The mysteries of the void

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''what is this'' as Nova looks at the black staff he finds on the ground. Follow the story of Nova Wong, a yong boy who will explore the vast world and beyond.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Note: This is my first novel and English is my second language.Inadvance sorry for all mistakes I will make. The way of reading will be similar to a manhwa. By this, I mean every line someone says I will address separately. If someone actually has the ability or time to make a manhwa feel free to contact me (Finnober),but it is possible that I will change it later to a normal novel style. Thank you all in advance for reading it and I am open for positive feedback or input in the story. I don’t know when or how much I will write, because it is just a hobby I started recently. But let’s not wait and start the story! ps ″ means saying something and () means it is a taught of someone.

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