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The Unforged Crown (1)

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In the secluded lands far away from human knowledge, there lies the kingdoms of Werewolves and Lycans. They are ruled by gallant kings and protected by powerful enforcers, always to keep the three reigning kingdoms in peace and cordiality. Then it happens that the spirits guarding the kingdoms are provoked and agitated, creating havoc for the dwellers and rulers alike. The enforcers are summoned from every kingdom to guard and protect them using their birth abilities to communicate with spirits to know what are they after or rather, who they are seeking for. Elai is a trusted and respected enforcer of the Gaiamata, the kingdom named after being allied with the human world. Will he know the reasons for the chaos or will he be dragged into this chaos, risking his life along with his mate's? Marlow has no prior idea of what truths are going to unfold as her life gets entangled with a certain silver gray haired lycan.

Fantasy / Action
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Here is a short description of the ranks.

Royal ranks of the Kingdom- Alpha King/Queen, Beta King/Queen and The Head Enforcer.

Alpha King/Queen- The supreme ruler of his/her Kingdom. They shall be succeeded by their issue or their sibling in case of no children. They will not have any direct blood relation with other royal ranking members.

Beta King/Queen- The supreme ruler after the Alpha King/Queen. They shall be succeeded by their issue or their sibling in case of no children. They will not have any blood relation with other royal members.

The Head Enforcer- The supreme of all enforcers of the Kingdom, who is selected through merit and, power criteria. This rank is not passed down to the next generation by birth but, is earned through serving.

The Head GateKeeper- The chief of all Gatekeepers in the Kingdom, who is selected through merit and, power criteria.

The GateKeeper- A specific role in the Kingdom, whose duty is to look after the border security, the transition taking place through the borders and, secure them.

The Head Binder- The chief of all Binders in the Kingdom who is selected through merit and power criteria.

The Binder- A specific role in the kingdom for those who are specialized in the economy, business, trade matters and, can regulate the economy of the kingdom impartially.

The Head Curator- The chief of all the Curators who are selected through merit and power criteria.

The Curator- A specific role in the Kingdom whose role is to organize and, control the social or any related events, programmes in the kingdom. It also includes managing the libraries and, inscribe the major events of their particular kingdom in the history book.

The Head Premier- The chief of all the ministers in the kingdom who is selected through merit and power criteria.

The Ministers- As indicated by the name, they are seven in the number who are responsible to maintain the kingdom’s internal security, peace and, inner kingdom affairs.

The head Councillor- The chief of all the councillors who are selected through merit and power criteria.

The councillor- A specific role with variable numbers who work with the royal members to advise and assist them in their works. They are the legal consultants of the kingdom.

Alpha- The strong noble family who may or may not be related to the King/Queen.

Beta- The strong noble family who may or may not be related to the King/Queen and ranks below Alphas.

Sigma- The family below Betas and above Omegas.

Omega- The family below Sigmas, who cover most of the civilian population.

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