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Catalyst - The Journey Begins

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15th Name Day

In the town of Everdale. The snow is melting as the sun rises behind a small cottage. In the woods just outside of town.

Negan a young boy with messy brown hair and a small moon-shaped scar just above his right eye. Is turning fifteen today. Which in this world means he's officially an adult.

He Wakes up with excitement at what today means. He jumps out of bed and Rush's downstairs to breakfast.

"Good morning Colleen, Sam, and Sarah something smells awesome." Negan said, as he goes and sits down at the table.

Sam was sitting down at a table already. He was a older tall man with light brown hair that covered his head and his beard. He was wearing a long sleeve work shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Some dirty pants with some heavy looking boots. And a big iron hammer laid on the table in front of Sam as he ate.

"I made eggs and bacon for your big day Negan we want you to get a great weapon today so eat up." Colleen said.

Colleen was standing cooking she was shorter then Sam but still a little taller then Negan. She had long blond hair that was pinned back on either side. A very pretty button nose and rosy cheeks. She wore a apron and held a big wooden spoon.

"You know he's only going to get a hammer Colleen why do you get his hopes up like that?" Sam asks jokingly.

Sarah interjects "I think he's going to get a weapon like Red Dragons Scale, the mighty hero's spear!" she said joking and laughing.

Sarah was sitting next to Negan. She was about Negan’s age. Just a little younger. She had short brown hair that had one side clipped up. She was a pretty girl wearing a school uniform.

"Now I know a hammer is what is expected of him since he is in line to be a Smith's apprentice but you never know." Colleen said, as Negan stands up from the table.

"I'm going to get whatever I get, it's no biggie. Don't worry Colleen, I know what I am and who I am. And I'm fine with just being a weapon smith. I can make a decent living as a smith, and I'm ok with that. Plus I like Sam’s work, helping people to understand their weapons and taking care of them. That is important work." Negan said Walking over and putting on his jacket.

"Oh my dear Negan, you are so much more then you think." Colleen said.

Sarah gets up from her seat. "Maybe you will get a cooking spoon like Colleen here." She said giggling some.

"Hey I'll have you know, my spoon is one of the finest of weapons." Colleen said with a smirk, as she pops Sarah on the head with the spoon and says. "see"

"That would be fine with me too." replies Negan.

"Also Why are you here so early anyway Sarah?" Negan asks looking over at Sarah.

"How could I miss some of Colleen's breakfast? I think not. I made sure to leave my uncles house early, just to get some before school." Sarah said proudly.

"Jeez a Nobel with the best food you can have, gets up early to come eat here, what a odd girl you are."
Negan said smirking at Sarah.

"Well since I'm still not an adult. I guess I better get to school." Sarah said, as she walks over and grabs her school bag.

"Negan make sure you come by during my lunch and show me what you got. I just know it's going to be something cool." Sarah said.

"Well don't get your hopes up. Im betting well have a new hammer by dinner time tonught." Sam said laughing, as he grabs his hammer off the table. Then walks over to Colleen giving her a hug and kiss. Then looks at Negan.

"And technically speaking, he's still a kid as well." Sam said, as he points at Negan with the hammer.

"Remember until you pull your weapon, you are officially still a kid. And that means I'm still responsible for you Negan." He said.

"Yes, I know." Negan replies.

"You remember the incident when you were twelve still right?" Sam asked Negan.

"Oh yeah, of course I do." Negan said looking down some.

"Well, I still think Negan was in the right that time." Sarah said defending Negan.

"It doesn't matter what you think Sarah."
Sam said sternly.

"The church decides that. They are the ones chosen by the Being of Light, to enforce it's will and rule on earth." Sam said, like he had explained this a hundred times before.

"Yeah, I still don't agree or like it." Sarah mumbles softly.

"You better not say that outside Sarah."
Sam said giving her a serious look.

Negan turns to Sam "How excatly was I wrong to try and protect a kid? Just cause they happen to be poor, it shouldn't make a difference." Negan said.

"Like I said Negan the church decides who's right and wrong here. You will understand it all someday soon believe me. You become an adult today so you have much to learn still. Don't rush these things. Just be glad Sarah saw you when she did and decided to help. Even only twelve she had higher standing then a poor smith like me. If she hadn’t stepped in who knows where you would be right now." Sam said almost preaching at Negan and Sarah now.

"Oh yeah, Sarah how's your uncle doing?" Sam asked.

"He’s good spends most of his time at the school prepping for his classes. Thanks for asking." Sarah said smiling.

Sarah has always been here for me Negan thinks to himself. Ever since I was a kid. As far back as I can remember. She's always been here saving my butt.

Which is kind of odd considering she's the niece of a Noble. She must really like Sam, Colleen and I, as much as she hangs around here. Negan stops pondering on Sarah and turns to Sam.

"Well, your promise is almost fulfilled now Sam. I'm sure you will be glad when I do pull my weapon. Then ill be an adult and out of your hair." Negan said with an awkward look.

Colleen walks over to Negan. "Negan you listen here you were never a burden. Sam and I have always loved you as our own. And we will always protect you and love you. No matter what your age is or what you pull today understand?" She said smiling at him

"Yes, thanks Colleen" Negan replied with a smile.

"Well good and it's been my pleasure." Colleen said in a proud motherly way, as she hugs Negan tightly.

"Look here boy. Just be on your best behavior today at the church. You know those fanatics can cause a problem if they want." Sam said.

"Yes sir, I know I'll make sure of it." Negan replied.

"Ok, well then let's get going. Colleen well be back after lunch with a new hammer. ha-ha" Sam said laughing, as he walks out the door.

Negan smiles looks at Colleen and she nods at him smiling back, as he turns and walks out following Sam. He stops a moment and turns to look back at the cottage and Colleen.

"This is the last time I'll be here as a kid." He said, then he turns back and follows behind Sam.

It was a cold day for the end of winter as snow half melted lay everywhere. Sam and Negan were walking through the woods outside of town now making their way to the town.

"Sam can I ask you something?" Negan asked, as they walked.

They were surrounded by big trees that were so tall you couldn't see the tops.

"Sure kid what's up?" Sam said, still walking on the trail of mud and snow as Negan stopped.

"Well about my parents. I know I've asked a hundred times. But you really have no clue who they were or anything at all?" Negan asked.

Sam exhales and sighed. "No boy, I told you, you were given to me by an old priest who saved my life. I owed him, so when he asked me to look after you. I took it to heart and made him that promise to keep you safe till you were grown." He said.

"So why did the priest ask you to take me? I'm sure he had other orphans that needed help also, and did he know my parents or who they were?" Negan asked.

Sam stopped and looked down at Negan.

"No boy I told you, the father didn't have a clue as to where you came from. He just said that you showed up one day. And he knew he had to keep you safe. That is all I know." Sam said

Sam could tell Negan wasn't satisfied with that answer. So he took a deep breath and said. "Look your a good kid with a family, don't sweat the past look to the future."

Negan nods at Sam and smiles a bit. "Yeah you right Sam, thanks for everything." Negan said.

Sam could see that Negan was still upset but knew he would cheer up as soon as they got to town. So sam turns and starts to walk again. After a few minutes they come out of the wood's and onto a road.

They walk on the road for a few minutes. Then Sam taps Negan on the shoulder. "Looks like were here boy." He said.

Negan looks up in excitement, to see a huge stone gate with a big arch over the road. It reads - The Town of Everdale - .

They walk up, then right through the gate and into town. The guard nods at Sam as they pass through. Negan looks around at all the people. It was a very busy day he thought. Must be due to the Ceremony today.

There was people everywhere. The streets were packed full. Negan was looking all around. The stone buildings lined Down the street, some were even two stories high. There was a statue of a hero and his sword in the middle of the square. And in the distance he could see a church.

"The church is just up ahead. You go get checked in for your pulling ceremony and I'll catch up with oyu in a few, ok?" Sam said.

"Ok." Negan replied and Sam walked off.

Negan excited for the ceremony, sets off alone straight for the church. Only looking ahead and walking at a faster pace now. He doesn't even notice the girl walking towards him. And then Clash!

"Oh, I'm so sorry Miss. I didn't see you at all" Negan said quickly to the girl, embarrassed and panicking.

She was a very pretty girl. She had pinkish red hair that was tied up in a odd looking pony tail. She was about Negan’s age, he thought. But she was a little shorter than he was. And she was wearing the same school uniform as Sarah, which means she must be a noble.

"Yea I'd say so buddy, jeez get your head together." The girl said angrily as she gets up.

"Yeah, Sorry again." Negan said again, also standing up now.

"So, Are you here for the pulling ceremony as well?" Negan asked the girl.

"Yea actually I am. But you look a little young to be here for the pulling. Are you sure your fifteen?" She asked jokingly.

"ha-ha, yes I'm sure. I'm Negan by the way, nice to meet you. And sorry about that again. I'll be on my way now." And he turned and walked off before the girl could say a word.

"Oh, uh, yeah ok. I'm Helen nice to meet you too."
She said just noticing Negan is walking away. "What a rude boy." She mumbles to herself before turning and walking off annoyed.

Negan continues walking down the street. He sees several different shops. He thinks maybe one day I’ll have my own weapon smith shop. And as he continues down the street it opens up some.

Now all he see are stalls that fill the street as he continues walking. I wonder why Sam never opened a shop or stall here. He just works from home Negan thought, as he walked on down the street passing the shops and stalls.

Then from behind him he heard a crash. He turned his head to see a little girl, probably nine or ten with short green hair and ripped up dirty old clothes. Was being pushed down by three bigger kids in a alleyway behind a shop.

Negan turned instantly and without hesitation runs back there as fast as he can. He slides to a stop in between the kids and the little girl.

"What do you think your doing?" Negan asked, as he looks up at the three kids standing there. They were a little shocked by Negan appearing like that.

The tallest one in the middle was a boy about Negan’s age and size. He had short neat blond hair and a snaggletooth. He was wearing a school uniform which meant he was a noble.

On his left was another boy about the same age with brown hair and a short sleeve shirt. To his right was a girl little younger then the other two but just as mean looking. She had long brown hair and wore school uniform also.

"Oh looks like we have a hero here." The tall boy said as the other two laugh.

He grabs Negan by the collar and pulls up. "What are you going to do about it hero?" He asked grinning in Negan’s face.

Negan glances down at the little girl laying there. Her knee scraped and bleeding, as a tear rolls down her cheek.

"What am I going to do?" Negan said under his breath. He can feel the anger building up inside him. He balls up his fist and grits his teeth. Looking back at the boy still grinning. He pulls his arm back as far as he can and punch’s the boy hard in the eye.

The boy falls back into the mean looking girl and knocks her down as he falls to the ground. Negan then turns and looks at the other boy still standing there. A look of fear sets in on the boys face, as Negan’s starts to run at him. He turns and starts running and crying as he runs away. Negan looks back at the boy he just punched. The boy and girl both on the ground scramble to get up as they both run away as well.

Negan looks at his knuckles, they were all red. Then he turns and looks back at the little girl on the ground with a scraped knee. She try’s to stop crying, as Negan walks over and kneels some reaching out his hand to help her up. She wipes her cheeks and grabs his hand to stand up.

"Thank you sir hero" She said wiping her face.

"Oh I’m not a hero."
Negan said smiling a little.

"Yes you are."
The little girl said. "You are my hero." She looks up at Negan with a very serious look.

"Uh, ok well I’m just glad your ok now. Sorry but I have to be on my way. Are you going to be ok from here?" Negan asked looking down at the green hair little girl now wiping off her ripped up clothes.

"Yes sir, beginning today I start my live in apprenticeship with a Noble family in New Port, that’s in the north. So I just have to be at the east gate within the hour." She said looking around.

"Do you know where that is?" Negan asked.

"Oh, uh, yes I’m sure of it." She said still looking around.

Negan walked her out to the middle of the road and pointed back where he had just walked from. "Go that way ok?" He pointed for the girl.

She looked up at him and smiles very brightly "I’ll never forget you sir hero, thank you for everything!" She said.

Negan looked down. "Oh don’t mention it, its no big deal really." He said.

She looked at him with a serious look. "It means a lot, you saw me. No one ever notices me and you did. When I really needed it too." She looked down and back up. "I pray we meet again." She said, and she turned and ran away towards where Negan just came from.

"Wait, What’s your name?"
Negan yelled at her as she runs off.

She turns her head back smiling and said. "My name is Jessica Winters now. But you can call me Jessie." She yelled back as she ran off.

Jessica Winters huh Negan thought. As he turned and went on walking until he saw the church just ahead.

It was a massive church with windows all over. Negan walks up into the church court yard, there was a few statues there. To the left side in the courtyard there was also a table with a nun sitting at it and a line of kids about Negan’s age waiting.

Negan goes over and stands in line. He sees the pink hair girl he ran into already at the desk, as he steps into the line and waits. After a good few minutes Negan finally makes it to the table. The nun sitting there looks up at Negan and hands him a ink pen. He signs his name and gets handed a ticket that reads - Number Seven - . The nun looks down at a paper then back up at him.

"You probably should go ahead inside, it will begin soon." She said, as Negan nodded at her then turned and walked off.

Negan walked over and stood by a statue to wait for Sam. A few minutes pass and Negan is still standing by the church statue of a great hero when Sam finds him.

"Oh there you are boy, I've been looking for you." Sam said.

"I’ve been waiting here. Oh, I did run into a few girls and got sidetracked some."
Negan said.

"Oh, a girl. Nice, finally my boy shows some interest in females. So what's her name? When are you going to go out? I want to meet her. Where is she?"
Sam said looking around.

"Whoa, Whoa, Sam calm down, it's not like that." Negan said in a panicked voice.

"Ha-ha well then, I'll let it go for now. So did you get checked in for the ceremony?"
Sam asked.

"Yeah, just finished I'm number seven in line for The Pulling Ceremony, the lady said it will start soon." Negan said.

"Good, the sooner we get back the sooner I can start training you on how to wield a good hammer ha-ha." Sam said and laughs.

"Yeah, yeah" Negan said quietly.

"So, uh, Colleen and I kind of got you a gift for today." Sam said awkwardly, as he pulled out a weapons belt clip.

"Here, it’s a multi weapons holder belt clip. It was special made since we didn’t know what you would pull obviously."
Sam said handing Negan the clip.

"I know most usually wait until they pull to buy a holster or clip of some kind. But we figured this way it will always be unique no matter what you pull." Sam said smiling.

"That’s awesome Sam, thanks so much."
Negan said as he took the clip and slid it on his belt.

"It fits perfect also so it can hold any type of weapon or tool huh?"
Negan asked looking up at Sam.

"Yep, you see the pocket there, any handle will slide right in or any blade. In my opinion though it would be perfect for a hammer."
Sam said grinning some.

"Wow, so this is where you left to just now?" Negan asked.

"Yep and be sure to thank Colleen, it was all her idea."
Sam said still grinning.

"Oh, I’ll be sure to."
Negan replied.

"Well let’s head in." Sam said walking towards the church door and opening it. Negan followed Sam inside the church.

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