The Rejected One

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Dearly Departed

Neveah’ POV

It has been a week since I got the news that Julian’s brother was killed. My mate had locked himself in Hayden’s room and when anyone tried to get him out, he would growl and say no. I was doing all I could to take care of everything in the pack. With Julian not doing his job, I had to step up. Abby and Callen had been dealing with the funeral arrangements.

Everyone was grief-stricken and the warmth that I once felt from everyone was fading away. I had to find a way to help everyone as tomorrow was Hayden’s funeral. I knew that tomorrow was going to be hard for the alpha family and I wanted to be there for Julian. I walked up to Hayden’s old bedroom and knocked on the door. I didn’t want to seem pushy, but Nexus wanted to comfort our mate and I knew I needed to try to comfort him as well.

“Go away, I don’t want to see anyone right now.“My mate’s voice sounded through the door. He sounded so broken and I wanted to help him. I know he was feeling what I was feeling through the bond. I didn’t listen and I picked the lock and let myself in.

I had learned how to pick locks when I was little. I was often locked inside my room with nothing to do. When the loneliness started to eat me alive I had to learn how to get myself out. It came in handy when My “Parents” got sick and tired of me and wanted to get rid of me. I truly think they wanted to kill me, and their confession to the council was proof enough.

Walking into Hayden’s room I put my hand on my mate’s shoulder. I could feel him tense up at this action. I don’t think he knew that it was me at the door. I so desperately wanted to be there for him like he had been for me when I was weak. I knew that it was my turn to give back what he had given me. It was my turn to give him security.

“You’re hurting and I want to be there for you. I can feel your pain through the bond. If you need to let out your feelings I am here.” I said wrapping my shaky arms around him trying to give him the warmth he always gave me.

“He was so young and had the world ahead of him. He was supposed to find his mate and fall in love with them. He was supposed to have kids and grow old. He wasn’t supposed to die Neveah. I know I can’t blame you Neveah as you have been hurt by them as well.” He said in between sobs.

I let out a breath of relief when I heard that he didn’t hold his brother’s death on me. I thought that him not talking to me meant he was blaming me for what my “Parents” did. He must have sensed that I thought he was blaming me. I hugged him tighter as sobs racked his body and I felt hot tears seep through my shirt fabric.

“I know...But I have a feeling the goddess is taking care of her. If you want I can ask her how he is doing.“I offered as his body stopped shaking.

“You can do that?” He asked in disbelief.

“Well I am the moon goddess’s daughter...and she does come to me in my dreams... I don’t see why I can’t try to contact her directly.” I concluded as I unwrapped my arms from around him.

“Please Neveah I have to know that he is okay,” Julian begged as I looked at him with my sad eyes.

“Okay,” I said As I stood up and gestured for Julian to stand up to.

“Come on let get you out of here. I don’t think it is healthy for you to be couped up in your brother’s room, and all the pack misses you. They need their alpha and I need my mate. I have been trying really hard to keep the pack together this week but I am drowning for all the responsibility.” I said As Julian nodded his head and stood up on his own two feet.

He looked at me and started to make his way to me as I looked up at him and gave him a sad smile. I know I don’t know what losing a family member is like but I knew I would always be there for him if he needed a shoulder to cry on. at this moment I would always make sure I was there for him, to comfort him when he needed. I would be strong for him no matter what.

Once he reached me he tilted my head up to his so I was looking at him in the eyes. He slowly brought his lips to mine and gave me a short but sweet kiss. Once he was done I wrapped my arms around his waist as we began to walk out of Hayden’s room. After talking with his he seemed to be in better spirits and I had managed to get him out of the room. That was all that truly mattered to me at that moment.

We started to make our way to our bedroom as I was starting to get tired and I needed to concentrate on contacting the goddess. I felt a buzz as my body collapsed and Julian caught me before I hit the ground. At least I hope as I blacked out into nothingness as I was once again in that dark room that I was in when I was in my coma.


That familiar light appeared before me as my mom stepped out to greet me. She held a look of sadness as she knew why I was here. She was wearing a grey dress that hugged her in all the right places and reached the floor. Even in mourning, she looked absolutely stunning, I wondered how she was always able to pull it off.

“Thank you my beautiful daughter all though I do think you look beautiful as well.” She said giving me her most motherly smile.

“Thank you mom, that means along to me,” I said walking up to give her a hug. she seems to waste no time at all as she embraced me.

“It is so wonderful to hold you my daughter but, I assume you are here for other reasons than to catch up with me.” She said being very perceptive in her mother’s intuition.

“Yeas I am. A wolf had passed on his name is Hayden and I wanted to know if he passed on okay. His brother my mate has been a wreck and he wanted to know that Hayden was alright.” I explained in the calmest way possible.

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?” She gestured as another light made its way into my view and Hayden stepped into view.

“Hayden.” I jumped as he ran to me and gave me a hug.

“Neveah. It is good to see you.” He paused as he let go of me.“Are you dead? How is my brother? How are my family and the pack?“He asked as he gave me an urgent look.

“I am very much alive. Your brother has been hauled up in your room all week depressed. and your family has been making funeral arrangements. the pack has been doing fine because I have been holding Julian’s weight up. I told him that I would try to contact my mom to see how you were doing here but I guess she did one better. Julian wanted to know how you are doing.” I explained to Hayden as I answered all of his questions. Hayden looked at me with wonder in his eyes. He didn’t think I would ever be able to hold up the pack work the needed to be done.

“Wow. Tell Julian that I am okay here. I met my mate here. She apparently died at a young age due to cancer but now we have each other. Tell him to stop being all depressed and shit because I am happy. Tell him that I have found peace.” He said as I wiped a tear from my eyes.

“Can I meet her?” I asked out of curiosity. and just like that, a brunette girl with brown eyes and pale skin came into view.

“This is my mate Christeen,” He said as she looked at me with shy eyes. she brought her hand out to me and I shook her hand. She was a shy person but Hayden was more outgoing in his life so I knew she would be perfect for him.

“You are absolutely beautiful I hope when I visit you and I can become friends. you see that woman?” I pointed to my mom and she nodded her head.

“The moon goddess?” She asked and I nodded my head.

“She is my mother and I know in my heart that she will allow me to visit her anytime when I need her. She will take care of you both.” I expanded my luna energy to her to help her be calm.

“You really think so?” She asked in a gentle voice.

“I know so,” I said giving her a smile as I looked at Hayden.

“Take care of her buddy and when I come back I want to hear stories,” I said giving him a smile.

“I will Veah, I promise.” He said as they both disappeared into the light. I walked over to my mom and gave her another hug. and prepared to ask her my next question.

“Mom is it possible to visit your realm whenever I want to ?” I asked with a pleading look on my face.

“Yes honey why do you ask?” she asks probably knowing what I was going to ask.

“I was wondering if I could visit you from time to time in your realm other than this dark room. I want to get to know you better and form a relationship. I want to see the realm you grew up in.” I exclaimed with hopeful tears in my eyes.

“If that is what you want I will give you the means to which you need to get to my realm.′ she paused as I waited for her to finish what she wanted to say.

“To be honest I was waiting for you to ask me. I wanted it to be your choice if you wanted a relationship with me or not. It makes me happy that you want to know where you come from. I would be honored to have you home once and a while.” She finished as she waved her hand and two rings appeared on my finger.

They were to gold rings the had a big beautiful light blue gem in the center. One of the Rings was too big for my fingers so I assumed that one was for Julian. I looked up at my mom and wrapped my arm around her waist and gave her another hug. I loved feeling her warmth and motherly glow. She was a form of peace for me.

“The other ring is for Julian. I want to get to know my daughter’s mate and as so he is more than welcome to visit this realm anytime.” She said giving me a smile as I felt our lick starting to fade.

“You must go now my child and remember to be safe. There is a dark threat near and you must be ready. You have gotten so strong and I know you will do well. Until we see each other again. I love you, my daughter.” She said as the lick I had to her faded and I woke up to a start.


I was breathing heavily as I noticed that it was now a new morning. Julian was still sleeping as his arms were around my waist. I looked at my hand and saw the rings my mom gave me and slipped the big one off of my finger and placed it on the nightstand. I tried to wiggle out of Julian’s hold and I felt his rock-hard manhood against my back.

“You’re awake.” He said in his sexy morning voice that sounded scratchy.

“Yes, and I got something for you that the goddess gave me,” I said taking to ring I got off of the nightstand. He propped himself up with his arm while freeing me from his other arm.

“I asked my mom if I could visit her realm once and a while so I could see where I come from and she gave me a ring to visit her,” I said with a pause.

" She also gave me a second one so I could give it to you. I said holding up to a square-shaped ring that was meant for Julian. I slipped it on his finger and I fit perfectly.

“She wants to get to know you and while we visit you can visit your brother. He is fine by the way. He found his mate on the other side and she is pretty a little bit shy but perfect for him as he is outgoing. I got to talk to him for a bit and he told me to tell you to stop being a depressed sob and get you ass up and help me.” I said with a chuckle at the end.

“He wants you to live your life and be happy. He wants your family to stop being sad because he a happy where he is.“I finished looking at him with love and hope in my eyes.

“Then that is just what I will do. I will make his last wishes come true.” He exclaims as got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

The funeral was today and I needed to get ready for it. I went to my closet and picked out a black body-hugging dress the reached the floor. I ran a brush through my hair and waited patiently for Julian to exit the bathroom so I could brush my teeth. I knew that today was going to be hard for everyone.

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