The Rejected One

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A Magical Experience In The Woods

Neveah’s POV

Once I made it to the woods I was finally able to shift My wolf beckoning me to my wild nature. She was just as pissed as I was about what was said in that room. How dare they try and downplay what they subjected me and my other siblings to. I swear if my younger sibling went through what I went through I would never forgive those people.

Julian tried to keep up with me but with my anger, fueling my running stride he was lagging behind me. Thinking about what they said I got to thinking about my siblings and the girl who shares the same face as me. I couldn’t help but wonder, did they go through the same abuse I went through? Did they live a happy life?

Those questions alone propelled my wolf forward as my pace quickened. My next thoughts were the most intrusive and disheartening, to say the least. Why would My twin sister want to hurt me? I had never even met her to even deserve such hatred. I knew I needed to try to get through to her because she and I shared a face and I knew she could do a lot of damage to me with it.

My fast strides were halted when I reached a meadow right in the middle of the woods. It was so exquisite as it was filled with dusty roses, sunflowers, and daisies. I grass was a lush green that set the field ablaze in a brilliant green light. There was also a huge tree in the middle and its branches spread out making it look like a mushroom.

The sun beamed down in the middle of the field casting a small shadow around the tree. seemed to admit a green glow around it the immediately drew me in. My wolf and I wanted to investigate while I had some hesitations about it. Nexus won the battle as she trotted towards the tree the started to bring a warm glow to my heart.

Nexus started to stiff the tree as if she was worried it might hurt us. Once she decided that it was safe she curled up next to the tree as I shifted back to me. Standing there bare naked I slowly pressed my hand against the tree as the world stopped around me.I felt this radiant power flood through me sending my nerves into overdrive.

The vellus hairs on my arms stood up like a pissed cat while my body started to glow the same green glow as the tree. I was then flooded with visions of war, famine, and strife as I saw Julian’s wolf and many others whom I did not know. They looked to be fighting millions of rogues and are in the process of losing.

There is fire everywhere as most of Julian’s wolves are covered in dirt and debris. It looks like all hope is lost as I see Julian gets impaled by a silver-made spear, then a bright flash appears from around the battlefield. A rainbow light Surrounds the whole battle scene as seven figures stand on the outskirts of the war zone.

My figure was the easiest to distinguish out of all seven of us the second one being Hazel and the Third being Isabella Julian’s sister. I didn’t recognize the other four people but I knew they were trying to help. In another flash of light, the rogues were killed and the spear lodged in Julian’s chest gone. I was worried about Julian when the vision started to disappear as if it never happened.

My attention was brought back by Julian shaking me as I now found myself laying on the ground not naked anymore. I was now in a floor-length green over-the-shoulder dress that lightly hugged my curves. The satin material felt soft against my skin and it was very comfortable. The dress had a slit in it and I was now wearing greek sandals that were also green.

" Are you all right love? You wouldn’t wake up and when I tried to move you but I was thrown back as soon as I tried to approach the tree.” He said with a panicked look on his face mixed with relief as he gently sat me upright.

I was feeling a little dizzy from the acid flash of what I can only say was most definitely a vision of the future. I Could tell that I only got one side of the vision but that there were going to be more But I needed to find out who those other women were. I knew I would have to do my homework and try and track down the other woman.

“Yeah I think I am a little dizzy but I’m fine. I had this strange vision when I touched the tree and I don’t know what it all means, but I know that it is about the war coming up.” I said scrunching my eyebrows in confusion. I was still trying to make sense of what I had just seen. I was going to have to ask my mom about that though I am sure I will get some vague ass answer and more riddles about it.

“I am going to shift so you can ride on my back I don’t want you running while you are dizzy you could get hurt,” Julian said with a slight hint of Jasper in his voice. I guess they both shared that sentiment about mine and Nexus’s safety and health.

“Okay,” My wolf and I said, my eyes still seeing double as I staggered to my feet. Julian shifted as he lowered himself to the ground so I could easily climb onto his back.

Once I was safely on their back they took off into the woods towards the castle where my parents were sure to be waiting for us. I held on tightly as Julian and jasper tried real hard not to run through branchy wooded areas. The way he ran was so precise and perfect that I was in awe of it.

I hugged him more tightly as we made it out of the woods and he ran across the giant field that leads to the west end of the castle. this is where my mom told us to come back to as this is where most of the staff and castle residence changed after shifting.

The door opened as Julian slowed down and came to a stop, once again lowering himself as he allowed me to carefully climb off.​ “Our mate is so caring girl if you don’t jump his bone soon I won’t be able to contain myself,”​ My wolf said in her most horny voice. One of the rules of the wolf was that our wolves were not allowed to have sex without the human’s consent. She was always so patient and willing to let me go about the mate bond at my own pace and for that, I was so grateful.

“It’s not like I haven’t thought about going all the way with him, I have I just don’t know how and I get so nervous,” I told her while I carefully landed my foot on the marble floor. I noticed that there were a pair of clothing for Julian and me to wear but because of the dress from the tree, I didn’t really need it.

​“What do you think that vision was about? I have a feeling we will meet the other girls from that vision sometime in the future.”​ My wolf’s warning chimed in my head as Julian now shifted back started to change into the set of clothes set out for him.

Once he was done he took my hand as we walked towards one of the ten living rooms here in the castle where my mom was bound to be. I started to feel even more lightheaded as my head started swirling and I started to lose my balance. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open as I feel my hand slip from Julian as I started inching fast towards the floor.

I waiting for the impact that was inevitable but was shocked when nothing came. Julian had caught me but now had worry in his eyes. I started to see black spots in my vision while I fought hard to stay awake. My efforts were useless as the last thing I heard was ” No no no no baby, Stay with me” As everything went black.

Julian’s POV

I was panic-stricken as I yelled for the moon goddess, my future mother-in-law, and was greeted by her in the third living room in the castle. I was in an absolute panic when she came up and put her hand on my mate’s head. She seemed to be assessing what was wrong and when she seem to find it she drew her hand back. I didn’t really understand what was going on and I was too busy worrying about my mate.

“What wrong with her?” I asked feeling a deep feeling of dread pass through me as I looked at my mate’s pale figure in my arms.

“I need you to set her on the couch quickly we must not waste time,” She said as I complied with her demand. I knew if anyone could help Neveah, it would be her own mother.

“Tell me when she was on her run what did she encounter?” Selene asked with urgency in her voice. I knew she needed as much information as I could give her so she could save my mate.

“We were running in the woods and I guess she was so angry that she was able to run ahead of me. She ran so far ahead of me and when I caught up to her she was in a clearing in the woods.” I said with the same amount of urgency in my voice.

“did this clearing happen to have a huge tree in the middle of it?” She asked with a much gentler tone that seemed to calm the room.

“Yes,” I replied and continued. ” When I got there her eyes were glowing green and she was lying on the floor like she was dead. I tried to get to her to wake her up but was pushed back by some unknown force.” I said as a look of relief floods Selene’s face.

“She will be fine. She is just going through the Flower Trial, but she wasn’t supposed to go through this until she was much older. Poor girl this is going to be hard on her. The only thing you can do is be by her side while she takes the test.” She said as my face paled at what she had just said.

“What is The Flower Trial?” I asked but I was not prepared for the answer I was about to receive and it made me worried about my mate and what she is being subjected to. I held my mate’s hand as her eyes opened and a swirl of rainbows flashed in her eyes as she closed them again. This was going to be a long night for her and very stressful for me.

“We need to be strong for her so she can be strong for us. We owe it to her to always be supportive after everything we have done. You hear me?”​ My wolf yelled in my head. He was just as scared as I was for Neveah and Nexus so I know he was coming from a place of care, but also a place of guilt.

I began lightly stroking the soft skin of my mats scared-up hand from her childhood. I could feel a pocket of rage at that but I too was at fault for how she was treated in the pack. I will stick by my promise to always take care of her and never take her for granted ever.

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