The Rejected One

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It's All Good Until...

Neveah’s POV

After my session with Julian, We started to make our way to the ballroom. I kept thinking that people were looking at me after what we had just done. It felt good to let my feeling be known to him. But it was also scary for me to be vulnerable in front of him. I was falling in love with Julian.

We reach the ballroom where a bunch of wolves was dancing and talking. I see kids laughing and having fun. That is what it was like to come together as a family. To come together as a pack to celebrate. I scanned the room to see if I could find Isabella and the others. It wasn’t hard as they were the rowdiest ones in the room.

I looked at Makenna because she was dancing with her brother. They looked like the best of siblings. They looked like they were best friends. Layla was dancing with Isabella and sebashtion as they looked like they were having a good time. I saw my siblings in the corner making small talk with some of the pack girls. They looked up at me and smiled and went back to their conversation. Spencer was dancing with his mate and it brought a warm feeling to my heart.

Most of the adults had engaged in conversation. Callen and Abby looked beep in discussion with Henry and Margret. My mother in law as if sensing that I was there, made eye contact with me. She gave me a smile as the music in the room changed. The lights dimmed as a spotlight beamed on Julian and me. One of the pack warriors comes up with a microphone in his and announces our arrival.

“Introducing Luna Neveah and Alpha Julian.” The announcer said as we made our way down the marble steps. Once we reached the bottom all eyes were on us. Julian leads us to the middle of the dancefloor as he took my hand and put his other on my waist. we began to sway to the sound of the music.

“You look beautiful in that dress,” Julian said as he went a biped me and brought me back up.

“Thank you. You look god yourself.” I said placing my head on his chest listening to the sound of his heartbeat. We danced for what felt like hours and only stopped when I felt a tug on my dress. It was his little sister Talleah.

She was wearing a gold ballgown with sapphire blue and white flowers on the skirt of the dress. On her head, she wore a gold headband with blue diamonds encrusted into it. She looked like a princess dressed head to toe. she Had on gold-colored flats with white flowers and rhinestones embedded in them. My guess is she wanted to look like me and that made me smile.

We had gotten really close in the five months Julian and I had been apart. She and I would play in the garden or splash around in the pool. I always made time in my day to see her. She even asked me many nights to read her bedtime stories. We had really bonded with each other and I thought of her as the sister I never had. I was protective of her like she was my family.

“Hey girly what to dance with me?” I asked as she looked at me a nodded her hand. I spread some of my warm energy to her so I could comfort her.

“Yes, Veah I really wanna dance with you.” She said as I took her hand and twirled her around. We spent most of our time making up dances and soon the other pack children were dancing with us. We were all laughing and having fun as the adults looked at me with awe.

Everything came to a halt when we heard the sound of sirens telling us that someone had escaped the pack prison. Hayden came stumbling is with blood all over him as he looked his brother in the eyes. I took a sniff of the air and I smelled it. The stench was putrid and it made me want to gag. There was no doubt about it, it was wolfsbane. He made his way to his father and collapsed in front of him.

“Call the pack doctor, now,” Callen yelled as three-pack warriors came rushing in and gave Julian a long scared look. Julian gave them a nod and what he said next had us all rushing to the safe rooms.

“Mr. and Mrs. Carmickeal have escaped with twelve of our prisoners everyone to the bunker,” Julian said in his new voice of authority. Everyone scrambled to get their kids as the room erupted into chaos. I needed to think quickly and keep people calm.

“Everyone, do not panic and exit the room in a single file line. Children are to stay with their parents or guardian. warriors you go with Julian to assess the situation.” I said as the chaos died down and the room was calm.

The children did as they were told and the warriors did as well. Callen and Abby held looks of surprise as I started to help the woman and children out of the ballroom in a single file line. They all muttered a thank you as they exited the ballroom and headed to the bunker. I made my way to Callen and Abby as they held their dying son in their arms.

“Thank you, Neveah. You did well.” Abby said as the pack doctor arrived on the scene.

“I don’t know how I did it. I guess it just comes naturally.” I said as I looked down at Hayden. He had deep gashes in his chest and blood was pouring out of them. The next assessment I made was the deep stab wounds on his stomach and the tiny one in the center of his chest. I sniffed around and noted the smell of silver in his bloodstream.

“They used silver and wolfsbane. He will not survive unless we get him to help immediately. ” I said as the luna broke down in tears. Callen looked at me with a look of wonder as if I was crazy.

“The luna is right Mr.and Mrs. Webster if we do not get him to the pack hospital now he will die.” The pack doctor Elanna said As three men came in with a stretcher.

They carefully got him on the gurney and wheeled him away. I looked off into the distance thinking about my parents. They escaped and I knew that they would try and kill me soon. I thought about all they had done to me my whole life and I got angry. I would not let them make me feel the same fear they had made me feel for ten years. I would not let them win the battle for my sanity. My thought process was interrupted by Abby shaking my shoulder.

“You should go to safety with the moms and children like me. You will be safer there.” She said as she tried to get me to go with her.

“No.” I said while shaking my head.” What stops them from finding me at the bunker? With those monsters alive no one is safe. They put me through hell for ten years and now they have more help in doing so to the whole pack, no one is safe.” I said as she looked at me with sorrow in her eyes.

“You go with Hayden, he will need you. I knew we shouldn’t have put him on patrol tonight. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen. It was his first night on patrol too.” I said as tears started to fill my eyes.

She rubbed my back while I hugged her. This was their plan all along. They wanted me to look incompetent in front of my whole pack. They knew that an attack on the first night as luna would look bad on me. They wanted to shake my confidence on the first night and they did it through the alpha’s youngest son. This was their call for war. Knowing this small bit of information I linked my mate.

“Hey, how’s it going out there?” I asked waiting for his reply.

“Not good there is no sight of them anywhere. It’s like they disappeared.” He said as I thought of all my options.

“Come back I don’t think they will attack again tonight. The attack on Hayden was a message.” I said knowing in my heart that there was nothing we could do.

“Okay baby I trust your judgment.” He said as he cut the link and my attention was brought to Abby. I looked at her and gave her a weak sad smile.

“What they did to Hayden was their way of sending a message. This was my parent’s call of war. This was their way of getting back at you for imprisoning them. They won’t strike again tonight.” I said as she looked at me with sadness in her eyes.

“You look so sure of yourself. You will make a good luna” She said as we started to walk to The Webster family house.

I was so pissed at what they had made Abby and Callen feel. They had taken something sacred and twisted it into something bad. They Hurt the alpha family’s youngest son. They had hurt another child. When I get my hands on them they won’t live to hurt another child again. Even if I die they will never get that chance again.

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