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The Dragoso Series 5: Harmony in Wrath

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Book 5 of the series. Nothing escapes rage, sentient and wild alike. But when previously non-existent rivalries start popping up at the Voutneth Academy, it’s up to the team to track down the source. Join the Voutneth Team as they fight the next member of the Council and face a memory from Kathey’s past.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

Anger and aggression. Very different from each other yet are never the answer for many situations.

Dragons had anger from the beginning, just like any other creature.

Aggression breeds violence; some believe specific breeds hold it.

In a figurative world it would not exist, but in some realities, there is an ounce of aggression in everyone.

And it gives way to unpleasant results.


Trevor stood looking over the grounds of the Voutneth Academy. It had been quite the adjustment since the Academy and Drake were rebuilt and its past residents returned. A few tall men with horns, hooves, and blue skin walked past and Trevor smiled. Those men were Rukmar, one of many races that now attended Voutneth.

Drake was now a major city visited by many races from Dragoso now that Earth was connected with it once again. Trevor knew of all the races that could be found around Dragoso, but he never thought he would see so many of them in one place.

“Hey, what are you up to over here?” Trevor turned his head to see Vatuna, wrapping an arm around her waist.

“You know, just reflecting. We’ve been through a lot since Lust,” Trevor said. Vatuna smiled and laid her head against his shoulder. February had brought them the reopening of Voutneth and Drake and another blizzard, but Trevor was happy to have what he had now.

He and Vatuna had talked and started going out. So far they had been a bit casual with their relationship, spending time together and talking. They had shared a few kisses as well, but nothing beyond that.

“Yeah, it’s been interesting to say the least. It was nice of Kathey to give Mitsua and Galzra work here,” Vatuna noted. The twins in question had taken over Kathey’s previous role as Dragoso History teacher and they had been thriving with their new role. Especially since they had nowhere else to be. “So the actual reason I came out here was to pull you to their class. They’ve got quite a presentation coming up with special guests.”

“Special guests? Who?” Trevor raised an eyebrow.

“You’ll see.” Vatuna smirked and pulled Trevor by his hand inside and to the Dragoso History class just as the class was ending and students were walking out. Vatuna and Trevor waited for the class to empty before stepping in to see Mitsua and Galzra standing with two new faces.

“Trevor, Vatuna! Glad you two could make it, say hello to our new visitors,” Galzra exclaimed gesturing to the man and woman. The man stepped forward and held his hand out to Trevor.

“Name’s Cosmo. This is my mate, Catrina. Say hi, sweetheart,” Cosmo introduced. Catrina gave a little wave. It was easy to tell they were dragons from Dragoso, the biggest thing was their clothes, wearing cotton tunics, pants, and leather boots.

Cosmo had short bright purple hair and his eyes were white, but with a chrome look to them. He was lean but muscular and stood tall, slightly taller than Trevor. Despite being in a new environment, he was confident with his surroundings and around all these new people.

Catrina had chin length red hair while her eyes were dark red. She was petite and only came to Cosmo’s shoulder. She was standing close to him, a little timid about her surroundings but with Cosmo by her side, she was at least curious about everything.

“Cosmo and Catrina are Cosmic and Chaos Dragons,” Mitsua explained with a smile. Cosmo nodded, slinging an arm across Catrina’s shoulders.

“That’s right, two breeds, mortal enemies, but we’re in love,” Cosmo said and kissed Catrina’s cheek, making her blush. Trevor stared with surprise.

“Okay, history lesson?” Trevor requested.

“Sure. So Cosmic Dragons and Chaos Dragons, we live exclusively on Arcaneia, the Magic Class Dragon planet where Tenkkoa are from. Chaos Dragons live in constant inner turmoil which gives their name, barely in control of themselves and constant chaotic magic. Cosmic Dragons have always tried to keep balance within Chaos Dragons and that has always brought fights and what not. Catrina and I met at a young age and I guess I ground her, right?” Cosmo explained, looking to his mate who nodded.

“He helps me stay in control of my body and mind. It’s not easy, but we do what we can,” Catrina said softly and smiled. She lifted her left hand and Cosmo moved to clasp his right hand with her left and showed Trevor and Vatuna the small heart their thumbs made. “Cosmo did this for us, to show we’re two halves of a whole.”

“Aww! That’s so adorable!” Vatuna swooned. Trevor smirked and shook his head.

“Thanks for telling us your story, not the first pair to have a bond when your breeds are mortal enemies,” Trevor said, looking over at Galzra and Mitsua who both smirked. “Welcome to Voutneth.”

“We love it here so far, and we might even stay. Earth is quite nice, even if your sky isn’t purple from the magic,” Cosmo chuckled.

“The sky is purple?” Vatuna gaped.

“Yeah, and the trees grow gems and the water is indigo. It’s really different from Earth, but it’s what we’ve grown up with and have accepted. Earth will grow on us too though, the sky is so bright.”

“Sounds like it,” Trevor said and they all laughed. “Well, it was nice meeting you two.” Trevor held his hand out and Cosmo shook it again. Catrina smiled and nodded. Trevor and Vatuna nodded to her and they stepped out as the next class started filing in. “To think, all these new things we’ll be learning since Voutneth reopened.”

“Yeah... I wonder just how much more we’ll encounter,” Vatuna mused, hugging Trevor’s arm as they walked.

“Who knows.” They walked the halls for a while before catching sight of Kathey leaning in the doorway of the Med bay looking into the room itself. “Kathey? What’s going on?”

Kathey looked over from where she stood and sighed. “Nothing good, unfortunately,” she said and looked back into the room. Trevor looked over her into the room, spotting a young boy being looked over by Sereph. He had shaggy purple hair and his eyes were silver, though they seemed to almost be...glowing. He kept his eyes on Sereph as she checked him over, wide and watery. He was in just a medical gown with no shoes, but considering his feet were clean, he either lived as a dragon all of his life until now, or he usually wore shoes. “His name is Kael, he’s a Magic Dragon from Arcaneia.”

“What happened to him?”

“Myth Dragons killed his parents, he managed to get through portal securities in Orrumai and came here looking for help. He doesn’t have anyone else,” Kathey explained and sighed.

“How old is he?”

“Eight. I don’t have to imagine the trauma he’s been through. I saw it. He’s scared and confused right now. I’m not sure how to help him yet.”

Trevor hummed and slipped past Kathey into the room, over to Kael who looked up at Trevor with big, scared, watery eyes.

“Hey big guy, my name’s Trevor. What’s yours?”

“K-Kael...” the young boy replied, wiping his eyes. “I miss my ma and pa...” he sniffled.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Kael. But you’re not alone here. There’s all kinds of people and dragons here that’ll help you out.”

“Are you a dragon?” Trevor held up his hand and it glowed sky blue before being covered in clear dragon scales and his nails were now claws.

“Yup, I’m a Water-Ice Dragon, born here on Earth.” Kael held up his own hand and it glowed purple and it became a dragon’s hand as well. His scales were purple while his claws were silver. He gave Trevor a small smile as Sereph stepped over, holding out a set of folded clothes. Kael slipped off the table and Trevor stepped back, watching Kael pull the gown off and change into the clothes. Trevor noticed an unusual marking on Kael’s left shoulder. “Hey, what’s that?” Kael looked at it and shrugged.

“My parents gave it to me when I was born, it glows when I use magic,” Kael explained. He willed his hand to return to its human shape and Trevor watched the marking glow. “They told me it’s a rune that represents magic.”

“That makes you unique then.” Kael smiled and pulled his t-shirt on before starting out of the room into the hallway with Trevor behind him.

“What now?” Trevor asked Kathey who sighed.

“For now, Kael, I have a room open on my kids’ floor and you can hang around with them until we figure something out, alright?” Kathey asked and Kael nodded.

“Thank you Ms. Royals,” Kael said and Kathey smirked.

“No formalities, call me Kathey,” she advised and Kael nodded. Kathey looked up and smiled as Sandra and Sorren, Kathey’s Energy Dragon twins, came around the corner and made their way over to the group. “Sandra and Sorren will show you around, Kael.”

“Thank you,” Kael graced again and followed the twins down the hall while Sandra gushed over how great the Academy was.

“Is it normal for this to happen?” Trevor asked. “Kids getting orphaned because their parents get killed by their enemies?”

“Unfortunately. There’s no telling how many Myth Dragons have killed Magic Dragons and vice versa,” Kathey replied. “Dragons living in Dragoso had very few rules to follow, especially those that aren’t like Haarvik, Jarin’do, and Kyona that had rules to follow from their non-dragon form’s race.”

“What about Nyx?” Vatuna spoke up.

“She followed Elven rule, she was living on Orrumai when she met the others. I can’t begin to imagine just how many fledglings lost their families.” Kathey sighed and looked at Trevor and Vatuna who stood in silence now. “But we have bigger things to worry about. The Council is still at large and the threat of Rakasa being revived hangs over our heads until we get everyone locked up.”

“And there’s no telling how long that is going to take, right?” Trevor asked and Kathey nodded.

“Unfortunately, we’ll do what we can for now and adapt as needed, hopefully. I refuse to let anyone believe they can just disturb the balance of nature and use living creatures as slaves.”

“You sound pretty protective of it all, Kathey.”

“As a Flower Dragon, I value nature. As a Life Dragon, I value all life and balance within the world, as chaotic as it seems. Everything has equity to it, whether we see it as chaos or stability. To a Cosmic Dragon, Chaos Dragons are as they are named. But to a Chaos Dragon, they have their own means of normal. It is the duty of the Life Dragons to keep peace and maintain harmony.”

Trevor hummed. “I never thought of it like that. Being a Life Dragon is a huge responsibility, huh?”

“Yes, but it is why newly born Life Dragons should be made aware of their roles in the world so that they can learn to accept it early on in their lives and also train with the other Life Dragons should they be born by then. Malice, Sylark, Zoymey, and I learned of our roles late in our lives, it did put a strain on all of us, but we came together in the end. It took a long time, but we managed.” Kathey smiled and shrugged. “That is the life of a Life Dragon, I suppose.”

“Stress and huge burdens on your shoulders?”

“Pretty much.” Kathey smirked. “I’ll let you two get on with your day, sorry to keep you occupied here.” With a smile and a wave, Kathey went on her way back up to her office. Once she was out of sight, Trevor looked to Vatuna.

“No matter how hard we think life is, someone else has it worse than we do.”

“Yeah... but they all seem to have fallen into their roles really well and are making the most of life,” Vatuna noted and Trevor nodded.

“So what do you wanna do to pass the time? Since my siblings and I finished our lessons, we don’t really do much aside from what we normally do in our free time.” Vatuna hummed before perking up.

“How about a flight around the grounds then we can go visit the griffins, I’m sure Stephanie misses you.” Trevor smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, I haven’t visited her and Madix in a while, let’s go.” He took Vatuna’s hand and pulled her through the halls to head outside to the back of the grounds.

Though, before they could reach the doors to head outside, Malice was rushing in.

“Oh good, you two, perfect, we’re gonna need the extra hands, Severik has an issue in his classroom,” Malice said in a rush. Trevor and Vatuna exchanged glances.

“That can’t be good,” Trevor stated and they hurried after Malice.

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