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This tells the story of the beginnings of a new era for the land of Galzax. A young boy born into a destiny he cannot seem to escape must find his way through a world that wants nothing to do with him. Amid celestial meddlers, annoying prophecies, and ignorant masses, will he save the world? Or will he leave those that have hurt him to their fate?

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0. {The Pawn}

Ivek was to be the next head of the Cormben family. So, of course, he never wanted for anything. He had the best clothes, the finest cuisine, and the finest women. What else could a young elf ever want? And that was the question he constantly asked himself. His family was caring enough, they didn’t neglect him. His siblings weren’t plotting his death like in the other noble families. So what was missing?

The novelty of being treated kindly by everyone because he was royalty had slowly worn off. His constant partying, putting his all into his training, trying to lose himself in his studies, none of it helped. And as time passed, he somehow felt emptier and emptier.

Ivek’s thirtieth birthday was fast approaching, and with it, his place at the head of the family. His father could only live for about a hundred more years, so it was decided that now was the best time for him to step down. Because of this, Ivek was to meet the family diviner a day before his birthday.

The day came quicker than he expected, and he found himself at the door of Hengol the Wise, for a glimpse into the future. Endless possibilities swirled around his head as he walked through the mist-filled tunnels past the public area of the temple of Rukesh. But one thought weighed on his mind -

“Will you be alone forever?” Ithler’s thoughts were interrupted or rather voiced, by none other than Hengol himself. The High Priest of Rukesh sat at the centre of the inner sanctum.

Ivek had stopped in his tracks, stunned by both what Hengol had said, and the beauty of the room. The wall and ceiling were covered seamlessly in multiple mirrors. Images of himself looked back at him from every imaginable angle. The floor was covered with a psychedelic fog made up of mesmerizing hues that Ivek had never seen in his life. The fog swirled and curled all around the room. Except where Hengol sat.

“The room is beautiful no?” Hengol chuckled. His voice snapped Ivek out of his trance.

“High Priest Hengol,” Ivek greeted as he bowed.

“No need to be so formal dear prince. I am a friend of the family no?”

Ivek smiled to himself and nodded a yes.

“Then come closer young one your future is much like an untrodden path. There are many options, but only you can decide which way to go. You understand yes?”

“I think I do… but what exactly do you mean?”

The High Priest sighed. “As the next head of Cormben, you have many responsibilities to shoulder. But becoming the head means also being exposed to new opportunities. Every decision you make from now on comes with its own risk. Risk to yourself, risk to the ones you love, or risk to The Family. Be careful in deciding which is important to you.”

“But I already know that! My father, my brothers, EVERYONE, has told me what a great honour it is to be the next head. How important my every word will become. But NO ONE has ever told me if it would make me feel whole.”

“And you thought I’d have the answer?” Hengol said as he chuckled to himself.

Ivek slowly nodded a yes, as he held back tears.

“My child, it is as I said before. You must find that for yourself. The path you are to walk is a new one. And a new road is a lonely road. You do not know it yet, but you ARE important. More important than you could even imagine. I will not tell you to be strong. But do not give up.”

Ivek opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the chiming of the temple doors, signalling the beginning of the day’s ceremonies.

Hengol got up, his tasselled staff scuffling against the floor as he did so. “I’m sorry I could not be of much help now, but whenever you need guidance, I will be here. May the three streams guide you on your journey.”

The diviner shuffled out, and Ivek was left alone at the centre of the temple, wondering why he could never truly understand the world.

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