The Rejected One

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A Visit With My Mom Pt1

Neveah’s POV

It has been a few weeks since Hayden’s funeral and Julian has been trying to get me to use the rings to visit them. I didn’t want to admit that I really wanted to see my mom as well since she gave me the rings too. I knew that Julian just wanted to get closer so he could move on with his life and I knew I couldn’t deny him of that.

We started to make plans to go last week and I could tell Julian was eager to go. Nexus was trying so hard to calm Jasper down while I was trying to help with Julian’s mental healing. I know you shouldn’t rush the grieving processes and I know that it will be a while before we were in a good position to laughed and joke. I got the feeling that we will be grieving even more in the distant future, and I felt like I needed to prepare for it as well.

I was packing a few things in our small duffle bags trying to get ready for our travel. I really wanted to make a good impression on my mom, and I really didn’t want to disappoint her. Even though I have a feeling that she would be proud of any path I take.

This would also be my first time off of pack territory since going to the mall that one time. I was feeling anxious about being so far away with Axel taking over the pack. Speaking of, he finally found his mate and let me just say that she is beautiful. Her name is Hazel and she works for the magic council and she is a powerful witch.

She had this independent streak in her and she brought out Axel’s need to improve himself. She brings out the best in Axel and When I see them together, I see the little boy who used to beat up the kids on the playground when they were bullying me when we were little. It was like I had my old brother back and it made me feel warm inside. Hazel made my brother a better man and a better brother and for that I was thankful.

Spencer and his mate Daisy were doing good as well too. Daisy was a sweet girl with a little bit of a no-nonsense attitude. She was perfect for Spencer as my brother tended to act like a child sometimes. She was a vampire which surprised me as I thought all vampires were rich due to old money, But I guess that was just a stereotype that I was wrong about.

When she found out about what My brothers did to me She was very mad at Spencer. I talked to her and told her that my abuse was in the past and I just wanted to forgive and forget for my own peace of mind. I was still making them work for it but some of that anger simmered down when I saw that they were actually trying to make amends for what they had done to me.

It was Abby’s twelve-step program to making things better between them. Right now we were in the forgiveness stage and this one was the hardest stage in my opinion. I wanted to see a little more change in them before I was comfortable with forgiving them. I wanted to know that they wouldn’t turn on me if my adoptive parent asked them to.

I hadn’t heard anything about them when since they escaped the council prison. Julian said that they had help within the pack which meant we had a traitor in our midst. Julina wanted to have guards on me at all times but I told him that I knew how to fight and I didn’t want him coddling me. I still wasn’t used to people protecting me and I wasn’t about to start.

“Julian are you almost ready?” I yelled from our bedroom as he was busy in the bathroom. I guess that he wanted to look good in front of the moon goddess as she would be in his future mother-in-law. Within my own thought, I didn’t realize that Julian had snuck up behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck.

“Yeah, I’m ready whenever you are.” He whispered in my ear while stroking my tummy. The way he held me sent shivers down my spine and I loved the way he was making me feel. That’s another thing the last week my need to mate with Julian has gotten more intense and I knew it would be time to complete the mate bond soon. I felt him smirk against my skin as he growled in approval at my reaction to his touch.

“I really hope she forgives me for what I did to you.“He said As he ran his fingers through my hair. I knew that he was nervous as he was going to meet the person who made his wolf, who selected him to be my lover, The very woman who could end us just as fast as she made us.

“You will be fine Skittles I will bet that she has been watching us and has seen how you have been doing what you need to do to make it up to me, “I said turning around and tilting my head up so my eyes could meet his.

“I have already told you that I forgive you and now I am going to say that I trust you. I know that we still have a long way to go before I am ready to give you the rest of me as I am still jittery from the abuse, but I want you to know that you are my world. You have become my savior Julain.” I pause giving Julian some time to digest what I am saying.

“Since coming home from the hospital you have been nothing more than my rock. You have become my strength and you give me the strength to live every day.“I said reaching my hand to cup his face with my hand. I wanted him to truly feel what I feel. Touching him for that second took his mental wall down for a moment and he held a look of determination and will in his eyes.

“That look in your eyes is the look I want to see every day. Those eyes show determination and will, And I want you to feel that every day while we lead our pack. That is what I see in a true leader, and that is what I think makes an alpha.” I said in a strong voice that I didn’t think I had. I guess Abby was right when she said that when the time came, we would bring out the strength in each other. I knew that I had just given him the strength to deal with the in-laws.

“Okay, then let’s get going I don’t know how long it will take to get there,” Julian exclaimed as he picked up both of our duffle bags. I think he still under the impression that I am fragile but I am not fragile anymore. I have small muscles where there was once skin and bones. I am starting to not like being babied anymore. I stopped in front of Julian and turned to face him.

“Um, Skittles you do know how portals work right?” I asked with fake concern in my voice. I think he picked up on my sarcasm because a smirk spread across his lips as I turned around and started walking again.

“When we portal we will be brought right in front of my mom’s castle so there won’t be much traveling involved. She talked me through how to portal last night so there shouldn’t be too many issues. I can activate both of the rings.” I said as we made our way to the foyer.

Once we made it to the foyer Abby gave Julian a hug telling him to be safe. She turned to me and also gave me a hug wishing me safe travels. “Just be safe and tell the Mood Goddess that I said hi and that I a grateful she brought you to me to keep you safe,” Abby said as I took Julian’s hands in mine so we could get this show on the road. I brought us both to the center of the room and whispered an “okay,” as I began to focus on the place I wanted to go.

“Okay, I am going to send you an image of my mom’s castle so you can do this with me and I need you to focus on that image and concentrate. you will feel a strange buzzed feeling, let it go through you. You have to focus on that want and need to be there.” I commanded as I saw him nod his head. ” Okay, let’s do this,” I said as I sent him the image of my mom’s home.

I focused on all of my want a need to be standing in front of the palace, as I felt Julian do the same. I felt that buzzed-like feeling as the air swirled around us. I felt my hair whip around my face as the magical wind lifted both of us up. I would never get used to this feeling of floating in the air as we opened the gate between the living world and my mom’s world.

It felt like a long time before I felt the ground beneath my feet again. I opened my eyes and surveyed the world around me. I looked at Julian and he held the same look of wonder that I had last night. It was kind of cute. “Damn right our mate looks cute.” Nexus said in her annoyingly seductive voice. I swear she is hornier than me.

I looked at Julian while he was still trying to process that we were in my mom’s wolf kingdom, a kingdom I am destined to rule one day. When my mom feels that I am ready. I know I have a long way to go before I am even ready to lead a kingdom. Hell, I still don’t feel ready to be luna of my pack yet here I am A luna Tried and true. I nudged Julian with my elbow to get his attention.

“Let’s go my mom and dad are waiting for us,” I said as I grabbed his hand and began guiding him down the long stretch of a pathway leading to the palace. It felt like we were walking for half an hour before I started seeing the beautiful white masterpiece. It will never get old seeing it as this is where I came from and this is where I will be living when my mom brings me home.

“wow, it is bigger than the packhouse.” Julian marveled as we made our way to the front part of the white giant.

“Yeah, but when you are the Queen of wolf kingdom you need a big place. She rules over a trillion wolves but there are packs everywhere around the woods we just came out of. There are no rogues here too, everyone has a place.“I explained as his eyes widened in surprise. It wasn’t common knowledge that there weren’t any rogues in the wolf kingdom it was a secret and it needed to remain a secret to keep this place peaceful.

“you need to keep the knowledge secret because telling others could disrupt the peace they have here.“I aside as Julian nodded his head.

We walked up the driveway and I was happy to see my mom and her workers greeting me with smiles on their faces. To my mom’s left stood a man who had the same nose and mouth as me. He must be my father, a look of recognition crossed his face as my mom and he walked forward to meet us in the middle.

My mom scooped me into a warm hug while the man held tears in his eyes. He looked like me in the eyebrows as well. His hair texture looked like it matched mine. He wore a black button-up shirt and white khakis with a black leather belt and black shoes. His light brown hair was smoothed back and his face looked like he had just shaved it today. He looked like he was contemplating if he should hug me or not.

“If you want to want to hug me I give you permission. I know who you are.“I said in a tone so blunt that it even surprised me. I had never spoken like that before but I was glad that I sounded confident. He started to take the steps towards me and it only seemed natural to close the space between us.

“My baby girl how you have grown so much. you look like a perfect mix of your mother and me.” He said while wrapping his arms around me and at that moment something in me clicked into place. This man was absolutely my kin as I got the same feeling from Salene as I got from him, Love.

Once we let go of each other my mom decided to speak up.“you guys must be tired from the long walk up the driveway come on in.” She said in her motherly tone as the atmosphere around us shifted into that of a calm and chill one. I guess this was the power of the moon goddess at its finest. What I didn’t know was that this visit would reveal a lot of information that would be crucial to the up-and-coming war.

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