Blind Sky

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At 18 years old, Sky is already an elite assassin for the Australian government. After months of brutal slayings in her home town of Australia and her mother’s murder, Sky enlists with Logue agency, quickly becoming one of the agencies top recruits. But when the agency assigns Sky on a mission to locate Lars, one of Logue’s greatest pursuit, she faces her greatest challenge yet. On her quest to track Lars, she befriends Galen, a member of Division 19; a division separate from all other divisions in Australia and one bounded by secrecy. And those belonging to Division 19 protect their secrets. And though her past has taught her to trust no one, she will have to. As Sky embarks on her mission, she uncovers secrets about Galen, and Division 19, leaving her faced with the choice between disclosing information to the agency or protecting Galen whom she’s falling for, making this the biggest gamble of her life with no room to fail, or it could be her last.

Fantasy / Scifi
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I stood in front of the bathroom, my heart racing, facing the girl in the mirror with the memory of blood stained hands, whose last notable achievement was a High School Diploma until today.

I pulled my hair into a pony tail, wrapped a towel around my naked body, and I felt good, and couldn’t wait to do it again.

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