lust and love in his eyes.

“You can ask me to stop at any time and I won’t be mad.” He said making me relax in effect.

“I know and I thank you for being patient with me,” I said in my soft breathy voice.

“Always and anything for you baby. Anything for you.” He said kissing his mark on my neck as a low moan escaped my lips.

“That Is my new favorite sound baby.” He said as his hand on my thigh reached higher as he cupped my womanhood.

A surprised gasp escaped my lip and my need for him intensified. I needed more. I wanted more. We continued to explore each other’s mouth as his thumb applied pressure to my sensitive nub. a loud moan came out of me as he rubbed my sensitive clit through my underwear fabric.

“Fuck baby you are gonna make it hard for me not to take you right here.” He grunted as he slipped his hand under my wet underwear.

“Today is all about you. I want you to cum by my fingers and mouth first.” He said in his new dominant voice then sent a shudder through me.

“You’re so wet for me.” He said as I felt shocks being sent straight to my core.

It was like I was a spring being pushed down waiting to be released. He rubbed my clit as the feeling built up more and more. he stopped and I instantly missed his touch. he ripped my underwear off and brought his lips close to my core. I braced myself for the whirlwind I was about to experience.

As his tongue made its first lick and then another I couldn’t stop the sounds that escaped my mouth. His tongue ran circles around my clit as he ate me like I was his last meal. I then felt him slip a finger in me and then another and he pumped them in and out of me. I tried to rock my hips to meet his pumping rhythm but his other hand slapped the side of my leg.

“Fuck baby you’re so tight.” He said as he kept pumping his fingers in and out of me.

I was on cloud nine and I could feel the tension in my core growing. Moans of pleasure filled the room and every time I did Julian would growl in approval. I was loving all the things he was doing to me and I knew I could easily become addicted to what we were doing.

The whole time it was him pleasuring me as I helplessly moaned with joy. It all came to head when I felt the band snap and I hit my climax. I was breathing very heavily as Julian brought his lips up to me and kissed me allowing me to taste myself on his lips. I must have been his full course meal.

( the end of the sex scene )

“You did very well baby. I loved every moan that left your pretty little mouth. I love you so much.” He said with a cocky smirk on his face. He was proud of all my reactions to his pleasuring.

“That felt really good and I Love you too Julian,” I said as I hugged and kissed him with everything I had.

I then came to the realization that I had just told my mate that I loved him. If I was being honest It was honest to goddess the truth. I loved this man for the good and the bad. He was my everything and I didn’t plan on letting him go ever. Not in a million years.

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