The Rejected One

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Neveah's Flower Trial

Julian’s POV

I felt the minutes pass by as I waited on my mate’s mom to explain what the flower trial was. My wolf was starting to get restless while Selene took her sweet-ass time thinking of a way to explain it to me. She looked into my eyes as it looked like she was going to talk.

" The best way I can explain this is by not showing you or telling you. When Neveah wakes up she can explain. It is very hard to tell you what it is because I have forgotten what the process is like. I do however know that Neveah wasn’t supposed to go through this till she was one hundred years old.” She said as she brought her hand to my beautiful mats had and brushed a section of hair out of her face.

“You do need to know that if/when she wakes up she will be a different person,” Selene said as my wolf growled in frustration. He was annoyed by how cryptic Selene was being but I could understand She probably took her flower trial millennia ago

“why would she be different after this?” I asked as Jasper was starting to get annoyed and so was I. We both wanted to know what a flower trial was and what our mate was going through.

I looked down at my beautiful mate who sunkissed skin was looking a little pale right now. her chestnut hair lay graciously over her shoulders making her look like a porcelain doll. I took my makes hand in mine and held it close to me as I inhaled her scent which now had a slight scent of rose to it. What was happening to her?

Neveah’s POV

I slowly came too as I now found myself in my old bedroom I looked around remembering every crack and crevice of every floorboard. I looked down at my tiny hands as I now realized that I was in my old house. My clothing was now replaced with the dirty rags that I was forced to wear for years.

I looked up at my arms to find fresh cuts on them and the familiar burning sensation that I always got after my beatings. suddenly the door burst open and my Sperm donor walks in with the silver studded belt he used to use on me when he got drunk on Kilger.

He walks up to me with pure rage in his eyes as he grabs me by my arms and proceeds to slam me to the floor while he ties my arms up with ropes laced in wolfsbane. The burning was like someone stuck a white-hot iron on my arms and wouldn’t take it off. I now realized that I needed to fight back but just how would I do that.

At that moment an idea came to me, With all my focus I used my strength in my arms and tugged real hard causing the ropes to snap. I used the palm of my hand and trusted it upwards in his face causing his nose to break. I then trusted my knee up and bashed it into his scrotum as he laded on the floor in pain.

“you little bitch When I get you you will be sorry you ever came into my life.” He screamed as blood started pouring on the floor.

“No, you won’t. You Will never hurt me ever again, not while I have a say in it.” I screamed in my baby voice. I turned my heel and I ran out the door not bothering to look back.

My sperm donor was screaming as he got up and made a run for the door but I closed it and locked it before he had the chance to get out. You see my door was replaced with a silver steel door when I shifted at seven so if I tried to escape I would hurt myself in the attempt. The inside of the door was silver but the outside looked like a completely normal door, besides the twelve locks meant to keep me in.

I made a run for the stairs but was greeted by my Birth giver who had an even more deranged look on her face Like she couldn’t believe I outsmarted her mate. She tried to grab my arms which were surprisingly healed but I ducked and run towards the wall.

“Get back here you pathetic little bitch. Refuse and your punishment will be twenty times worse.” She yelled while I was in the process of dodging her attempts to grab me.

“No, You Have made my life a living hell for years and you will no longer get away with your actions,” I screamed. I by back hit the wall and gave me another great idea.

I used the wall as a springboard that propelled me into my birth giver who was now standing at the top of the stairs. I ran at her full speed not giving her time to react and we both went tumbling down the stairs. I landed on her like a pillow as blood started pooling on the floor. At first, I thought it was me but then I notice that the bitch had a gash in the back of her head.

This was starting to play out like a video game and I had beaten to bosses. I spotted the front door and made a run for it.I turned the knob of the door and once it opened I dashed out as a flash of white light enveloped the scene around me.

The scenery around me changed as I noticed that I was in the clothing I found myself in after touching the tree. I saw my body laying on a day bed while Julian was holding my hand. He looked at me with so much love but oh so much worry as I see my mother and father look at me with encouragement.

“When do you think she will wake up?” My mate asks with the most broken tone in his voice that it broke my heart.

“I don’t know dear. She has to pass this test all on her own as I am not allowed to help her in any way shape or form. But do know that she is stronger than you or I know. She will pass this flower trial and she will be in your arms in no time Julian.” My mother said in a way that I am sure she was trying to be reassuring. I guess I passed test number one. I had faced my demons back there with sperm donor and birth giver. What was this part though? Maybe this was a part of the test but what do I do?

I walked over to my make and set my hand on his shoulder while the other rubbed his soft hair. He seems to register what I was doing because he had this look in his eyes. He looked around like he was looking for a ghost but I was very much alive.

“I think my mate touched me .” Julian piped up as I let my hand glide down his shoulder and over his smooth- muscular forearm. With every rub sending sparks shooting up my arm.

“I am being serious I feel my mate touching me.” Julian continued while my mom and did have hopeful looks on their faces.

“That means she passed the first test. Though I wonder what it was I and glad she is progressing. She is now in the second stage which means there is one last stage to go but it won’t be easy.” She said but didn’t continue. I guess I really am on my own.

I looked at my mother and father and then I looked at Julian who held nothing but love in his eyes and hope in his heart. I think I know what happens net and in my heart, I know that he will never leave me again. He has been working every day to be the best mate he can be and I now know my mother and father did what they had to do to follow the greek rules.

It’s not their fault that the people they left me with turned out to be abusive psychopaths. They had no way of knowing what they would be doing to me as they were busy with wolf country. They really didn’t have the tools nor the permission to raise kids in their home.

“I forgive you Julian for rejecting me all those months ago and I will fight to get back to you. Mom dad I forgive you for giving me up and for everything after that. You probably would have gotten into a lot of trouble by Zeus had you kept any of us..” I said taking in everything I had just said allowing myself to feel the sincerity of my words.

“I am going to find my way back to you and when I do I will see you on the other side,” I said as a light erupted behind the next door I needed to go through. I almost didn’t want to go through that door though because I wanted to be in my mate’s arms. But I know now that the only way to do this is by finishing what has been started.

“Baby girl go through that door and finish it you are strong and I know you can do this. Come back to me, baby.” Julian said while the others shifted in agreement.

I slowly started walking toward the door and opened it and walked through as the same flash of light surrounded me and the scenery changed yet again. and suddenly I am sitting on a throne with the same six figures who aided me in the battle in the first vision.

There was a fairy, a vampire, Isabella, Hazel, And two other girls but I was unsure of what powers they had one gave off a divine aura while the other gave off mythical energy. The thrones were made of gold and we all ozzed power and responsibility. Was this the future? I thought to myself as I pondered what this could mean.

“We have to start now or we won’t win the battle are you sure you can do this Neveah?” The Vampire asked me as I nodded my head. I don’t know why I nodded my head but It seemed to be the answer they were looking for. We got into a huge circle and Hazle started chanting some weird incantation.

I felt a dull ache in my chest as a flash of images no wait flowers flashed in from of my eyes The one flower I recognized was that of a dusty rose. I reached my hand out and instantly felt a bond to this rose. In that same moment, a flash of Rainbow holographic light shot up into the sky and around the battlefield. I felt my energy waning as my own life force was draining.

“hold on Veah you can do this think of him and your baby girl,” Isabella yelled As this newfound need filled my whole being. I guess I have a daughter in the future but Why would I need to do anything for him.

“I’m trying I really am But I miss him so much and it kills me,” I yelled as I started to use that pain and agony to fuel my fire and my thirst for justice.

Then it hit me while we were transported to the battlefield, Where I saw Callen Abby and the rest with a lot of people I recognized really well including two of my brothers. Why wasn’t Julian here with them? I question as a new reality came to light and a lot of things started to make sense.

Julian was dead that’s what he wasn’t here fighting. That’s what the first vision was trying to warn me about. That I would be finishing this war without him by my side. Even when I needed him the most he won’t be there. But another thing I came to terms with is that life has a reason for things so maybe this part of my journey would be a solo mission.

“I understand why this needs to happen. I understand that this war will end without my mate by my side and I accept my responsibilities going forward.” I said as the same fash of light surrounded me as I jolted awake from my tree-induced slumber as the magic buzzed around in my body for a few seconds and sizzled out into nothing.

I felt Julian’s arms snake around me and hold me tightly while my whole body was shaking. I welcomed Julian’s embrace as he tried to calm me down and the mate bond helped me a lot. “I got you baby. Your all right.” He said as tears started forming in my eyes. I thought about the vision that the tree showed me and realized that I didn’t remember what had happened like the vision never happened. What the hell is going on?

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