The Rejected One

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A/N Hey guys I am back for another chapter I am so sorry it took so long But I am feeling my creativity flowing so I wanted to give you guys a chapter. I don’t think I said where the pack is located but it is located in North Carolina. I have a random name generator wheel helping me place the packs. LOL. One will be located in My home state of Maine. I hope you enjoy this little chapter as my birthday gift to you.

Neveah’s POV

We had been in the Wolf realm for a week now and I have gotten to know my father a little bit. I was surprised at how much we had in common. He told me about how he had this dark side to him and that darkness resided in my twin sister. He knew that one of us would inherit his darkness but he never wanted any of us to have to deal with it.

My father told me about my mom’s innermost light and he told me that I had inherited it from her. He told me that when he met my mother he started to feel his darkness subside as the voices in his head would calm down. He said that my mother gave him a reason to be a better god and a better person. I was shocked to find out that he used to be the most ruthless god who killed for no reason. It must have been a relief when the voices in his head died down.

Julian has been spending time with his brother trying to get as much time as he could with him before we had to go back to the land of the living. Hayden was such a jokester while his Mate was so serious. They were complete opposites of each other but they somehow balanced each other out.

I got to spend some time with her and she was such a kind soul. It’s just so sad they never got to meet in the land of the living. The girls back home would have loved her. We would have been such a great friend group. Makenna would have loved styling her while Julian’s sister would have had a ball racing her in their wolf forms.

My Mother and I have been working on our relationship as I Fell like in order to fully trust her I need to have an open mind. She told me that she would be calling on me once a week to do some special training she also told me that there would be others who would be training with me eventually. She said she couldn’t tell me their names but that they were all special beings like me.

“Do I really need to be trained a special way, mom?” I asked stress climbing up to my chest. I really didn’t want to do any more physical training than I already did in the land of the living.

“It’s not physical training darling. When your powers come in you will need to learn how to adjust to them because they will be hard to control at first.” My mother explained with a very grim face making me realize that she was being one-hundred percent honest and serious with me. I also knew that there was no getting out of this.

“Fine but I don’t know what my training has to do with other people. Why do I need to train with other people mom?” I asked because it made no scenes to be trained with my soon-to-be powers in the presence of other people.

“Because they will be important to ending the war coming up and they are all just as unique as you are dear. Please try and be more accepting of the things to come. This war will affect the supernatural world as a whole with you at the center and I am just trying to prepare you for it.” My mom said with a slightly panicked look on her face.

When I heard that the whole supernatural world was at stake I knew this was bigger than me. I now have a reason to get stronger. I needed to have enough strength to protect my friends and family and my pack. I just hoped that my powers were going to be strong enough to stop the war in the end.

Just when my last thought was finished Julian walked through the door along with my father. Julian in all his glory walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me while I leaned back into his touch. The longer I was around him the more I felt our bond grow. I was not that scared little girl that I was five months ago. I had started to grow out of that as I settled into my luna role.

“You all right baby? I could feel your uneasiness through the bond so I told your father I needed to get to you.” Julian asked while rubbing circles up and down my arms instantly relaxing me.

“Yeah, My mom just told me that once I get my powers I will need to come and train with her once a week to learn how to control them. she also told me that I would be training with other people as well.” I said leaning more into my mate’s touch as shivers ran up my spine and were replaced with sparks.

I had started to enjoy the feelings I got whenever he touched me. I knew that eventually, I wanted to complete to mate bond and be one with him. I just didn’t know when and if he wanted to. I mean we had done sexual stuff already but he knew that I wasn’t ready to actually do it. I wanted to wait for the right moment when we were alone.

I think Julan wanted to make my first time special as he knew I am a virgin. My mother and I talked about how the Mating processes would be like. some of the power I will have will go to him as well and it would strengthen the pack. I would do anything to keep the pack safe from any harm including the potential war with the people who I called “my parents” even though I knew now that I was never their’s.

“did you enjoy seeing Hayden for the last time before we head back to the land of the living?” I questioned as my mate rested his chin on top of my head. I think he was smelling my scent to help calm his wolf.

“Yeah, I just don’t know how I am going to go on without him. that pack will never be the same without him you know?” He asked as his hold on me got a little bit more snugged. I knew it was going to be hard for him to leave this place. I mean it’s his brother and they were very close.

“you know you can visit all the time but we have a pack that needs their Alpha and Luna and I have to work on tracking my imposter parents so we can bring justice to Hayden,” I said feeling my mother and father’s approval wafting into my energy field. I was going to do right by my mate and by my pack who had been wronged by them.

“Then we need to get packed and ready to go,” Julain said with an eager stride as he started stocking towards the door.

“Everything is packed Skittles. we just need to teleport out.” I said halting his steps. I knew he too wanted justice for what they had done to his brother. A boy who had nothing my good in his heart was struck down by a cruel twist of fate.

We grabbed our bags and I hugged my parents goodbye, my father clearly trying hard not to cry. buy was he a softy at heart I knew I got that from him. My mother held a look of pride on her face as Julian took my hand as we prepared to make the jump. We got our rings ready as we brought our hands together and focused on the place we wanted to go.

I felt a similar floating feeling around me and the gust of air as the world around us shifted. I then felt the ground beneath us as we landed right in front of the Webster mansion. I felt this dull ache in my chest as I was already missing my parents. Julian took my hand as he guided me inside like the prince I always knew he was.

Once we were inside Luna Abby was the first to greet me with a hug. She had become a mother figure to me as well. She really did work hard to help me get out of my state of constant fear. She and the other higher-ups were always there if I woke up from a nightmare. The people in the pack were starting to gain my forgiveness and the respect I should have gotten from the start.

They all felt bad about how they treated me. They all received punishment for my treatment ordered by Julian’s father. since everyone was guilty they all had to pay the price. Julian paid by having to go five months without me knowing that it would be absolute hell without me. Julian’s father was a fucking genius for that one.

“I am so glad you guys are home. We will be having a bonfire to celebrate tonight. After that, you and I need to have and discussion tomorrow Veah.” Abby said with a smile on her face. I wondered what she wanted and what she needed to talk to me. I guess I would find out later. Julian took my hand like he always did and lead us into the house. I was home.

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