Broken Whispers

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Chapter 11

Faye's body stiffened slightly at the question, fingers immediately starting their count on her bracelet. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. The numbers filled her mind, distracting her from the fact the question still needed an answer. She glanced over at Kellan as the words still fell silent upon her tongue. She watched as his eyes drifted to her wrist, her fingertips dancing across each bead before they stilled.

"Sorry. Was that too forward again?" Kellan asked, his gaze falling from her bracelet onto the floor like lead.

"No. To both," she rushed out, words feeling heavy as if refusing to be spoken.

"No? To both what? No to dinner?" Kellan asked, confusion flooding his features but the smile still in his eyes. Faye shook her head, berating herself for not speaking full sentences. She flicked her gaze back to her bracelet although her fingers stayed frozen as her heart thundered in her chest. His gaze still felt like a dead weight upon her, his silent expectation feeling heavy in the air around her.

"No I haven't eaten dinner and no it's not too forward," she forced out, tone likely sounding shorter than she intended. She didn't glance up, waiting for his reply before deeming it safe to meet his gaze again.


Faye waited for him to continue, expecting him to elaborate on why he had asked if she had eaten dinner yet. But he stayed silent, a heavy weight seeming to settle between them as the bus journey progressed. Faye dared a swift look in his direction, anticipating icy blues to steal her breath. But his gaze was focused elsewhere, at something outside the window, beyond Faye's grasp.

"Glad we covered that then," she mumbled, shifting her body so that she faced the window next to her, curling around her grey backpack slightly. Her movements seemed to snap Kellan out of his trance, his eyes finding hers briefly before she broke away.

"Sorry," he offered, but his expression looked a little pained. His hand darted to the red bell that gripped the silver bar infront of his seat, the bell crying out into the air around them. "Raincheck?"

"Sure," she replied, despite having more words ready on her tongue. As the bus rolled to a stop Kellan barely glanced in her direction, eyes seemingly still fixed to something outside in the distance. Faye craned her neck to try and see what it was but between the blur of traffic and the darkness that had crept closer during their bus journey, she wouldn't have been able to spot her mother on the pavement let alone anyone or anything else.

Faye pulled her headphones once again to the top of her head, the cushioned earpieces wrapping her ears so that the music filled her entirely. Each beat ricocheted through her, the melody pulsing through her like blood through her veins. She was so immersed in it that her stop came out of nowhere, her hand jarring out to the bell when she noticed the red brickwork of her college as it tried to merge with everything else outside the window, intent on hiding from her.

The night never normally bothered her, the bus stop being so close to her dorm that it was barely a five-minute walk. But the second her white converse hit the pavement fear prickled over her skin, the air around her feeling heavy. Wind wisped at her neck, dread crawling out from the pit of her stomach as each step seemed to echo through her. Faye picked up her pace, trying her best to calm herself. Movement rippled to her left, her eyes darting but finding nothing but shadows. She whipped her headphones off so they collided with the back of her neck, the music both drowning out the night yet amplifying it at the same time.

The darkness seemed thick as she passed between the dim street lights and the leaves rustled warnings as she brushed past. The warnings grew louder as she walked yet the wind didn't seem to pull any harder at her clothes. Faye's eyes kept catching glimpses of something but by the time she focused towards it, empty space was all she found.

"If this is you Avery then just quit it," she yelled to the air even though she knew Avery would never taunt her like this, no matter how annoyed he may be. "My mind needs to calm the hell down," she muttered to herself.

Noise up ahead pulled her attention from the shadows. It sounded like multiple voices, laughter and muffled speech drifting to her ears. She spun on herself and walked up towards where the sound was coming from, thankful that it meant there were people nearby. Her paranoia still grappled to take hold, whispers echoing in the air behind her but Faye refused to turn and face them.

"Hey!" She blurted out to the small group of people ahead of her. They were stood together near the entrance of a dorm room, half shrouded in shadows as the dim streetlight struggled to illuminate them all. Their heads seemed to whip towards her in unison as she approached, immediately regretting calling out. That regret bloomed larger in her chest when a tall, skinny looking man stepped to his left, revealing Mandy. Her straight blonde hair seemed like it was glowing under the light as if an angel upon earth. Faye was betting she was anything but. She dropped her gaze immediately, rather wanting to face the whispers that called out from the darkness alone than continue forward and willingly be in Mandy's presence. Faye changed direction indiscreetly, resisting the urge to turn around and head in the entirely wrong direction.

"Hey, it's Faye right?" A males voice carried easily through the quiet darkness to reach her ears. His words blurred a little together as giggles and shuffled noises echoed behind them. "Come over here a second,"

Faye shook her head, continuing to give them a wide berth. She heard as one pair of footsteps collided with the pavement and she froze on the spot. There was no point running away, Mandy would tell everyone something absurd like she was scared of the dark. The fact that was true was a moot point, the entire college didn't need to know that.

The tall, skinny man she'd glimpsed from before almost collided with her, the smell of alcohol cutting through the air like glass. He swayed when he came to a stop, like a tree in the breeze, his hand weighing heavy on her shoulder as he steadied himself.

"So Faith," he slurred, getting her name wrong despite knowing what it was all of thirty seconds ago. "You busy right now?"

"I am," Faye stated, shooting a glance in Mandy's direction. She was stood with atleast two other girls, all giggling and falling over themselves. A wave of concern washed over her at the scene occurring in the doorway. Three tall men stood possessively next to each girl, their hands on some part of their bodies laying claim to what wasn't theirs.

"No, no Faith. Stay. Let me show you a good time," he continued, his hazel eyes glazed as he looked into hers. His hand shot out clumsily to her waist before sliding heavily to her arse. Faye glared at him in disgust, stepping out of his hold whilst hitting his hand away.

"Get off of me!" She spat. The man stumbled infront of her without her body to balance on. Faye glanced over to Mandy and the others, concern growing into fear after seeing this man's behaviour towards her.

"Well, you're no fucking fun. Crazy bitch," he growled although it held little conviction, the alcohol slurring his words too much for them to have alot of effect. The insult rolled off Faye like rain as she walked away from him but towards Mandy, against her better judgement.

"Hey, Mandy! Are you ok?" Faye shouted across the night, watching as Mandy's blue eyes shot across in her direction. The red tank top and low cut blue jeans showed alot of her pale white skin despite having a black fluffy coat to cover it. Her right shoulder laid bare, the arm of the jacket hanging loosely against her inner elbow. The lightly tanned boy had dark hair that blended with the black sky behind him. His eyes seemed dark making him look alot more menacing that he hopefully did in daylight.

"Of course I am, you weirdo," Mandy hissed, taking a step towards her. Faye watched as the man's hands gripped her a little, trying to hold her in place or remind her that she was his. Mandy clumsily staggered against his grasp before he forcefully released her, almost colliding with Faye in the process, smile dancing across his face.

"Yeah. You look perfectly fine," Faye muttered, holding Mandy loosely as she swayed, much like the moron from earlier. Mandy hit out at her arms, staggering when Faye stepped away and only air was there to hold her upright.

"Fuck off. This is Brad, my new friend. Isn't that right Brad? Do you know what a friend is Freak?"

"Yeah, I do. And it's not someone like fucking Brad," she retorted, mimicking the way Mandy had said his name, high-pitched and light.

"Go on, name one friend you have. Just one," she challenged, still holding true to her bitchy personality despite the amount of alcohol swirling through her.

"I'll be her friend," the moron from before offered, clumsy hands once again on Faye's body, holding her hips in place. Faye tried to twist out of his grip but his fingers dug into her skin, his touch burning like fire.

"Get the fuck off me!" She yelled as Mandy's arms reached out, pinning her to the man's chest.

"You need to chill out Faye. Do you know what she needs Byron? A good seeing to," she smirked, eyes alight at the horror she had proposed. The girls cackled behind Mandy like hyenas, neither stepping forward to help. Fear rose from the pit of Faye's stomach, twisting around her limbs causing them to feel fuzzy until it sat heavily on her chest making it harder to breathe. Faye continued to fight against the pair but the man's grip was too tight and her head was all in spin, thoughts and words twisting around like a tornado.

"Help!" She screamed, the loudness startling them for a moment. Laughter erupted as Mandy released her, pushing Faye's body back into the man who still held her so that they both flew to the floor.

"Did you actually think we were serious? It was a joke Freak. Byron wouldn't want to have sex with you even if he was dying. No one would ever want to have sex with you!" She sneered, turning away and stumbling back towards Brad who immediately kissed her hard, twisting his hand in her hair as he pushed her back hard against the wall.

"Noone wants to have sex with a bitch either. And by the way, I'm her friend," a voice Faye automatically recognised made its way through the darkness. A hand came down over her head and her gaze shot up to be greeted by the icy blues that knocked the wind out of her every time they collided.

"Kellan," she breathed out, wrapping her fingers around his as he pulled her upwards. He didn't let go when she was back standing , merely twisting his grip so that their fingers interlocked instead.

"The one and only," he smiled before his attention fell on the group infront of them.

"You're her friend? Is she blackmailing you or something?" Mandy taunted, turning in Brad's hold as she looked Kellan up and down.

"That's more your idea of friendship," he mocked, walking away from the group. He pulled Faye after him, stepping over Byron who still lay on the cold floor.

"Yeah, whatever. Piss off you freaks," she slurred. Faye looked over at Kellan to see his reaction, sad that he was already getting abuse for merely coming to her defence. His eyes seemed to flash in the darkness as if a surge of lightning had exploded beneath his lashes.

A scream echoed into the night behind them along with the sound of falling water. Faye spun towards it dropping Kellan's hand, surprise warping her features as she saw Mandy standing there along with Brad and the others completely soaked, as if a bucket of water had been thrown over their heads. Squeals and shrieks continued to disrupt the night's stillness as Faye glanced up to see storm clouds darkening the night sky further, heavy rain hammering down upon the group.

"What the hell?" Faye whispered, squinting harder at how the rain seemed to fall like a wall of water, the torrent mainly falling upon the 7 of them.

"Freak of nature I guess," Kellan shrugged, before taking Faye's hand back in his and pulling her softly in the direction of her dorm.

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