The Rejected One

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Roses And Thorns

Julians POV ( Six weeks later )

It’s been six weeks since I rejected my mate in front of the entire school and humiliated her as well. It’s been six weeks since she tried to kill herself because of everything she has been through in life. I didn’t know that my actions were the nail in the coffin. She didn’t die that day but she has been in a coma since the incident and I can’t find it in myself to leave her hospital bedside.

My wolf hasn’t talked to me since that fateful day when her heart gave out. It was two weeks after she had gotten out of surgery I watched as the heart monitor flat-lined indicating she had died a searing pain ripping through my chest making me wish that I had died with her. I cried in agony as I watched the doctors use the defibrillator Four times. Again I looked at the heart monitor the Flatlined monitor Now skipped a beat indicating that she again had a pulse. I let out a breath of relief as in that moment I realized that all could’ve been over.

I knew I was an asshole for what I did to her and I knew that nothing could ever make up for how I treated her how the whole pack treated her. Speaking of the pack I was quick to tell them Neveah was my mate most of them had been respectful of the recent development but I wouldn’t tell them where she was. They had all grown concerned over the situation but I was in no place to tell them because I honestly didn’t know.

as I looked down I grabbed my mate’s hand and brought it closer to my heart the same heart the ached from seeing her in this state. I then heard a knock at the door as my mother strolled in with some flowers in a vase. ever since I told her about what happened she has been coming to the hospital with flowers so my mate doesn’t have to wake up and see a plain white room. for that, I have been grateful as I knew she would love to have a bit of color too.

“has she shown any signs of waking up yet?” my mom asked with her concerned mother look that she always used to give me.

“Yes she was able to squeeze my had yesterday and her heart is getting stronger now. The doctors say she could wake up any day now.” I said recalling what the doctor told me this morning. six months is far too long to go without your mate and I was learning the hard way. ” The doctors also said they speak to her every day because she can most likely hear me,” I informed her as she set the flowers on the bedside table they were absolutely gorgeous but not a gorgeous as my mate looked sleeping. I know that if I had not rejected her I would have been able to get inside her mind and wake her up that way. but because of what I did that wasn’t an option for me. I know this is my punishment for what I did to her both before the rejection and after. I could only watch from the side as my mate was fighting to stay alive inside her own head. only she could get out of her own head.

“you know she is gonna need a lot of help when she wakes up and you will need to step up as a mate right?” my mom asked in the stern tone that had me nodding my head. she always knew how to get people’s attention and hold that attention for a long time. she is a great parent to me and my younger siblings and I loved her for it.

“yes mom I promise, and I promise that she will know what it’s like to feel loved and cared for. she will know what the sun feels like. she will know what it’s like to live in the light. never ever again will our pack be a symbol of darkness to her.” I said and she must have believed me because she walked out of the room looking proud of herself. I meant it when I say that I will love and protect her I will do it until my dying breath. let just hope that she wakes up so that we can start our forever.

A/N hey guys thank you for staying in there with me. I know that I only had one chapter up but tonight you got two chapters so I hope you enjoyed this chapter. once again Thank You sooooo much to the bottom of my heart.

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