Grayson's Veil

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Chapter 25

The nun’s eyes darted between Grayson and the abomination, trying to decide which was the real monster.

Just before her confession, the abomination started spewing out vile, deformed babies. It was the next step to trying to appease its hunger. The sucklings skin was the color of ash and each one had needle-like teeth that were ready to tear into flesh. They crawled on their bellies unnaturally and hissed loudly.

The babies were not as picky as its birther, they will eat anything in their way, which was why Grayson was slaying most of them before hearing the horrid story the nun had yet to confess.

Phoebe already had several interactions with the children, which caused a few teeth marks to be present on her lower legs. She was now behind the nun, cradling the raven close to her chest.

Sister Jane frowned at the prostitute but was quickly brought back to the gruesome scene in front of her.

Grayson stabbed one and stomped on another baby while more of them started dragging themselves toward him. Black coagulated blood burst out from each stomp, coating Grayson’s pants and the grass underneath. The smell was insufferable.

A loud, inhumane growl erupted from Grayson’s throat.

He was angry, but there was hesitation in his killing. Something was holding him back from slaughtering every last one of the babies.

Even though his eyes were black, they held regret, sadness, and anger.

“Nobody wants to kill innocent children,” Phoebe said as she whispered to herself, but loud enough for Sister Jane to hear. “But the innocent can’t always be protected.” A small smile took over Phoebe’s face as she looked down at the raven, lightly stroking its beak.

The nun bit her lip, contemplating on what to do.

Finding her resolve, which she had not had in a long time, the nun yelled to Grayson, “Come into the church! We will be safe there!”

Grayson turned his head slightly at her words, his lips curled back in annoyance. The pause was only for a second before he decided it was necessary for a brief retreat.

Sheathing his sword, Grayson turned quickly and grabbed the women’s hands. He ran fast making the women’s bodies snap at the sudden movement, giving them the sense of whiplash.

They were in the church within a second, Grayson flinging them to the ground so he could shut the heavy church door.

With his weight holding the door, he stood still. The tension in his back brought out the muscles that have formed from years of training, making Phoebe quiver at the site. Straightening up, he turned and stalked towards the nun as she tried to regain her balance.

Sister Jane looked up at him, trying hard not to shake under his expressionless black eyes.

Feeling his need for an explanation, the nun spoke without thought. “Many years ago, this church flourished with people. It was one of the most prominent churches in the country. Royalty would come from miles away just to witness the sermon and the spiritual magic that this land held.” The nun looked down as the tears started, “It was wonderful.”

Taking a deep breath, she braced herself for more of the story. “One day the Priest and I were summoned to a castle in the mountains. The owners requested our aid, and they were willing to pay for travels, so we went. The moment we stepped inside that castle; we knew something was not right.” The nun’s eyes glazed over as she recalled the memory.

“The owners were normal people, born of higher status so they had a natural dominating aura around them. When we first stepped into the house they appeared friendly, then once they heard who we were, their expressions turned angry and hateful. They shoved us to a young priest and left us alone.”

Sister Jane chewed on her lip as she took a brief pause. She looked at Grayson, who was listening intently with his sight on the church door.

“The young priest was nervous; I could tell by his sweating and the way he played with his hands. Eventually, he led us to the church that was near the castle.”

Taking another deep breath, she continued. “Once we reached the church, the priest introduced us to the other nuns, but one in particular stood out. She was quite beautiful, yes, but she was also pregnant. Being a nun, sworn to a life of celibacy, this was a major sin. The other nuns had shunned her, and the older priest was abusive to her. But, even with those trials, she still seemed to shine bright and stand tall.

“When we were taken into a private office, the older priest demanded we take care of the situation. We were stunned. We thought they needed help with anything other than getting rid of an unborn child. We outright said no. But when he told us of the circumstances of the conception and how only the priest and I could take care of it due to our connection to this spiritual place, we ended up changing our minds.

“He told us she was seduced by a demon. Most likely brainwashed into having intercourse with him. So, in our views, we decided she most likely was not sound of mind and decided for her…

“She was not happy. She fought us, trying to protect the demon child. Eventually, we had to knock her out and strap her down on a table. I was mortified that the older priest went to those lengths to get the child out of her.”

The unshed tears glistened in her eyes as she focused on nothing. “The moment she was completely strapped to the table with her skirt lifted and legs spread, was the moment the world seemed to crack.

“The flames on the candles blew out and darkness covered all of us. I could not stop shaking, and it was not from the sudden darkness or the frozen wind that suddenly blew around us. There was a presence, like someone had come into the room and was hovering over all of us with anger and hatred.

“The candles lit again and showed us who had come. It was a demon. An extraordinarily strong demon.”

She paused, trying to recall something. “Its whole body and face were a gray blur, except for its black eyes and sharp teeth. Those were the only things I could properly see…. It was terrifying.”

The nun blinked, as if she was making sure she was not back in that same place. “The demon undid her straps and put a hand over her belly. Like it knew what we were planning on doing and wanted to make sure the baby was still alive. To make sure he was not too late.

“When he was completely satisfied, he turned back to all of us and snapped his fingers. Suddenly, my priest and I were back home with the demon still with us. He cursed us to always take care of the children that were never baptized, that were sent to Limbo when they died. He cursed us to deal with every woman that came to our church with an unbaptized child. He also cursed the monster that patrolled Limbo, that thing that you saw out there, to always be hungry for unbaptized children and to only come to our church to satisfy its hunger.

“After the demon was done cursing us, he left. Our church instantly became a place of refuge for pregnant woman, but soon the rumors came that we killed the mothers and babies. Too bad the rumors where true, completely destroying what we worked hard for. But we deserved it. We deserved our terrible curse that ruined us.”

Sister Jane looked up at Grayson, expecting him to have his sword ready to kill her. Instead, she found him still staring at the church door where it rumbled and shook from whatever was on the other side.

“What was the nun’s name?” He spoke, his voice lacking any type of emotion.

“What?” The nun’s eyes widened in surprise. ’Of all the questions to ask,’ she thought.

“What was the nun’s name?” Grayson slowly turned his black eyes on her, “I want a name.”

Sister Jane gulped but complied. “Sister Eliza.”

He remained stoic except for a small twitch at the corner of his mouth. It was subtle, but the nun caught it, making her uncomfortable. “Do you know a Sister Eliza?” she whispered.

Grayson turned back to the door slowly, “something like that,” was his only answer.

The nun sighed a bit before throwing back her shoulders and lifting her head up high.

“I want you and the prostitute to run out the back of the church and escape.” She took a step, then another. “This is something that needs to end. And it should end by me.”

Grayson did not protest.

“What are you going to do?” Phoebe asked timidly.

Sister Jane scolded Phoebe, her former personality coming back. “I said leave. I will take care of this abomination.” She made a cross with her body then began to utter prayers while walking to the thundering door.

Grayson grabbed Phoebe’s arm and started dragging her to the back. They disappeared through the doorway that led through the kitchen and into the stables.

The nun stopped in front of the door. She glanced over her shoulder to make sure they were gone, sighing when she saw no one. Closing her eyes, she silently reminisced about her time in the church, a small smile tugged at the corner of her lips as she remembered the better times.

Pushing open the door, the nun was greeted with many deformed, hungry babies. All of them snarling and drooling as they watched the nun approach them.

They were scattered on the stairs while the abomination was laying at the bottom, barely moving.

As hungry as they were, they did not attack.

She knew why and waited patiently with her hands clasped in front of her and her head held high.

“Sacrificing yourself for those sinners, nun?” A deep grumble of a voice spoke behind Sister Jane.

She shivered at the sudden chill the demon brought with him.

“I do not expect to get into heaven after the terrible things I have done. I just want to feel peace before I succumb to death.” The nun murmured.

The demon chuckled as his hand lightly wrapped around her neck, making her shiver again from how cold he was. He leaned over her shoulder close to her ear. “Look at those babies. They are so hungry. I think they’ve waited long enough for their main course.”

Before Sister Jane could respond, he shoved her forward so she tumbled down the stairs. The deformed babies were instantly on her, devouring her body while the sounds of flesh tearing filled the air. The nun barely had enough time to scream.

The demon watched as Sister Jane disappeared into their stomachs, only a splatter of blood on the stairs was left of her. Their heads turned toward him one by one as they gulped the last bit of her, waiting for the next command.

The demon snapped his fingers, sending the deformed babies and the abomination back to Limbo, where their true home was. They no longer were needed in this world.

Once the creatures were gone, the demon turned to face the church. He snapped his fingers again, causing the whole church to go up in flames, burning any lingering memories that were left behind.

Satisfied by the scene, the demon disappeared.

Far off in the distance, sitting on top of a cliff sat a wolf. He had a perfect view of the church as he watched two people exit the back of it and leave on their horses.

The wolf’s fur lifted with the winter wind, reminding the wolf that it was colder up near the mountains.

Putting his nose up in the air, he sniffed.

There was a scent of soap, blood, and sulfur lingering lightly from the escapees.

This made the wolf growl at the potential threat.

He lifted his head and howled as loud as he could. He was warning every wolf that there was a predator in the area and needed to be on alert.

After howling, the wolf stood on his feet and shook out his fur. He glanced one more time at the two escapees, before turning his tail to them.

It was time for him to go back to his master and report what was seen.

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