Broken Whispers

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Chapter 14

Faye walked along quietly next to Kellan, her mind turning itself inside out, eyes flickering to every shadow as they passed through the night. Faye's hand instinctively went to her arm, her fingernails biting into the skin above her wrist. The pain helped to ground her, a strategy, although not the best one, that enabled her to focus on what was real and what was not.

"You are awfully quiet," Kellan's voice cut through the panic like it always seemed to do, his gaze falling heavy on her as worry filled his eyes. His brow furrowed a little, Faye's gaze landing on the cute crinkle that settled atop the bridge of his nose.

"Uh-huh," Faye mumbled, Kellan's look of concern remaining at Faye's reply.

"Well don't talk my ear off," he joked, trying to keep her gaze as they walked.

"Sorry. Weird day,"

"Weird how?"

"Oh. Dinosaurs, talking ducks, that sort of thing," she teased, attempting to lighten the heavy mood that seemed intent on settling around them. She watched as Kellan's face lightened, his eyes twinkling as the smile reached his eyes. She had come to like the feeling that spread through her when she watched his eyes sparkle like that. Made her feel warm and cosy like she was being wrapped in a fur coat on a freezing winters day.

"That's not weird. That's a normal day for me. Shall we throw a few dragons in for good measure?"

"Absolutely. I mean, you can't have a good night out without a few dragons. Nobody uses Uber nowadays. Dragons are the new taxis,"

"Oh, I don't need to borrow wings. I have my own," he chuckled, flapping his arms as he jogged ahead a little. Faye watched as his feet seemed to drift above the floor with each outstretched step. She halted her movements, screwing her eyes shut, throwing her hands up to her temples.

"Fuck," she groaned, putting pressure under her palms. She heard as Kellan's footsteps stopped, changing direction as they came back towards her.

"Hey, everything ok?" He asked, his hand coming to rest on her arm. Her skin felt like it was vibrating outwards from his touch and she fell into the feeling.

"Yeah. Just a bit of a headache," she lied. Faye felt as his hand trickled down her arm like water till it pooled at her palm, fingers interlocking. She opened her eyes to see his brilliant blue waiting for hers, a sense of calmness spreading over her as he pulled her back towards her room.

"Wait, why are we going backwards?" she asked, pushing her heels down in an attempt to stop.

"Because I can just go grab something for us both. Nothing worse than a crowded, noisy restaurant when your head is pounding,"

Faye grinned at him, squeezing his hand in gratitude. She was shocked at how well he seemed to know what she needed after only 48 hours. The feeling around the thought was a mixture of happiness and fear, pushing and pulling at each other trying to win out.

Kellan walked her quietly back to her room, ensuring she was ok before leaving, his hand lingering in hers as if he didn't want to let her go as much as she didn't.

"Pizza? That's a safe bet, yeah? Most dragon riders eat pizza?" He smiled, his eyes twinkling as he hovered in the doorway.

"Pizza is definitely a safe bet. Anything on it but peppers. Fighting dragons is hot enough thanks," she grimaced, fanning herself as she sat on the bed.

"Thought you were a dragon rider? Not a fighter?"

"True," Faye replied, realising her mistake.

"Wouldn't riding dragons be breezy? I mean you are on the back of a dragon, riding through the air. That's got to be breezy?"

"Are we seriously having a conversation about dragon riders right now?"

"Yeah, how did we even get here?"

"That would be my fault, sorry," she replied, eyes falling sheepishly to the floor by her feet.

"Pretty sure it was me. I don't have a social filter like humans,"

"Humans? You trying to tell me you're not one of us?" she giggled. His face seemed to twist in panic briefly before he steeled it, replaced by a soft smile that didn't meet his eyes.

"Dragon rider remember?" He replied, raising an eyebrow before shutting the door obscuring him from Faye's gaze.

Faye threw herself back dramatically onto her bed, euphoria at how this evening had turned out. She pushed down the worry that tried to whisper lies in her mind, reminding her that the entire evening hadn't exactly been fixed in reality. Faye glanced over to her table, the bottle of pills standing proud amongst the piles of paper and books. Her fingers tapped a little dance on the mattress beneath her as her mind tried to decide what she wanted to do. She couldn't take them now. They would make her ridiculously sleepy and she would most likely fall asleep before Kellan had even made it back with their pizza. No, she would hold out till later. Sat in this room there wasn't exactly alot that could go wrong anyway. Hopefully. If the books suddenly grew wings and flew about like something out of Fantasia, then Faye would know it was time to call it a night.

Faye busied herself whilst she waited for Kellan, making the bed even though they were just going to sit on it and tidying away the rubbish that littered the floor. Within the hour she heard as the door to her room clicked open and she hurriedly sat back on the bed as if she had never moved.

The smell of hot cheese and dough were the first scents to meet her nose, twisting around the door before she had even seen Kellan. He walked over and sat on the bed, flicking the lid open dramatically to reveal a large, goey, circle of pizza with mounds of mushrooms and pepperoni. A moan escaped Faye as she took a deep breath in, her mouth almost dripping with anticipation.

"Smells amazing right? I almost bit the bloke's man off when he slowly passed me the box," Kellan chuckled, picking up a large slice and offering it to Faye.

"It smells incredible,"

"I got a large but I doubt we will eat it all,"

"Challenge accepted," Faye replied before putting almost half of the entire slice in her mouth and biting it off.

"Now that's impressive," Kellan smiled, picking up another piece and doing the same.

Both ate, relatively in silence, a few half mumbled exchanges until the box lay empty.

"My stomach," Kellan groaned, throwing himself to his left onto the bed. His head landed next to where Faye was sat crossed-legged on the bed, his black hair tickling the bare skin.

"That means I win," she replied, seemingly unaffected by the massive amount she had just eaten. Her hand rested on the thigh by his head, her fingers itching to run through his hair. He propped himself up on his elbow, thankfully moving it out of immediate reach before she caved.

"I think I'm the winner here," he breathed, his blue eyes holding hers as the breath caught in her throat. With his free hand, he softly covered hers, his thumb stroking the side of her palm.

Faye felt as her heartbeat quickened in her chest like it was trying to make a break for it. She swallowed loudly, trying her best not to panic. This could be her first kiss. That thought didn't help calm the onslaught of emotions that was ravaging her, if anything that made her mouth suddenly run dry as her eyes broke from his and landed on his gorgeous pink lips.

He rose slowly, his eyes flicking to hers as if silently asking permission. Faye couldn't have verbalised either way at that moment, her tongue feeling like a dead weight in her mouth. The smile that danced on her lips and the fact she didn't move away was all he seemed to need as a reply.

The second his lips touched hers it was as if her heart stopped in her chest. It was soft at first, gentle. He pulled back a little after the initial touch, his eyes glowing like blue flames. Before Faye could focus on that fact, his lips came down onto hers once more, her eyes fluttering closed as the kiss deepened. She felt as his position shifted, pushing into her gently so she laid back onto the bed, his body covering hers.

Her hands laid oddly by her sides but as their kiss deepened she wrapped them around his lower back. His had come up so that one lay nestled in her red curls, the other bracing his body so he didn't crush her. The smell of winter seemed to wrap around her as their lay entwined with each other, a warmth spreading throughout her body as it lay under his.

After a few minutes, Kellan pulled back with panted breaths, his eyes a little glazed, likely the same as hers.

"I've been wanting to do that since the first time I saw you," he breathed, his face still only a little distance from hers. She smiled, a little breathless as she took in his face. It was slightly flushed, his eyes sparkling as the smile grew on his pink lips, now a little pinker from their kiss. She didn't reply, just pushed herself up a little from underneath him, her hand finding the small hairs at the back of his neck, pulling him to her.

Faye enjoyed the feeling of his lips on hers, the sensation as his tongue trailed her bottom lip slightly as if knocking to come inside. Each touch made her head feel foggy as his hands danced across her body.

At some point they shifted in unison so that they were both side by side, kisses longer but less fevered, his hand softly trailing her ribs and hips, causing goosebumps to erupt under her green dress.

"Can I stay?" He asked a while later when she lay cradled against his chest. They had spent the last few hours either talking or kissing and Faye felt happier than she could ever remembered feeling. Away from Avery anyway. The memory of him tried to steal the joy that flooded her but she refused to let it, banishing it from her mind as she looked up into Kellan's ice blues.

"Um," she began, eyes darting about the bed that they lay on, wanting to say yes but worried that was a step she wasn't ready for. That had been her first kiss. She wasn't ready for her first time to be in the same night.

"Not like that," he soothed, holding her gaze, "just so I can fall asleep with you here like this. And so I can wake up like it."

He kissed her softly, sucking on her bottom lip a little as he pulled away.

"Well, how can I say no when you put it like that?" She rose out of his embrace briefly, a giggle escaping when she saw his face frown at the movement.

"I won't be long," she continued, bending over to her chest of drawers and pulling out an oversized t-shirt, "Just need to put this on."

She watched his eyes glow as he took her in. Instead of being shy and running to the dorm toilets, she felt a rush of empowerment as she stood there, oddly comfortable in her own skin. She slowly unbuttoned her dress, lifting it up and over her head thankfully in a graceful motion. She let the fabric pool to the floor, falling from her arm like a waterfall. She stood there for a moment in her black underwear, his eyes roaming her body in a way that felt exciting.

He stood up slowly and Faye's heart kicked up a notch again, her eyes holding his as he approached. His lips glanced hers softly like a feather before he broke away, kneeling down and collecting the t-shirt from the floor. He gathered it up, tenderly pulling it over her head and helping her arms fall through the sleeves. It tumbled to her knees, his hands drifting down her arms, pulling her towards him.

Faye tilted her head up, his blue eyes colliding with hers as she stepped out of his hold, pulling him back towards the bed. As they lay, once again entwined with one another, Faye sighed against his chest. Kellan's arm cradled around her lower back, one of her legs over his as she curled into his side like she was moulded to him. They talked effortlessly into the night, neither wanting to move away from the other.

Kellan kissed her forehead as sleep pulled at her, her breaths slowing and pauses growing longer between sentences.

"Goodnight dragon rider," she breathed sleepily, snuggling closer into his neck, breathing in the scent of him.

"Goodnight my queen,"

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