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Earth a place where heaven and the underworld collide together but live in harmony. Humans like Rose Everlasting aren't even aware of the world they think is normal is filled with mystical creatures, including angels and demons, thanks to the work of the magical veil placed by the faes. But the veil is starting to crack, unleashing a threat between all realms-especially forbidden secrets between royalty. Will Rose be the very reason why these realms join forces? Or if she is the reason they clash? Find out in GOLDEN.

Fantasy / Romance
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“RUN ROSE RUN! ” said a strange deep voice alerting Rose of the dangers behind her as she sprints through the dark forest running from who knows what. Rose knew that whatever was behind had a presence that gave her body goosebumps throughout her body, so she didn’t have the courage to look back at her attacker. Her adrenaline and fear were the only things that kept her pushing harder through the woods. She didn’t know where she was going but anywhere was better than what she had in store.

" HURRY ROSE, WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T LOOK BACK, KEEP RUNNING, ” the voice boomed from the skies. Rose wasn’t sure who the mysterious voice belonged to, but she didn’t have time to waste. However, that same voice made her feel at peace, and she continued to let it guide her through from above.

As she continuously runs through the woods, she feels the negative energy approaching her quickly behind her tail like a wild predator ready for the kill.

Rose looks up and sees a man in the distance rushing to aid her, but the closer he came, she also notices a golden glow the man had radiating around him. As she is trying to get a better look at the mysterious figure, but she ends up tripping on the ground.

Trying to get back up but felt something dragging her down again; she looked back and saw a blackish purplish mist shaped, almost like hands holding her legs down from running anymore. Rose let out a shriek, as the darkness began covering her body from the bottom up.

Unfortunately, no matter how much she tries to fight it off, the more Rose felt the darkness overpowering her, draining out any will of survival.

She looked up at the sky one last time and saw another glimpse of a handsome man who was hard to make out at first, but it was clear that pain was written all over his face as he rushes to aid her. The more she looked at him, the more she felt the bright warm glow surrounding him blinding her from examining him any closer. The more he came close, the his presence radiated the forest with light.

But it was already too late; all that was left was darkness. Rose took one last breath as the world turned pitch black.

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