Grayson's Veil

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Chapter 26

Grayson’s ears perked at the sound of a wolf’s howl.

He was not sure why, but he felt threatened by the howl. His lips curled as he growled at the echo that seemed to blanket the entire area they were in.

It was starting to feel like a warning.

A warning for them and for other wolves.

Grayson decided to run his horse, they needed to put as much distance as they could from the source of the howl.

It had been a few days of strict traveling. Grayson, Phoebe, and Avice only stopped to sleep.

They went into town the first day since it was not far from the church to stock up on food and warm clothes. That was when they noticed the fire coming from the direction they just came.

Phoebe and Avice were concerned, voicing out opinions of trying to save the nun. Grayson objected without any room for negotiation. They tried to protest, but the intense glare of the ex-soldier sealed their lips. They knew their objective, and Grayson was already angry for the detours that had happened and most likely will continue to happen.

Grayson’s appearance did not change from the church. The few times his appearance did change, it only took an hour at the most for it to go back to normal. This time, his black eyes and sharp teeth stayed. When he was in deep thought, veins bulged around his eyes as the anger seem to rise inside him.

Avice could see he was changing into what he truly was, while Phoebe ignored the obvious changes and continued her innocent ways.

With his hood up, hiding his new look, Grayson leaned against the tree while the fire warmed his companions.

They were cold and exhausted.

Phoebe shuddered under her purple cloak, wrapping it tighter around her as she stared absentmindedly at the flames.

Avice sat on the other side of Phoebe, her back to the fire as she looked around the forest, trying to pinpoint their location and figure out which way to go.

While Avice was unconscious, Grayson made the decision to go towards the mountains, towards the mansion and church where the nun spoke of.

When asked why towards that specific place, Grayson grunted and murmured that it ‘was a gut feeling.’

Avice would eye him from time to time, trying to get inside his head and figure out what was going on in there. But just as she was just about to break through, he would strengthen his wall and glare back at her.

Watching her breath form in the cold air, Avice sighed. She felt like she was failing. She was supposed to protect Grayson. Help him find his way in this new world. Instead, she has been nothing but a burden, a pet.

Avice’s eyebrows furrowed at that thought.

Glancing sideways at Grayson, she decided to try one more time to get into his head. She knew she could easily find out what happened through Phoebe, but Avice felt like Grayson’s side had more to it.

Closing her eyes, she breathed in the cold air. As she exhaled, she focused her energy on Grayson’s mind.

He was currently vulnerable, trying to rest his body and mind before continuing the journey.

Avice knew she was using his vulnerability against him, but it was the only way to understand him.

“I am not as vulnerable as you think, Avice. I can feel your presence before you even try to push into my mind.” Grayson scowled from under the hood.

Avice turned to him and scowled back. “I am your familiar. I am supposed to help you.”

“There is no helping me...” He shrugged.

“What did the nun say?” Avice blurted out, finally fed up with Grayson’s attitude.

Grayson lifted an eyebrow at Avice’s tone. He studied her for a moment before deciding to somewhat indulge her curiosity.

“She talked about being cursed for trying to make my mother abort me.” Grayson took out his flask and sipped the cold whiskey. “Satisfied?”

Avice simply stared at him while Phoebe gasped loudly in shock, then tried to crawl over to Grayson to comfort him.

“Why would I be satisfied by that?” Avice paused as she let it sink into her mind. “Who cursed the nun and priest?”

Grayson leaned away from Phoebe’s attempt at a hug. He patted her head instead and motioned for her to sit back at her spot. Phoebe pouted as she moved away. Satisfied at the distance, Grayson lifted his flask again and drank before answering. “My father.”

Just as Avice opened her mouth, Grayson interrupted her. “I am not answering anymore questions. Just know that we are headed towards the castle in the mountains because I have a strong feeling that that will be the place where I find Eleanor.”

Her mouth clamped shut. Avice decided her other questions could wait since he answered one.

“It’s late,” Grayson pulled his hood further down to completely cover his face. “We will wake early tomorrow. We just need to cross the grass fields then we will be at the mountain.”

Grayson heard Avice and Phoebe murmur an agreement before they moved around the fire to get settled. Soon, the only sounds were of creatures and insects of the night.


Almost every damned dream.

Grayson sighed as he walked slowly towards the gruesome tree that always haunts his dreams.

Everything is the same.

Rotting corpses. The small boy. The smell and the non-existent wind. All the same.

Grayson’s demon was nowhere to be seen, but he knew he was a part of him now. He will never be alone again.

Stopping in front of the tree, Grayson reached out and put his hand on it. The bark scratched his hand as he felt an odd pulse underneath. It was deep, most likely at the core of the tree.

Furrowing his eyebrows in confusion, Grayson put his other hand on the tree. The pulsing increased its frequency, blurring his surroundings.

Just as fast as the pulsing came, it stopped.

Hesitating, Grayson took his hands off the tree.

“It is so beautiful, is it not?”

Grayson stiffened at the voice. It was beautiful, like silk caressing a woman’s soft naked skin.

Tilting his head slightly, he looked behind him.

There stood a beautiful woman, wearing nothing.

She took a step forward. Then another.

Grayson turned to face her. He noted how graceful her movements were.

‘Like a snake,’ he thought.

Her red hair swayed as she moved. Freckles decorated her milky white skin. Her eyes glittered like two emeralds.

She was more than beautiful, she was breathtaking.

Grayson could not think straight. This mysterious woman was filling his mind with sexual acts.

Him touching her thigh, tasting her perky breasts with his tongue, grasping her ass. He wanted nothing more than to lift her up and spear her with his dick.

“So handsome…” she purred.

Grayson did not notice she was in front of him until she spoke.

He snapped his attention back to her.

‘Where did she come from?’ he thought as she gently took his hand.

“Do you want me?” She asked as she put his hand on her breast.

The warmth that enveloped his hand was almost enough for him to act on his thoughts.

“Do you want to fuck me?” She asked again, putting her other hand on his growing bulge.

The woman licked her lips as she leaned forwards. Grayson heard her inhale, causing his eyes to droop at the sudden exhaustion that hit him.

“Mmmm… Oh so intoxicating!” She murmured.

She leaned in close to his lips, just barely touching them.

“Eleanor…” He whispered.

Grayson’s eyes snapped open and, without thinking, took the woman’s head in his hand and slammed her into the tree that he was sleeping against.

“Oh!” She yelled as her face collided with the rough bark. “Fuck!”

Grayson stood up and pointed his sword at the woman.

She was exactly the same from his dream. Nothing was different.

The woman grasped her face while turning to face him. She wore a smile on her face, which turned to her laughing pleasantly.

“Oh, how wonderful! How marvelous!” She yelled, clapping her hands. Her face showed light scratches from the bark, but quickly healed as she continued with her loud noise.

Which woke up Avice and Phoebe.

“What’s going on?” Phoebe asked as she rubbed her eyes and yawned loudly.

“I have never had someone wake up from their sex dream before!” The woman said as she came down from her laughing fit.

She inhaled a deep breath before setting her eyes on Grayson.

“You, my dear, have the best tasting energy I have ever had.” Her hands started trailing up her body. One hand grasped her breast, making her moan softly. Her finger started to circle her nipple while the other hand dipped between her legs, showing a glistening fluid clinging to her inner thighs.

Avice transformed into her raven form then flew to Grayson’s shoulder.

‘Do you know her?’ Avice asked, feeling the sexually charged air coming from the woman. It made her feathers stand on end.

‘No,’ Grayson thought, ’But she was in my dream, trying to seduce me.’

“What a pretty raven!” the woman spoke, letting out a gasp as she thrusted a finger inside herself. Her body quivered but she stood up slowly with the tip of the sword following her. “It’s such a nice form for a low-level demon.”

Avice croaked loudly, being offended by the comment.

“Leave my raven be,” Grayson grumbled. “Your fight is with me.”

“Fight?” The woman shook her head with a knowing smirk on her face, her hands dropping to her sides. “No, no, no. I do not want to fight. I want to devour you.”

Grayson’s eyes narrowed in confusion.

Taking the moment of distraction, the woman pushed the sword away and lunged at Grayson.

Avice flew away from the tackle when they collided. Grayson fell onto his back while the woman straddled his body. From the position, he was suddenly aware of how naked she was.

“Your energy is briming with such a unique taste! Pride mixed with- “she sniffed his body, leaning close enough to rub her tits against his chest, “sorrow.” Sticking out her tongue, the woman licked the side of Grayson’s face. Her eyes turned black, and her body shivered with pleasure.

Completely shocked from these actions, Grayson remained frozen on the ground. The only thing that snapped him out of his daze, was a boot that slammed into the woman’s face.

The hit caused the woman to fall off Grayson.

“Stay away from him!” Phoebe shouted, kneeling next to him, and wrapping her arms around his shoulders. Her hair covered most of her terrified face, making her look like an innocent child.

The woman hissed at Phoebe but kept her distance.

Grayson pushed Phoebe behind him as he stood up, taking his sword stance in case she attacked again.

“Who and what are you?” Grayson demanded.

The woman’s head tilted in amusement. A seductive smile took over face as she straightened her body, not caring that dirt and snow was covering her body.

“My name is Noel; I am a succubus… and incubus.” Her smile widened at their confusion, “Whatever you fancy… I become.”

And right before their eyes, Noel changed into a naked man.

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