Grayson's Veil

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Chapter 3

Eleanor woke with a start. Her heart hammered in her chest as she took in her surroundings. ’Oh. I’m home.’ Eleanor thought. Slowly sitting up, she realized something was covering her. ’That’s odd, I didn’t use the blanket since I had a fire going…’

Eleanor looked down and saw the black coat that she tossed across the room the night before was covering her. ’What the hell??’ She jumped up and stepped back, staring at the coat. Then, she looked around to see if anything was out of place, thinking that someone might have broken into their house.

Maybe Grayson put it on me. That would make sense.’ She thought as she stepped around the coat and walked to the bedroom. The door was still closed and she could hear the sounds of Grayson’s snores.

Eleanor started to tremble, suddenly frightened. ’Maybe I really did put it on myself. I have been getting sicker, maybe my mind is deteriorating too.’

She shook her head and decided to take a hot bath. Eleanor went and started the fire putting a large pot above it while going outside to fetch water from the pump. After several trips and hot water in her tub, and lilac petals strategically put in, Eleanor slowly lowered herself in. She breathed deep, taking in the lilac smelling steam, hoping the combination would sooth her nerves.

After several minutes of just breathing, Eleanor started to feel relaxed. She began to wash her hair and body as the door pushed open. Grayson walked in slowly, his head hung low as he mumbled incoherently.

“Good morning.” Eleanor said as she tilted her head to the side to rinse the bubbles out of her hair.

Grayson glanced at Eleanor, completely oblivious to her being there. “Mornin’,” He grumbled. The night before had taken a toll on him. His eyes looked sunken with dark circles underneath, his beard was unkempt and greasy looking, and his hair stood in all different directions.

Eleanor stared back at him, waiting for him to leave the room. Instead he dropped onto his knees by the tub and looked at the water.

“Grayson, are you ok?” Eleanor asked, putting a hand on his shoulder. Grayson blinked, pushed up his sleeves, scooped up the water with his hands and splashed it into his face. He did it two more times before looking over at Eleanor. She felt her heart rate pick up a little, watching the water drop from his face back into the tub. ’What is going on with him? Was it another dream?’

Before Eleanor could ask, Grayson slinked his hand under the water and grabbed her inner thigh.

Eleanor gasped. He took that opportunity to kiss her.

Just from that leg grab and kiss, Eleanor’s need for Grayson was ignited. She kissed him back, grabbing his arm and urging him to continue.

He complied. He slowly moved his hand to her folds, gently rubbing them until his finger went to her opening. Eleanor’s head fell back as she moaned. He started to tease the opening by tracing it, but never entering. Grayson continued kiss her skin, leaving a trail down her neck to her chest. With one hand occupied, he used the other to grab her breast. His thumb and fore finger pinched her hard nipple, causing another gasp to escape from Eleanor.

She dug her fingernails into his shoulders, unable to contain her excitement. “Grayson…” she moaned as he strategically rubbed her.

After hearing her moan his name, Grayson slipped a finger inside her. She instantly jerked against him.

Eleanor felt the warmth start build as he pumped his finger into her. As she was drawing close to her release, she bit into Grayson’s shoulder. With that, he pulled his finger out and grabbed her waist, lifting her out of the lukewarm water.

Grayson pushed her up to the wall and pulled down his pants. Eleanor was dripping wet with water and her own juices; the anticipation was making her want to assault him for taking too long. She needed him NOW!

Once Grayson was ready, he picked her up by the waist. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist and started to grind on him. He moaned. His cock started to throb against her soaked pussy that ached to be filled. Then, in one fell swoop, Grayson penetrated her.

Eleanor’s breath caught in her throat at the sudden intrusion. He began to pump into her slowly. He buried his face into her neck, trying to cover his rapid breathing. “Oh god, Ellie.” His hand moved down to her ass, grabbing the cheeks firmly so he could go deeper.

Their rhythm picked up. Beads of sweat rolled down their bodies as they moved together to meet one objective.

Eleanor clawed at Grayson’s back as the fire that built up finally released. “AH!” she screamed. Her legs tightened around him and her body jerked at the intensity of the orgasm. Grayson grunted as he released from her vaginal walls clenching.

Together, they panted and wrapped their arms around each other. Eleanor lifted her head lazily from Grayson’s shoulder to smile at him. Her smile dropped instantly.

“Grayson? Are you ok?” She asked. He looked green as he was trying to get his breathing under control. Suddenly, he dropped Eleanor onto the floor, picked up his pants and ran out of the bathroom.

Eleanor yelped when she hit the floor, slightly dizzy from the sudden movement. ‘What the hell was that?!’ she angrily thought. Her face reddened as she felt the mixture of cum and vaginal juice drip down her legs and onto the floor.

Just as she was about to stand up, she heard Grayson vomit loudly. It almost sounded painful. Eleanor cringed, knowing she was going to have to clean it up.

She sighed and decided to not delay the inevitable. Eleanor cleaned herself up, dressed herself in a black long-sleeved tattered dress with a black stay and a dirty white apron, put her hair into a low bun so her black scarf could wrap her head easily, rolled up her sleeves to her elbow and set off to clean the mess.

As she entered the living area, the scent of bile and whiskey invaded her nostrils. Eleanor fought the urge to gag at the smell, and instead nudge her husband who seemed to be passed out on the floor next to the putrid pile.

“Grayson! Wake up!” Eleanor yelled, nudging him harder.

Grayson groaned and looked up at Eleanor. “Ellie. Tell Gregory Mattis that I am ill today and cannot help with today’s work.” He rolled onto his knees, careful not to collide with the mess he made.

Eleanor rolled her eyes. “And why are you ill? Is it perhaps because you drank too much whiskey the night before?” She crossed her arms in front of her chest.

Grayson looked over at her, his eyes were consumed by dark green now. “You know, a real woman would be willing to lie with their husband at night and never question him.” He stood up slowly, his gaze slowly lowering as he towered over her.

Eleanor stood her ground. “And a real man would not drink himself nearly to death every night just because he saw some terrible things. He would put the past in the past and move forward!” Her arms straightened by her side with her hands balled into fists.

Grayson brought his face down to hers, his nose just inches away. She could smell the vomit on his breath, making her stomach lurch forward.

As he spoke, his eyes nearly turned black with anger. “You have no idea what I saw or did while I was at war. You have no right to speak of it.” His voice was just above a whisper.

Eleanor’s eyes teared up, but she would not let them drop. She tightened her fist to distract herself from the wave of emotions flowing through her. Anger, fear, sadness, and lust was all she felt as she stared into Grayson’s darkened eyes.

Then, he stepped around her and went to the bedroom, slamming the door shut to, once again, end their disagreement.

Eleanor shut her eyes tight, willing the tears to go away. As she started to relax, she realized she had accidently drawn blood in the palms of her hands from her fingernails. ‘How could I be so careless? I need to watch myself, who knows how long before Grayson beats me bloody.’

Grabbing a small basin, Eleanor filled it up with clean water from outside. She proceeded to clean her wounds, and the vomit. After she was done, she cleaned her hands one more time before wrapping both with a thin, white cloth.

Eleanor felt satisfied enough to leave the house to talk to Gregory Mattis. As she was about to leave, Eleanor’s attention was caught by the black jacket that was still crumpled up on the floor close to the kitchen wall. She hesitated, thinking about grabbing it and wrapping it around her to protect her from the cold breeze. She slowly moved forward, inching closer and closer to it. Then, at the last second, Eleanor changed direction and grabbed a black shawl that was hanging on the wall.

Without looking back, Eleanor walked out the door.

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