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Catalyst - The Journey Begins

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In a world where your worth is decided at birth. A young orphan boy must run to survive. As he tries to figure out why the state is chasing him.

Fantasy / Adventure
Tony Spellman
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It was a clear cold night. A small church sit’s in a town covered in snow. Just over in the corner, all alone and cut off from the others.

It had a walkway with a garden in its yard. And Just Inside a small group of children gathered around the fireplace. As a boy with short brown messy hair and about five years old. Comes running in and sit’s down joining the other kid’s.

A priest sit’s in a rocking chair in front of them. As he begins telling them a tale. He looks down at them and begins.

"This is a tale that’s been told for generations. A tale of the beginning days. Where only two beings existed in all the universe. Both of them equally powerful and equally intelligent. One a Being of Light and the other a Being of the Dark."

The old man continues.

"These two beings were like siblings in a way, at perfect balance with each other and they lived in perfect harmony for thousands of years.

Then one fateful day the being of light had for the first time ever in thousands of year’s. Felt truly alone and decided to gather most of it’s divine powers and use them to create something of it’s own.

And so the sun, human life, the earth and all the animals in the water and on the land. Took form and came into being.

The dark being saw the Light Beings creations and grew jealous. As it thought that this made the Light Being more powerful. So The Dark Being, being consumed by its jealously for the Being of Light. Thought if it made creations of it’s own. Greater then the Being of Light’s. It would be even more powerful.

So the Dark Being created the night, the moon, wind, fire and all manor of beasts of the night. And the balance seemed to return for Some time.

As time passed the Dark Being thought it had won. But man was cunning and a being created from the Light Being. Man had way’s to stay safe in the night. Stay sheltered from the wind and cold. Stay hidden from the beasts of the night. Man began to conquer all the Dark Beings creations.

It is said when man did this. That it made the Being of Dark so jealous. That the Dark Being took the last of it’s divine power to create Weapon’s and Tool’s.

Weapon’s and Tool’s that would corrupt man’s soul. And make man go mad. So man would eventually use them on itself. And destroy all that it had conquered. And it worked, for a time.

The young children all sat up with anticipation. Most having already heard the tale just sat half paying attention. Some of the older kids even snickering in the back. But the small brown hair boy was hanging on every word. As the priest continued.

War and chaos spread through out the world. The darkness ruled as night beasts destroyed towns and village’s. Destroying all in their path. Humans fought the beasts. And fought themselves.

Eventually the Being of Light, seeing what the dark being did. Went to the Dark Being to try and find a compromise. As the Being of Light loved it’s creations and didn’t want them to suffer anymore.

But the Dark Being refused. The Being of Light having no other choice. Summoned the last of it’s divine power. And granted man gift’s to help combat the dark beings plans.

And this Is said to be where magic comes from. However, It is also said. That the Being of Light granted man another great gift. A very special gift.

A giant black boulder. Three of them to be exact. Spread across the world. They were dark as night and weighing more than a mountain. Three mysterious boulder’s. That the great Light Being gave to man to help change the world. And to fight back against the Dark Being's jealousy and hatred for mankind and the Being of Light.

With these boulder’s mankind overnight turned the tide of the war. In one night all the Dark Beings Weapon’s and Tool’s. Were sealed away inside the boulders. Changing and shaping the world for generation’s to come. Now man could only use Weapon’s and Tool’s. That were directly pulled from the stone’s themselves.

You see man learned that by sealing the Weapons and Tool’s in the stones for fifteen year’s. It would cleanse away the sickness and evil in them. And it would keep man safe. So they could be used again.

But there was a catch. Any man who attempted to use a Weapon or Tool not pulled from a stone. Would fall to their knee’s. Or completely pass out. And in some extreme case’s even death. Each person got one pull, one weapon in their life. No exceptions. And whatever you pull is yours for life. And that’s it. You could only use your Weapon or Tool."

The small brown hair boy in front sat up and asked.

"Father? Why didn’t the God of Light just defeat the Dark Being instead?"

The priest answers him.

"Well you see the God of Light is a loving God. And that even includes the Dark Being. The God of Light didn’t want to hurt anyone. Or so I ike to think."

The priest answered the boy, and then continued the tale.

"And so it is said that shortly after man was granted these great gifts. The two great beings both were never seen or heard from again. Some believe that they used the last of there divine power. And now they are in a deep sleep. Still weakened from making the last gifts.

And as the ages past. Man created their own rules and law’s. Using the great gift’s as authority to subjugate the people. Men who pulled great Weapon’s from the great black boulder’s. Would use the great Weapon’s to force their own will onto others.

At first some wouldn’t use the dark beings gifts at all. But eventually. Even if Weapon’s were known as the Dark Beings creation. It did not matter. As long as it was safe and pulled through the Being of Lights great gift. The black boulders.

It is said that a weapon that is not pulled from the Being of Light’s gift. Was not blessed. And there fore it is cursed as a creation of the Dark Being. It was unsafe, unusable and even taboo to have.

So the people had no choice but to use the Weapon’s and Tool’s. They had pulled themselves. As there only source for survival.

Those who would pull Tool’s such as hammers or pitch forks. Would be forced to work as farmers and builder’s. As no one else can use those tools and society would never grow. Those who bore great gifts or magical abilities gained high ranks and nobles status. Even knights and kings we're named. All using the great gifts as a grading and sorting system.

Hundreds of years passed. And now The king Aizen Elsazar. Rules over the kingdom of Elsazar. As those who are deemed blessed by the God of Light are given high status and riches. While those with low-grade gifts suffer to live poor helpless lives as slaves or worse.

The church believes that the Being of Light will one day return. And we should battle the Being of Dark. While we await the Being of Lights return.

The church was a refuge for the poor for a long time. Believing that all people were equal. And had their own parts to play as a Being of Lights creation. And that’s why the church was built around the black boulders.

They wanted to make sure everyone got the chance. To pull a gift from the great Light Beings last creation.

The state fought the church on this for quite sometime. But they eventually stopped fighting with the church. Once it had placed corrupt people in the church’s ranks.

And while the church used to be for people and would actually help the poor and needy. Now only serves it’s own needs. Ever since the last cardinal died and the new one took over. It all changed.

Now the guild has risen up in the church’s place. Helping all no matter their family status or titles. The Church which is now just another authority to rule the people. Has a high role in governing the lands under the king's command.

The king Aizen Elsazar fifth of his name. Is our current king. His family has held the thrown for five generations. All thanks to their family's ability to produce heroic grade weapons. They have managed to keep the church. And all the Nobel families in line for centuries. Using their heroic weapons.

But you must remember my children. We are all the same in the eyes of God"

A few of the older kid’s giggle in the back, after one made a rude comment about those with weak magical abilities. The priest gave them a stern look and continued.

"The war crazed king has expanded his kingdom as far as he could. But the king wants more. And has his eye to the South on the kingdom of Elders. For in the kingdom of Elders is a town with a great gift that king Aizen wants control of badly.

A war between these two kingdoms has raged on for many years now. Neither able to over come the other. However the king did have control over one of the great gifts already. In our Kingdom there's a merchant's town called Evadale.

Just south of the capital city. It’s a bigger merchants town known for one very important thing. The Being of Light’s great gift. The black boulder now known as The Catalyst

People come from all over the kingdom on their fifteenth name day. Just for the pulling ceremony. A huge black builder sits at the center of the church in town there. And a guard constantly surrounds it. It's the country's greatest treasure. And people's greatest hope."

The priest finishes as he looks down at the young faces before him. The boy with messy brown hair looks up and says.

"I can’t wait to pull my weapon father. Then I’ll become a real hero that protects people. And I’ll never be alone again."

The priest looks down at him as the other children laugh and the priest smiles and say’s.

"I believe you will my son. I truly believe you will help to change this world for the better one day. My dearest Negan."

Ten years pass.

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