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Chapter 2 Woke Up Like This

She dreamed of drowning, the pain in her chest is pounding her like a hammer. Catching her breath, she opened her eyes and tried to comprehend the strange surroundings.

“Where am I?” A middle-aged woman came and bowed at her “Your Majesty you’re awake! I will send the healer” She spoke in different language yet she understood her. She moved her eyes in the area, the room was decorated with purple, red and gold embellishment with the same color in tapestries.

All the things in the room shouted luxury and royalty. She even asked herself if the woman about her age who called the healer was an angel and the place was heaven.

A man and a woman cut her contemplation and they both bowed at her. The woman looked down and asked for her hand, she pressed her thumb in her pulse in silence. “Her Majesty is well now, her pulse is regular” The healer and maybe a nurse bowed once again and left. She pinched herself, she still in the same room.They still used primitive ways like pulse reading.

She looked down at her clothing, she wore royal blue silk pleated long skirt with gold star and moon pattern at the bottom. The top was long sleeve v-neck embellished with the same color and pattern. She touched her hair and was astounded when she found out that her hair was dark as the night. She was born blond, it was in her genes, all of her siblings were blond. A young woman with the same attire of the nurse and that of a middle-age woman but in different color approached her.

“Your Majesty, I am at your service” she said and bowed. She asked her “where is the mirror?” Shock was understatement when she spoke their language. The girl bowed again and walked to another room that looks like a walk-in closet with so many clothes and women’s accessories inside. The girl brought the full length mirror in front of her.

The beautiful woman in the mirror was not her, young and vibrant. Her blue oval shaped eyes, soft pointed nose, heart shaped face and even full lips created a beautiful aura with stunning look. Her fair skin and waist length wavy black hair complemented her features.

She summoned the middle age woman, she looked like, she knew more. “What country am I in?” The woman bowed but she caught her frown first. “France? England? Greece? Rome? Byzantine? Spain? She still didn’t answer, she thought maybe in early civilization of other countries. Aztec? Khmer? Inca? Persia? Indus? Mali? Kush? Carthage? Han? She became frustrated all of a sudden, what if she was transported to the future.

She then asked for the last time before giving up “What kingdom am I in?” the woman’s face brightened “the Kingdom of Thundra” she said before she bowed again. Thundra is like a character in a comic book or plot in a computer game not an era, period or ancient empire.

She used the word kingdom because of the primitive ways and old world atmosphere yet, the woman answered with certainty. She really not in her world, but in a different universe.

She rested her head in the pillow and felt the exhaustion, the overwhelming condition made her head spin. She wanted to escape her realities but she was transported to the unknown world. Her eyelids became heavy and she yielded to sleep.

She woke up in a daze, she felt rested, she glanced at her bedroom and its circumjacence, all her hopes were put in vain when the familiar and prominent red, gold and purple in deep shades were everywhere. The girl came to her and bowed “ midday meal is ready Your Majesty." She smiled at her and asked her name, the girl's name is Kilta, even the name is unique to her.

She still in deep thought when Kilta guided her out of her room. The guards outside her chamber bowed at her, the staff in the kitchen and all the people in the huge palace bowed when she passed. It was awkward at first but after numerous bows she got used to it.

The very long table decorated with intricate designs of gold and silver was at the center of the huge dining room. The high ceiling made the area more spacious and the food was arranged at the end of the table. A man pulled a chair for her and someone put table napkin in her chest. Her stomach grumbled at the sight of the food. The meat was a little bland but she was hungry, she ate with enthusiasm.

She turned to Kilta “I want to take a stroll outside.” Kilta bowed “of course Your Majesty.” She noticed that the area was in high terrain, the breathtaking view was like a spectacular cinematography in the movies. The temperature was just like Iowa during spring. If she will live in this place, she needs to survive and own it. She hoped for another life and fate gave her another life she longed for. It will be a shame if she can’t make a life in her dream.

The next morning, she asked Kilta her casual clothes, Kilta didn’t understand first, but she explained thoroughly that she wanted to wear normal clothes like commoner used to wear. She told her that Neza, the middle-aged woman she spoke last time, will give her scolding but she helped her change anyway. Neza’s eyes went wide when she saw her queen dressed like a peasant. She explained that she wanted to check her people, they too, together with three guards changed their clothes. Her clothes consist of tunic and loose trousers.

They went to the village and roamed the market, she checked the agricultural products. Some vegetables were not familiar to her, others were in different names. To the astonishment of her companions, she bought every single crop not familiar to her. She planned to study them in the palace.

The place has huge library, like a public library where you can read variety of books. She instructed Kilta to arrange the plants they bought in the table and she labeled them. During her younger years, her memory was very keen, she can memorize the poem in no time and just skimmed the book yet she captured the whole story.

Her enthusiasm in agriculture never leaves her even in another world, she felt like she still in her youth full of curiosity. She began to study of what she thought she was good at.

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