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Chapter 3 Live the Unlive Life

Everyday she went to the village and made friends with the villagers particularly to farmers. She learned the ancient and natural way of farming without machinery, pesticides and artificial fertilizers. In return she taught them her knowledge and skills in improving crop production. When harvest time came, she was stunned of how the tax rates were imposed to the farmers.

Seventy percent goes to the land owner and only thirty percent goes to the farmer. Extortion was the right term, she wanted tax reform but only the king can do it. The only thing she likes is that the land belongs to her. Neza explained to her that she must follow the system, it will bring chaos if she will make different tax rates.

She checked the storehouse and was astonished of how huge the stored grains inside while the villagers had almost nothing. Farming was hard labor, it took sometime and a lot patience to gain profit. She spent her life in the farm and understood the heart and mind of a farmer. Their pain and frustration when calamities and pestilences came and wiped all their hard-earned crops. When a calf died, they also mourn for the death as their animals were part of their lives.

“Why am I here not in the palace of the king?” she asked Neza. She explained “You got sick in the palace Your Majesty, the night of your wedding.” Her eyes went wide “when was that?” Kilta replied “more than a hundred livings ago, sick people were forbidden in the palace including the queen except for the king.” It means that this body was in coma for months, livings means days.

She nodded contemplating “did the king visits me here?” Neza and Kilta looked at each other and shook their heads. She whispered “men are assholes even in this world.” She then remembered something “if the queen was not in the palace, who acted as a queen?” She told them before that she lost her memories when she got sick to easily get information from them.

“The royal noble consort, Your Majesty, she is the king’s second wife” Neza answered. “What?” Kilta added that the king can appoint up to three royal consorts and unlimited concubines. Right now the king has only one royal noble consort who acted as queen on her behalf, not literally, but the queen’s duties were passed to her just like an Officer In Charge when the boss was out or on leave.

She imagined the face of an aging king with his dry and wrinkled skin due to too much sex. She smiled to herself, the king still didn’t know that she is already well and healthy, she wanted to keep it that way. She had read that King Herod of Jews had syphilis and he died with worms eating his body. What if the king wanted to bed her and he was infected with gonorrhea, syphilis and worst herpes.

Her stomach growled thinking about it, the hair in her skin raised to its end. They still used primitive herbal medicines here, no antibiotics ever produced, thinking about it as well, made her body bolted from the chair.

She went to the village with Neza, villagers thought she was just a maid from the queen’s palace just like Neza and Kilta. A man in panic approached them “please help my wife, the midwife was gone to another village, she is in pain now.” Neza looked at her with terror in her face and shook her head.

She followed the man to their tiny house in the hills. She helped delivered many calves, kids and foals but never a baby. They can hear the loud whimpers of a mother from outside, she instructed the husband to boil some water. She was nervous but she had no choice but to help deliver the baby because no one will.

She experienced true happiness when animals in their farm successfully gave birth to their offspring but seeing a tiny baby in her hands brought joy in her heart for the first time. The father gave them a penny, they declined, but he insisted by telling them declining his offer was an insult to his part, they maybe poor but they pay their dues.

She patted his shoulder instead “you can’t pay kindness and willing service from the heart, the fulfillment I felt when I hold your son in my arms was enough” she left while the father nodded with respect.

The next morning materials for building the houses arrived, she informed them that the queen expressed her gratitude for consistent good harvest. She even made a letter to them to make it more convincing and she read it to them. She instructed all men to build a strong and bigger house with uniform sizes and designs to all villagers, each man will be paid with grains per day. They shouted and knelt to the ground, thanking their queen for her generosity.

One hundred days passed and she was used to the simplicity of life. No pressure, all her plans and decisions were taken seriously and were executed properly. She even memorized the kingdom's assets and armies which was stationed to the borders.

Neza told her that the commanders were extremely loyal to their oath, that is to protect the royal family. She frowned, not to their country first? She shook her head, humans in both worlds still the same, they used laws for their self interest.

She shared her skills and knowledge to them. She went to the kitchen and found Golda, the head cook of the palace was cooking some dumplings. She also learned some herbs and spices they used. She observed Golda for few weeks and to his surprise helped him in the kitchen. They combined their cooking techniques and experimented some dishes. She taught him how to make cheese, noodles and dumplings.

She picked up the basket with food and went to her private sanctuary. She instructed her guards to stay in one place and wait for her. She walked to the secluded area and when she arrived at the magnificent place, she closed her eyes with her arms wide open and feel the ambiance. She found peace in the place.

She discarded her clothing with only her undergarments and plunged into the water. She found the place when she was looking for a river to clean herself after a long day in the village. She fell in love with the place and she visited it often.

In her other life she didn’t know how to swim, when she dived into the water without thinking, she was surprised by her skills. She made some strokes and after she felt cramps in her legs, she managed to float in the water with her eyes closed.

She wore bandeau style bra made of linen and she partnered it with her personalized undergarment copied from the modern underwear as she was uncomfortable with the ancient diaper-like undergarment. She instructed the seamstress to make variety of it for her. She still can’t flaunt her sexy and flawless body because of moral issue but she can still flaunt it in her sanctuary.

She giggled loudly at the thought, she never been this happy and confident. Whenever she found confidence, her family trampled it to the ground by reminding her of her flaws. She opened her eyes and was surprised when she saw two green eyes staring at her intently and frowning.

The man towered her while she floats “What are you doing here woman?” he asked with his wrinkled brows. “Swimming” she replied without thinking and changed her position. She was still floating but looking at him face to face.

He was naked and big, literally big like Aqua Man with long beard and long hair too. She wondered if he really fully naked as she cannot see his lower body. The man smiled at her “I like your audacity woman.” They stared at each other, she wanted to say she likes him too, he is so yummy, yummier than Jason Momoa and Jon Snow but she kept it to herself.

The man instantly pulled her hand and her hair, she felt pain but she didn’t want to show her vulnerability, she learned her lesson very hard. He suddenly kissed her hard, like he didn’t kiss a woman for a long time. They both catch their breaths after a long moment of kissing but he pulled and kissed her again before she can make any protest.

She can feel his member sticking to her thighs, she confirmed her questions by it. The man leered at her like he can read her mind. He wanted to kiss her again and bring her to his embrace when she swiftly swam to the bank. He followed her and tugged her arm.

“I forbid you to remove your hand from me, if you touch me again, I will instruct my men to hang you.” He laughed loudly “who are you to hang me kicha? I can do whatever I want with you at this moment as you are mine now.” He used the term kicha means beautiful, “I am married and I don’t cheat so you better give up on me.” She walked away from him.

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