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My work here is done, I am finished.

No longer Rhiannon, no longer Caedis, no longer anything. The girl in me died with the world, and only the monster remained, hungry for blood. But there is no one to take it from.

All that’s left are the ashes of the world, and me. I carve my story into the rubble, using sharp glass as knives on the marble. Adrian is gone, I am free. My veins no longer run ink-black, but now burn with the flame of the inferno. The writing is over, my story is complete. The world is in pieces, ready to be reborn, a phoenix rising from it’s ashes.

And so, I take my leave. Perhaps one day humans will learn from their mistakes, perhaps one day the world will be safe. The millennia it takes for the earth to rise again will give us time to evolve, to become better. Goodbye, sweet, cruel, world.

I am finished.

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