Lost In The Unkown

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If people are born to live, does that mean they're killed so they could die? Corruption, Manipulation, this is normal within our society. Which is why we've steeled our selves to survive no matter what. But what happens if everything you know suddenly disappears? If the world you've known vanishes? Thrown into a complete chaos, troubles follows wherever they go, coming into a completely different world where common knowledge is useless, how can they survive? Haku Yuta is caught in an inescapable predicament, together with his classmates, their ability to survive as a group is tested, to the point where minor mistakes can threaten their survival. "If it were only me" the thought always crossed Haku's mind, but what can he do? The life of his own, and others is in his hands.

Fantasy / Action
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Lost In the unknown, we’re at the bottom


“Does strength represent justice if powerlessness is a crime?!”

Those lines crumble with the many questions left unanswered about our world.

Even though it is not a certainty….

One thing is clear!

Power? Strength? Those are what is needed to survive.

In a world like this, the weak is preyed upon by those of a higher class, morality? Humane? Those don’t apply here.

Thinking back, all that ever happened in our modern society, with all the corruption and manipulation, it’s hard to believe this is all within the norm.

Struggles taught us to be wise, downfalls led us to be strong, and sinking our pride let us hone our blades.

It all led us to believe this was meant to happen.

Thanks to this so called law, we had been able to live a life free from harm or danger, quiet and peaceful, simple and bland.

Amidst to this rule, if you want to survive you can’t be alone, however for me, I chose solitude, that way, less involvement, the fewer risks I had to take.

At the very least, of course, it also came with setbacks. And those setbacks are what caused my sense of hope to waver.

That was until I found a place to be, the space that was given to me by my best friend Eiji, the closest person to me.

Being with him led me to open up to those in a similar situation to mine, a class that I could call “family”

After all, if I had people I could lean on, what could go wrong?

If we work together, what could possibly hinder us?

Or so I thought….

But even the greatest person on earth wouldn’t be prepared for this….

Nor any human for that that matter, it was simply impossible….

“Welcome to this new, unfamiliar world….”

“You pathetic bunch…..”

Before we knew it, the world we knew had gone to hell



The place we’ve belonged to all this time…

It didn’t exist anymore, moreover, this isn’t a dream you can wake up from.

A cruel reality with no escape.

No one can help us except ourselves, the teachers are gone, we’ve lost contact to earth, on top of all that we were isolated in a place we knew nothing about.

We kept thinking-


“Why does this keep happening to us….”

“What did we do wrong for it to end up like this…..”

“Why us of all people……”

Anger and hate eventually welled up inside us, condemning this world for its unjust treatment towards us.

We began to see the flaw of the world we live in, we only now noticed that it was too far from perfect.

Only then, that realization of dread hit us, this injustice had always been there, it’s just that we never noticed, more likely we never bothered to care because it never affected us that much, at-least.

The more we wondered, the less it became unclear, the sole reason for our lack of survival is not because of powerlessness, it is because we have been used to nothing more than peace.

The sudden change threw us off, there was nothing we could do in a situation we knew nothing about…

Because we weren’t prepared.

What’s worse, even after knowing all this, we still have no way of surviving this hell hole, because in this place….

In a world of “Survival Of The fittest” we didn’t have human rights to protect us, in this world reliant of strength…..

We, the weakest race with no gift for survival, are completely powerless; we had no other purpose except to be prey.

Deprived of our greatest asset for surviving, we were nothing more than naked apes completely exposed to danger.

We were at the bottom of the Food chain.

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