The Rejected One

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It All Goes To Hell

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Hi guys it’s Magen I just wanted to warn you all that this is going to be a long chapter as it will cover a lot of heartache. I needed something to happen to boot this story in the direction I needed it to be in. With that said I hope you enjoy this chapter

Julian’s POV

I ran off with the pack warriors To find the escaped prisoners but much to my dismay was a lost cause. I scrambled back to my mate when she linked me to tell me that Hayden’s attack was a message. I was pissed at what the Carmikeals did to my little brother. From what I heard they brought him to the pack Hospital.

My dad linked me to tell me that he had silver and wolfsbane in his system. one or the other in the body was bad but to have both at the same time would be deadly. Elanna wasn’t sure he would make it out alive seeing as he was a new wolf. New wolves didn’t have the tolerance for silver and wolves bane as the older ones did. If my brother made it out alive he would lose his wolf or the worse.

“Guys let’s head back so we can regroup and regather our thoughts,” I commanded as we all made our way to the pack meeting room. Once I was there I noticed that my mate was sitting in my chair looking through some books. I wrapped my arms around her as the feeling of grief overtook me.

“I can’t sit here and tell you it’s going to be okay.” She said and then continued to say what she wanted to say.

“But I can tell you that whatever happens, we will make it through.” She said using her somewhat old wisdom into this whole situation. It was like she knew exactly what to say to make me feel better.

“I know, it’s just that he’s my little brother and He is supposed to live and find his mate, grow old, and have children. This wasn’t supposed to happen.” I said while holding my mate tight. Tonight went from being one of the best nights of my life to the worse one I had ever lived.

I was met with the feeling of something breaking in the pack bond while my wolf howled in agony. I knew what that meant but I didn’t want to admit it because I didn’t want to break down in front of my mate. My brother was dead or people had left the pack. On my first night as alpha and people already left the pack. I felt like a total failure and I knew my people would blame me for the Carmikeals escape from prison.

I was tired after tonight and from the feelings, I was getting from my mate, she was getting tired too. I helped her up and we walked up to our room. she went into the closet and picked out her nightclothes. she was in the bathroom for an hour and when she came out, she looked absolutely winded.

She walked toward the bed and pulled back the covers and snuggled into them. no words were said as I went into the closet and picked out a pair of old white basketball shorts and a blue T-shirt. I pulled back the covers and snuggled in with my mate till she fell asleep. I couldn’t keep my mind off my brother as I tried to fall asleep. I knew that my mom and dad were with him as we speak but that still didn’t stop me from worrying.

My sister Talleah came through the door now in her Elsa nightgown and my mate welcomed her with open arms. She asked if she could sleep with us tonight and my mate said it was okay. I really didn’t mind having her in the room with us because at least I knew she was safe. I loved her so much I wanted to protect her with all I had. I couldn’t protect my brother tonight but I would be sure to protect her.

My mom and dad were with Hayden at the pack hospital for the night and they told me to be at home with my mate and sisters. I was so worried for him and I wanted to be hopeful that he and his Wolf would survive. If his wolf died he would die shortly after because, not having his wolf would drive him insane slowly. He would eventually try to kill himself even if the blood loss didn’t kill him tonight.

Losing your wolf is bad for the human side. We would have all of the strength of a wolf and the heightened senses but our human bodies wouldn’t be able to handle it. With that kind of power, we would be too dangerous. People like that were killed out of fear that they would hurt the people around them. Werewolves without a wolf were called Lumers and they were killed on sight.

Getting That thought out of my head I curled up with my mate and sister. I really just wanted to sleep because I knew I would have a lot to discuss with the pack tomorrow. I Knew that a lot of pack members would want an explanation about what happened tonight.


( The Next Day )

I woke up to the sound of Talleah and Neveah getting ready. Neveah was brushing Talleah’s blonde hair and singing to her. Her voice was that of an angel and calmed me down. I sat up in our bed and just looked at my mate as she continued to brush my sister’s hair.

“Can we go see Hay today?” She asked my mate as Neveah continued her soft strokes.

“Yes, we can. But only if the hospital says it’s okay. We also have to get your parent’s permission.” My mate said in the most motherly tone I had ever heard from her.

“Okay. Thank you for brushing my hair Veah.” She said in her child-like voice that always sounded kind of mature for her age sometimes.

“Okay, Let’s get you dressed and ready for the day.” My mate said as they started to shuffle their way out of the room.

I took this time to get ready myself because there was a lot that needed to be done today. I needed to call the council to give them a report of what happened last night. I needed to Call up a few friends to set up alliances. I then needed to visit my brother in the hospital to make sure he was going to be all right.

I put on a white shirt with blue stripes and black pants and my Adidas shoes. I then worked to comb out my blonde hair. I took some palmade and lathered it in my hand before working it into my hair. I was lucky that I didn’t have to shave my face today or any day as I couldn’t grow a beard. No matter how much I tried I just couldn’t.

I then started to make my way to the pack meeting room only to be greeted by no one. I guess my mate did a good job of keeping everyone calm last night. So I guess I just needed to make a few phone calls. I went to my office and sat down in my chair and called alpha Winthurp from the Blue Amaryllis Pack. The phone rang three times before the alpha’s assistant picked up to phone.

“Blue Amaryllis Pack this is Heather speaking how may direct you call?” the woman said on the other side of the line.

“He this is alpha Webster from The Dusty Rose Pack can you direct me to alpha Winthrup please?” I asked trying to keep my cool.

“Sure thing just let me transfer you to his line.” She said As I was greeted by silents on my line.

The phone began to ring again and on the fourth ring alpha, Winthrup answered. I met Hansel Winthrup at my Alpha training. We became fast friends and we were a part of the bro squad. It consisted of Hansel, A guy named Gabereal, a guy named Fletcher, a guy named Jonas, and me. I told them that there would be a time where I was going to need them. I told them when I call I would hope they would answer my call.

“Alpha Winthrup speaking.” My friend of five months spoke as I prepared for What I was about to say. I took a deep breath before answering.

“Hey, alpha winthrup it’s Julian,” I said As I waited for his reply.

“Hey, Julian what up man it been a few days?” He asked in the most laid-back way.

“You know how I said that one day I would need you for help for something?” I asked in a melancholy way.

“Yes, I do. Is that what this call is about?” He paused probably wondering what I was going to say next. I paused to prepare for what would be said next.

“Yes’ I need you to ready your warriors for a war coming up. This war will take place after my mate turns sixteen. Train them hard so they are strong enough to fright. When I call you again be prepared to cum to my pack. The fate of the wolf kingdom rests on us. We will meet at Dusty Rose, be ready.” I said as I hung up not waiting for his reply.

I then worked on getting Gabe on the phone because he was the person I told about my mate. I told him everything happening in my pack. We were as thick as thieves during those five months of training. He told me to just call him when everything went to hell and I felt like this was important. He answered on the second ring.

“Hey what up my man?” He said in his deep voice.

“Hey bro, Remember when I told you about my mate and the war?” I asked as silents filled the line. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

“Yes, is it time to start training?” He asked as another silence fill the room.

“yeah, I need you to train like hell and when I call you again We will meet at Dusty Rose,” I said as I hung up on my best friend.

The next person was a bit of a wild card. I didn’t know if alpha Fletcher would either say yes or no and I wouldn’t know until I called him. I filed his number and waited for him to answer and it rang five times before he answered.

“alpha Trenity speaking,” Fletcher said

“Hey, Fletch it’s Julian,” I exclaimed now tapping my fingers on my desk.

“Hey man, why are you calling?” He asked as I brought pack papers to my attention.

“What do you need buddy?” He said sounding just a little bit more friendly.

“You know how I said I was going to call you if I needed something?” I asked in a melancholy tone.

?Yeah what do you need?” He asked in a more tempered tone.

“I need you to train you people man and woman alike When I call you again we will meet in Dusty Rose. You got me buddy I will need you. there is a war brewing and I need as many people as possible.” I said I a slight tempered tone that he always brought out.

“Okay bro I will.” He said as the line went dead. I then called Jonas from the Red Begonia pack. I pretty much said the same thing and hung up when.

I felt my mom’s mind link me. They told me I needed to go to the hospital Because my brother wasn’t doing so well. I knew in my heart that he wasn’t going to survive. He had been injected with a lethal dose of wolfsbane and the silver was just to add salt to injury.

I rushed to the hospital and quickly found my way to my brother’s room. My mom was in tears as my dad held her. I knew that whatever the doctors said wasn’t good. I knew that my little brother wasn’t going to make it. My mom must have linked me to say goodbye.

“The doctor told us he’s not going to make it Julian.” My mom said as she broke down in tears holding my dad tighter.

“I shouldn’t have put him on patrol last night. This is my fault.” I said as I felt this sinking feeling in my chest.

I looked at my brother who was awake but hardly breathing. His eyes kept shifting from gold to blue as his wolf was trying to fight the effect of the wolfsbane. He looked afraid He reached his hand out to me. I started to walk towards his bedside. I had to hold back my tears before I spoke to him.

“Hey bro,” I said tears brimming in my eyes. I was having a really hard time with this.

“Who would have thought this was how I would die. I always thought I would die with a blaze of fire.” He said coughing up a little blood.

“It okay to go bro I am here. The goddess will be there for you when you cross over. You can go now, little brother. We will be all right. I will take care of the family.” I said as hot tears spilled out of my eyes. He looked at me and our parents before saying his final words.

“I love you guys. I will see you again.” He said as his eyes glazed over and he took his last breath.

My wolf howled in pain as my brother’s link to the pack broke and shattered into nothingness. I took my hands and closed his eyes and ran out of the door. I ran into the woods and shifted into my wolf not even caring that my clothes shredded in the process.

I was in emotional turmoil as I replayed my brother’s death in my head over and over again. My wolf was in pain as he and my brother’s wolf were best friends. For him, he lost his brother and for me, it was the same. I ran for what felt like hours and when I reached the mountains on our territory my wolf let out a pained-filled howl. We were very upset.

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