The Rejected One

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Getting Ceremony Ready

Nevah’s POV

Today is the day of the crowning ceremony and Julian didn’t get to spend the night with me. We made that girl’s night so we could all wake up and have coffee together. That’s another thing I sort of picked up from the girls was my newfound love for the bitter drink that you could make sweet.

We had our dresses hanging in a special closet hidden in my bathroom. The girls and I put them in there last week so there weren’t any wrinkles in them. My dress arrived a week and a half ago when and I was so excited. I really did feel like I was preparing for my wedding and I knew I was going to feel like a princess.

We all went out five days ago to buy shoes for the ceremony and everyone got shoes that matched their dress and the jewelry. Isabella bought laced blue shoes with jewels on the top of the shoes where the feet would go.

Makenna bought green silk fabric shoes with white rhinestones bedazzled in the back of the heal. I again was not surprised since she chose the six-inch heels because they would show off her toned legs and she would look so fierce in her green dress.

Layla bought blood-red jeweled heads and Thy matched her personality so much. They were jeweled all over and they would look stunning as they matched her family rubies. The heels were a soft two and a half inches and they made her almost as tall as me. She was the next tallest person next to me and Isabella was the tallest out of all of us. I was taller than Layla by only three inches and Makenna was the shortest one out of all of us.

My heels were six-inch heels like Makenna’s and they helped me with my form so much. They were yellow like my dress and made me feel confident. They had jewels us the sides and over the toes and had flowers over them. Makenna had been secretly teaching me how to walk in heels for months and they paid off. I worked until my feet were bloody and blistered until they weren’t. I could now walk in heels and do chores at the same time.

We spent a lot of time doing hair and let me tell you those girls get down to business. They wasted no time plugging in the curling irons that they brought the night before. and the thousands of bobby pins they brought each and don’t even get me started on the hair spray.

We started with Isabella who was styled by Layla who gave her a crown braid into an elegant bridal style bun. Layla worked like a hummingbird so graceful and yet so fast. I watched as she braided every strand and pulled and pinned every piece of hair until she looked like a princess.

The one thing I have learned about Isabella is that she is not the type to go all out on makeup. So it was no surprise that she chose a more natural eye makeup look. She still applied eye shadow but she blended it out so good that you really couldn’t tell she had any on. She even applied her eye linger in a light thin line and brushed on her mascara very lightly. Hell even her brown looked great by the time she was done. She finished her look off with a berry tone lipstick and a little highlighter.

Isabella then went to put on her dress and when she came out and she looked absolutely stunning. She looked like Aphrodite the way she was dressed. her outfit matched her blue eyes and she looked comfortable in her own body.

" Wow, Isabella you look like a goddess,” I said admiring her from afar.

“Yeah Issy you look like Aphrodite,” Makenna mirrored my thoughts. She did a little spin and sat down on my bed.

Makenna was the next to get her hair and makeup done and she went this a snatched High ponytail. and she took some gel to and she explained how she smooths her edges ( baby hairs ) down and makes them look cool. she took a ponytail extension and clipped it on her ponytail. she then took a strand of hair a wrapped it around ht ponytail to hide the imperfections.

It was time for Makenna to get her makeup done and she like Isabella knew what she was doing and chose to go with a natural look. She applied a dark eye shadow to her eye and blended it out she took an eyebrow brush and shaped her brows out. She applied dark eye shadow to her brows then applied eyeliner to her upper and lower eyes. She then applied mascara to her upper and lower lashes and applied highlighter to the feature parts of her face. she finished her look with a red lip slick and went to put on her dress and put on her jewelry.

" Makenna. How can you be so comfortable in your own body? You look so sexy in what you’re wearing.” I ask as she struck a modal pose.

“Damn right Girl You know I try to look my best always,” Makenna said strutting in my direction.

The next person to get their hair and makeup done was Layla and went with a simple elegant bridal style bun with a few hairs loose. She also chose the go a little natural with her makeup and I was living for it. She chose to wear A light pink lip gloss the make her look complete. She went to the bathroom and put on her dress. Makenna helps her with all of this as Makenna was the next best stylist in the group.

" Layla you look gorgeous you gonna look soo good gaining the Gamma title tonight.“I complimented.

“Thank you but it is now time to get you all dolled up for you sexy ass beast out there.” She said making me wolf feel possessive of our mate for the first time.

I Was the last person that needed to get ready all the girls gathered around me to help me do my hair. Isabella and Makenna curled my hair and Layla worked on constructing it. It took hours to do and I wasn’t even done. Layla turned me around and made her finishing touches on my hair and clapped when she had finished.

Makenna got started on my makeup and I was really glad that they didn’t use foundation but she did use a little bit of concealer on my under eyes. brush after brush and stroke after the stroke I felt like a science project. It felt like hours till I was finally done. It was time to get into my dress. Isabella helped me with all my accessories and when I was done I was allowed to look at myself.

I looked like Belle from Beauty and the Beast and I looked like a princess. I had no words for how happy I was at this moment. The girls gushed about how everyone would be talking about me tonight. Not just because I was being crowned luna but because I the way I looked. Their chatter was interrupted by the sound of a soft knock at the door. Luna Abby came in with a smile on her face as she saw what I looked like.

“You look like a princess my child. Oh Julian my baby boy is going to be speechless when he sees you.” She said as she gave me a hug.

“Thank you but you can thank the girls for how I look today. They are the true visionaries for this masterpiece.” I said looking at my friends.

“You girls did a great job I am really proud of you all.” She said giving them hugs too.

“Thank you Abby Is was fun for us,” Layla said as she walked out the door to go downstairs.

“Yeah, Mr. Webster it was nothing we are just happy to be doing girls’ stuff with her,” Makenna said following Layla out the door.

“We will be downstairs waiting for you both to be done with your Luna chat,” Isabella said following Makenna and Layla’s lead and exiting my room.

The chat just consisted of what I would be doing once I entered the packed ballroom. I exited my bedroom with Abby and we joined the girl downstairs where they were laughing and having fun. It was time to make our way to the pack ballroom for the ceremony to begin and for me to be with my mate again.

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