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Chapter 4 The King's Mind

King Guilla removed himself from the company of his warriors and went to a secluded falls to clean himself, he found the place when he visited the late father of his queen to forge their marriage two hundred livings ago.

After a long journey from the Kingdom Phlaturia, he longed for a bath. His men are preparing to camp at the queen’s palace grounds, he planned to visit his queen in her sick bed. He never saw her face and he was not interested in her, he only wanted her dowry and influence. Her face was covered with cloth during their wedding. He can replace the current queen after two hundred fifty livings, if she still in her sick bed.

He was in deep thought when he noticed the most beautiful woman he ever seen discarding her clothes and dived into the water. The woman was lost in her thoughts as she enjoyed her moments with nature. She smiled while she was floating in the water.

He felt something between his legs like a stone dragon in slumber came to life. The woman ignited something inside him, no woman did. She is mine, I will make her mine he told himself. He towered her and stared at her for few moments. Her even full lips were captivating, he wanted to kiss her. When she opened her eyes, his heart pounded in rapid rate, his stomach knotted and his lower body reacted in an instant. Her deep blue oval-shaped eyes enthralled his whole being.

She mentioned few names of men inside her head which made him mad. He got a taste her lips and he wanted more. She made a move to walk away from him and she even tried to scare him off. When she mentioned she was married to someone, he wanted to know the man. He wanted to kidnap her and kill her husband. He was fuming mad.

He lifted her and carried her upside down, his possessiveness consumed him. She pounded his back and shrieked. He deposited her in the big rock near her discarded clothes. His eyes roamed to her exposed body, her big breasts and creamy skin were attracting him to take her at that moment.

Then he heard something inside her head “What if I’ll tell him I am the queen? Is he going to spare my life? What if he is the king’s enemy, he will definitely kill me. He is huge I can’t win over him. What If I run now and call my guards?”

He grinned “I won’t run if I were you, I can catch you still.” Her eyes suddenly went wide, she instantly put her arms around his neck and yelled “run” but she clings to him while her body shook in fear. He turned and saw his riding beasts.

He laughed out loud “why are you afraid of the baaku? You knew they are harmless, we used them if we traveled far, they are like horses.” She looked at the baaku “heck! how do I know? The animal looked like puma and huge as camel.” His brows furrowed and told himself that the queen’s thoughts were strange and interesting.

"She is mine" the realization made him so ecstatic. He wanted to take her there but he controlled himself, he will definitely consummate their marriage before the day ends.

She looked at his sword “If I gave him food he maybe spares my life.” She smiled at him sweetly “I prepared delicious food, have some.” He was in awe with her beauty but when she smiled he felt like he was bewitched by her. “Don’t do that to other men kicha” he opened his mouth and she fed him. Her innocence and beauty made his breath hitched.

“Men are crazy here” she thought as she fed him with the dumplings. The food she shoved inside his mouth tastes so good, he never tasted something like it before. “In fifty livings or days I will be completely free, the king will get another queen, he thinks I am still sick and can’t give him his heir, I hope this man will not kill me.”

He suddenly snatched her clothes, lifted her and placed her on the baaku. “What are you doing? Where are we going?” He put her clothes around her body but still her legs were bare, his one arm is held tightly around her “don’t say a word kicha or I will give you what you wish for.” She instantly closed her mouth and think.

“I gave up my midlife to avoid crisis, now I hold tight on the life I easily discarded. Did I find my purpose in life here? I don’t know, but I found peace. I still longed for something I don’t know.” She sighed and pressed her back to his front. She was about to sleep when she felt that his other hand slipped inside her undergarments and kneaded her breasts.

Her breaths became ragged as he whispered to her “I wanted to touch these the moment I first saw you kicha, don’t think about other men from now on or I will punish you.” She nodded several times “please remove your hands” he immediately followed and they rode in silence.

“We are here kicha” he kissed her exposed neck, she was tired she just whimpered and did not open her eyes. He chuckled, he lifted her from the baaku and carried her to his tent. He placed her on his bed, he went outside and instructed his man to fetch her maid and bring her to him. He stared at her sleeping form, her beauty is mesmerizing even in her sleep.

The woman came and bowed at him “Your Majesty I am Neza, Her Majesty’s chief attendant.” He looked at her “is the woman in my bed the queen? She bowed "forgive me Your Majesty, her guards were looking for her all over, my incompetence deserves death” she said nervously.

“When did she wakes up from being unconscious?” he asked eyeing her intently. “More than two hundred livings ago Your Majesty, she wanted to stay here and wait until you select another queen.” His jaw clenched “Did she make interest with another man?” The woman shook her head “she lost her memories and she never took interest with other man but she changed a lot” she hesitantly said the last words.

He encouraged her to speak “Tell me.” Neza continued “she became lively and kind, she took interest on farming, helped her people in their farm, gave them proper housing and paid the labors fairly. She studied all the plants, stayed late to read books and cooked often. She made arrangement for us including the guards to rest or to her term “to take a break” every six livings to find time for family.”

He looked at his queen in bed “make preparations we will consummate our marriage tonight here” she bowed and left the tent.

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