The Rejected One

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Burdened By The Truth

Julain’s POV

I almost ripped her brothers said when they said. I mean how could you say something like that to your sister But I knew that I wasn’t any better. Then to my left, I heard her brother Joey utter a “Fuck this” and walk out the door. I know I should have been angry and what he said but knowing joey for as long as I have he was just letting his pride get in the way. The Camikeal’s and The Webster’s have been allies for generations but I didn’t know that they were capable of is abuse when I can their children.

When I found Neveah I saw shocked at how light she was. I was afraid I might break her because of how fragile her bones were. Once I reached the pack Hospital The doctors told me that she was lucky to even be alive in her condition. she was so malnourished that you could see her ribs, not you can’t still see them now. Her face was so hollow and sunken in and it killed me inside.

I guess I feel awful about not knowing how bad the abuse was. I thought that it was just a bad case of neglect but it was far worse. I didn’t know that she lived in constant fear of when she would eat next. I didn’t know that her family beat her every day. I felt my heart drop as a sickening feeling started in my stomach. She had been going through all of that and all she ever wanted was someone to save her from it. She was hoping that I would save her from her tragic life.

Knowing that made me want to cry and I instantly wanted to hold her and beg for forgiveness. I had failed her as her mate but even more so as her future alpha. It also didn’t help then I had contributed to her mistreatment in the pack. That is what must have broken me as I felt hot tears run down my face. I must have been sobbing because everyone in the room stopped talking and looked at me.

“I’m sorry. I’m a shit mate. I’m sorry. I’m a shit mate I’m sorry you didn’t deserve all the pain you went through. If you give me a chance you will never have to go through that ever again. I’m so so so so so sorry.” I said over and over again. At this point, I was so hysterical that I had to walk out of the room to recollect myself I only had one thought,” I need to earn my mate back and I need her to know that I will love and care for her that way I was supposed to do in the first place.”

“It’s about time you woke the fuck up. where have you been while our mate was going through all of this? you know what never mind just get her back.” my wolf Jasper said jumping with joy at the thought of having our mate back.


I ran home where my mom and Mrs. Carmikeal were in the living room talking. Seeing her made my blood boil and I soon found myself approaching her with cartoon steam coming out of my ears. ” what is this abusive piece is shit doing here mom?” I asked as my mom gave me a look of shock and anger.

“that is no way to talk to our guest you need to calm down.” my mother said as she scolded me.

" do you know what she did to my mate for years? what her whole family did to her?” I questioned with absolute loathing in my tone.

“I will tell you what they did. they beat her, starved her, tortured her, and neglected her for ten years and all we ever did was hurt her more. her mother and father should be killed for what they did to their own daughter.” I said, and tears for the third time today started running down my face.

What I said must have registered to my mom as she looked at her best friend for years with absolute disgust.” is what my son just said true? did you really do such unspeakable things to your daughter? could you really be such an awful person?” my mother questions the bitch. just as my mom asked her all of those questions Mr. Carmikeal and my dad walked in the room because they must have heard all the commotion from upstairs where my dad’s office is.

“Apparently our friends are not who they appear to be.” my mom exclaimed to my dad as they looked at Mr. and Mrs. Carmikeal

“what are you talking about?” Mr. Carmikeal asks feigning innocence as if he didn’t know what my mom was talking about.

“it appears that Mr. and Mrs. Charmikeal have been abusing their daughter for ten years right under our noses and we have apparently done nothing to stop it. oh and our son is Neveah’s mate. I already knew that one.” she exclaimed to my dad.

My father held a look of denial as he looked at his life long friend and asked if what my mom had said was true. both of the Carmikeal’s faces turned pale white as they both thought of a lie to tell us. ” What were we supposed to do huh? when the moon goddess came to us in our dreams and told us that our weak whore of a daughter was going to be the most powerful wolf in existence we had to do something to weaken her wolf. WE DID IT FOR YOU.” they admitted with no shame in their tone. It made me sick that they could just stand there and say such cruel things about their daughter. But another thing started to make sense about something her brothers said at the hospital. then my anger spiked to a maximum.

I was struggling to hold my wolf back as Jasper wanted blood for all of his mate’s blood that was spilled during her ten years of abuse. I made a promise to him he could eventually hat it but not right now.

My mom let out a shocked gasp and then looked at the Carmikeal’s with complete anger. “What did the moon goddess say? What could have been so bad that you broke that poor innocent girl who is currently laying in that hospital bed? why would you go to such lengths to hurt your daughter that she is so scared of her own shadow? Why?” My mom questioned I don’t think anyone was ready for the answer we had received from both of them.

" Well if you must know the moon goddess came to us in our dreams nine months before Neveah was born, and told us that she was going to be the most powerful wolf to have ever exist. We didn’t want to tell you because we thought we could handle the problem without you knowing. plus we never wanted a daughter because girls are too weak and they can’t carry on the family line. moreover, she is a pathetic little wolf who has no future. We did it for you. You should be praising us for what we did. she could overthrow us all. We saved the pack.” Mrs. Carmikeal confessed with a proud look on her face.

The fact that they both took pride in tormenting my mate the way they did. then another feeling dawned in my stomach. I let it happen. I let the whole pack hurt her. I could have put a stop to everything at school in the hall when I found out we were mates. I could have done a thousand better things a bully a tortured innocent girl. It was at that point that I realized that I needed to be a better person so I could become the best alpha I needed to be.

My dad looked absolutely pissed and my mom was in tears as everything was confessed to them shamelessly. My dad did something the would eventually bring about a series of unfortunate events be we just didn’t know it yet. “For your crimes against your own blood and a slight against the future alpha and his future luna you are now under arrest and will be awaiting execution,” he said as eight pack warriors entered the living room. He must have linked them while they confessed to the wrongdoings.

I just hope that their deaths are long and dragged out but no amount of pain and suffering would ever make up for the hurt they made Neveah feel for ten years. As the Carmikeal’s were dragged out kicking and screaming I came to another conclusion. I was going to get my mate back and I knew just how I was going to do so. I was going to make it her decision if she wanted to carry out the punishment of her parents. I was quick to ask my father if it was okay to offer that to her and he wholeheartedly agreed. this is how I will make up for my sins against her for all those years.

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