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Chapter 5 Consummation

She woke up in a bed inside a tent, she noticed the red flag with black wolf at the center of it hanging on the tent wall. She slid from the bed and walked outside, she felt awkward and nervous when all eyes were on her. She stared at them, they were all good looking and huge.

“If I am not from the past, then maybe I was transported to some myths because I am face to face with Hoplites of Greece or Vikings of Scandinavia. It’s like I am watching historical movies or TV series.”

Her thoughts were interrupted with a very loud growl coming from a very furious man. “Is he going to kill me in front of them? I don’t want to die in humiliation.” She closed her eyes and waited for the blow but instead she was lifted and carried back to the tent.

He threw her at the bed “If I find you again with my men staring at you with that clothes kicha, I will punish you severely” his voice was hard. She looked at her body and gasped, she was only wearing her undergarments. She looked up at his face full of frustration, she wanted to touch his face and ease his worries. She was careless and curious, her curiosity sometimes led to misunderstanding.

His face softened, he offered his hand, she accepted it and he pulled her to him. Someone cleared a throat “food is ready Your Majesty.” Her face lit up when she saw Neza “Neza are you going to get me from here?” she looked at the man beside me nervously and said “No, Your Majesty, His Majesty ordered you to stay here” she hurriedly walked outside.

Her eyes went wide “If the king wanted me to stay in this man’s tent, it means that damn old maniac king threw me to his enemy, they are all pigs! pigs!pigs!”

He can’t help but smile of how absurd her thoughts were, she imagined that the king was old and vicious. Her thoughts lingered again on her absurdity “he smiled while he thinks of wicked ways on how to kill me after he raped me” she grabbed the drinks and drank it.

She coughed when she tasted the bitter taste of the drink. He looked at her with amused smile on his lips “Don’t overthink kicha, eat, you need your energy tonight.” She ate in silence but her thoughts were wondering in different directions.

Neza and Kilta together with his men carried a tub and filled it with water. Both women started their task of giving her a bath, she tried to catch their gazes but they didn’t give her a chance, they continued their ministration of cleaning her body.

She now wore a long translucent and thin sleeping clothes, they rubbed something in her skin that smells nice. She looked at herself through the mirror, the young woman she was seeing was prepared for some sexual activity tonight because her husband gave her to his enemy.

Her eyes went wide and she put her hands on her chest when she heard something from behind “don’t overthink kicha, you are here because you belong to me.” He kissed her neck while his hands touched her body.

She whispered “I feel hot” he smirked and carried her to his bed. She felt something inside her like hot and tingling sensation. Her inner self was in collision craving for something. His kisses placate her cravings but she wanted more. She was a virgin, never experienced this kind of warm feelings. Calvin was old fashion and gentle, he was her only friend who showed love for her. He made her forget the sordid memories of Mark and turned them into soothing dose of care.

“I told you not to think of other man kicha” he kissed her again but this time more intense. She responded with passion, she can’t help it as her body was like a lost half of his that was reconnected after a long time. The owner of this body, she was not sure of her sexual experience. She wanted more and he desired to give her what she needed. They both swept away in a realm of passion.

She woke up feeling sore, part of her being as a woman was fulfilled. If she knew sex was this good, she should had indulged in one night stands before, but she knew, that was not her personality. She slid from the bed slowly and put the clothes laid for her, her maids readied them for her.

The man I had sex with was nowhere in sight. The way her hymen was breached by his enormous thing, she confirmed that the owner of the body was virgin too.

She went outside the tent, it was dawn, she noticed for the first time that they camped at her palace grounds. Kilta was surprised when she saw her inside her bedroom, she helped her changed into a pink pleated long skirt with long sleeve top with gold sun and moon pattern. All her dresses have the same pattern and design, it looks like the pattern was uniquely designed for the queen only. She went to the kitchen and wore an apron like garment with ruffles in every edge.

Golda made numerous egg pies arranged in a table, she cut one pie and tasted it. He waited for her to finished the portion she cut before he gave her the ladle to taste the dish he was cooking. She smiled at him when she tasted it, made an OK sign and winked at him. He laughed at her gestures and hugged her but he was instantly pushed to the wall by someone.

“You don’t touch the king’s woman like that, I will make sure that you will die in my hands.” Golda struggled to breath as the man used his arm in his neck. “What are you doing? He is my friend and our cook here, remove your arms now!” He turned to her and glared at her yet he removed his arms from Golda’s neck. Golda immediately bowed at him “I am at your mercy my king.”

Her eyes went wide “He is the king? I had sex with the king? Crap! He is young, younger than her perhaps. Never mind! I had sex with a man who owns all the women in his kingdom and maybe had sex with half of its population. It can’t be!” She looked at him in bewilderment, his face showed frustration “how many times I will say this to you kicha, don’t overthink.” She turned around and ran to her room.

She was pacing in her room thinking of how her life turned upside down in just a day. She started to love the strange life here, she had friends, respect from the people, and she was at peace. The door opened and the man who created chaos in her pretty serene life was looking at her intently.

She studied him, he was wearing a warrior’s clothing, like those she had seen in the movies with Roman and Greek empires settings. He wore red cloak with gold red and moon emblem just like in her clothes.

“You will come with me in the main palace” he said with authority. “No, I want to stay here, go get a new queen” she said dismissively.

His eyes went wild “you will come with me whether you like it or not, it is your duty as my queen, you may be carrying my heir now.” She glared at him “how can you be so sure?” He smiled at her in amusement and gently raised her chin to look at his eyes “because you drank the fertility tonic last night kicha and I will show you again my power now and for the rest of our lives.”

He kissed her and carried her to the bed and started showing his power without any resistance from her.

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