Broken Whispers

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Chapter 15

Faye's alarm was an unwelcome intrusion. She threw her arm out clumsily as it shattered her blissful sleep, her fingers blindly finding it but accidentally knocking it, sending it clattering to the floor. The noise that resounded ended up being louder than the alarm itself.

"Oh for god sake," she groaned, reaching across, eyes slits, as she tried to grab it and stop its infernal racket.

A chuckle rumbled from beneath her and her sleep muddled mind couldn't quite grasp what was making the sound. She stilled in her attempts, looking instead to what she was currently stretched across.

"Morning," Kellan purred, his hand falling off the side of the bed and silencing the alarm instantly.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," she mumbled, trying to move off of him, her mind catching up to the fact he had stayed over. His arm came up to rest on her lower back, halting her efforts.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" His other hand found its way to the base of her neck, pulling her softly down as his lips once again enveloped hers. Faye melted into him, body covering his.

"Hm. That's a much better way to wake up," he breathed when she pulled back a little, warmth spreading through her again as their gazes met. His eyes still held the fog of sleep but seemed to sparkle in the morning light reminding her of a crystal clear lake.

"Talking about waking up," she replied, tapping his chest as she pushed herself upright. She perched herself on the edge of her bed, trying to clear the fuzziness of sleep from her mind and figure out exactly what her timetable was for the day. She quickly realised she had Biology first which meant at least they both were heading to the same place at the same time. Kellan sat up slowly, his arm lacing around her waist as he snuggled into her neck.

"No. Staying in bed,"

Faye giggled as his hot breath tickled her neck next to her ear, wriggling a little in his hold.

"Not a chance. I can't keep missing classes because of you,"

"Because of me?"

"I meant I can't miss a class because of you," she corrected, the lie flowing easily and quickly from her mouth. His lips met her neck softly and she shuddered, closing her eyes and falling into the sensation.

After a few more seconds she forced herself to break from his embrace, walking backwards from the bed so that she put a little space between them both.

"Don't you need to go back to your dorm before class?" She asked, trying to pull his focus to the necessities of the day.

"No. I can walk you to your first class then go back to mine."

"It's biology."

"Ok?" He replied, eyebrow raised as if he hadn't made the connection yet.

"We are in biology together remember?"

"Oh right. I'll just skip it today. You could skip it too," he offered, standing up and stalking towards Faye. She backed up a little, hands low but in front of her as she tried to keep space between them.

"Nope. We have to go to class. Anyway if you leave now you can easily shower and still make it in time."

"I don't live here. I live somewhere else," he replied whilst keeping her gaze.

"Oh. I'm sure plenty of teenage boys will be sitting in their own filth. You will blend right in."

Kellan was on her in an instant, strong arms wrapped around her as she gently thrashed and squealed in his hold.

"Here, share in my filth," he joked, rubbing his arms up and down hers before lifting his arms, the motion silently threatening Faye with an armpit cuddle.

"Eww, stop!" She screeched, ducking and sprinting until she almost collided with her bed. She covered herself with her duvet as if it could protect her from him, trying her best to stay quiet as she listened out for his movements.

"Well that was surprisingly easy," Kellan laughed as Faye felt his body once again slide into the bed next to her. His hands blindly dove beneath the covers, his grip soft as he pulled her into a cuddle.

"We should definitely just spend the day under the covers," he continued, his lips planting a soft kiss on her neck. Faye felt her resolve falter as she nestled closer to him, liking the feeling she had when he held her like this. He felt right. So she nodded, allowing her eyes to drift closed, content in his embrace.

The next few weeks passed in a blur. Kellan spent most nights in her bed, all very PG friendly, kisses and snuggles never venturing into anything more. He walked her to classes, awaited afterwards with a coffee and lunch like he was a boyfriend straight out of a romance novel. And whilst Faye loved it, at the same time she was tentatively waiting for the other shoe to drop. They were so wrapped up in each others company for almost three weeks that Faye hadn't even felt the need to escape to her parents, spending the past two weekends holed up in her room, watching scary movies and romantic comedies with Kellan at her side, snuggling together under her duvet as the weather started to turn a bit, autumn demanding it's time in the sun. Faye had ended up cancelling the last three appointments with Dr Billows which might not have been the wisest idea, but she hadn't found the words yet to explain to Kellan exactly what struggles she hid from him.

That Sunday had been similar to the others they had spent together, the only difference being that Faye had decided they should grab a bite to eat that didn't arrive in a cardboard box. Also, Faye felt the need to actually breathe some fresh air, considering once again since the Friday evening, the pair of them hadn't left the four walls of her room.

The restaurant hadn't been as bad as she feared, busy but not unbearably so, especially not when Kellan's hand was firmly intertwined with hers. They sat together in a corner booth, talking effortlessly in-between bites of food, content with each others company. Faye barely noticed when Mandy came in, her bitchy friends on her heel like a gaggle of geese.

"Kellan," she gasped, as if she hadn't zeroed in on him from the moment she had entered. Mandy was incredibly transparent to Faye, almost like a window. Faye had noticed the longing that lingered in her gaze when she saw Kellan, the heated glares that she bestowed upon Faye the second she saw her on his arm.

"Mandy," Kellan replied, his gaze falling upon her for less than a second before falling back to Faye.

"Fancy seeing you here."

"It's the only decent restaurant this close to campus. I hope your skills of deduction are better than what you are currently trying to convey," Kellan retorted, earning himself a glare in return before Mandy covered it with a forced grin.

"I just meant seeing you outside. Faye seems to keep you all locked up most weekends. Weren't you ever taught to share?" She directed her question towards Faye, who bit her tongue, knowing there was no point in battling.

"Actually it's me who demands all of Faye's attention. She was the one who forced us out tonight. I'd be much happier with her all to myself," he smiled, kissing Faye softly before pulling back but keeping his gaze upon her.

"I'd hide her away too. The fewer people that see her the better," Mandy sniped before attempting to leave their company. Kellan's hand fell noisily to the table, the sound of clattering cutlery and jingling glasses pulling Faye's attention towards it. His hand was twisted in some sort of contorted fist, as if it were strangling the air around it. A chill settled across Faye's skin as she stared at it, her breath billowing with clouds as though the temperature around them had dropped 100 degrees.

Mandy and her gaggle shivered and rubbed their arms as if they felt it too, before a shriek joined the humdrum symphony of the restaurant, Mandy collapsing to the floor a few steps away from their table.

Faye tried to stifle the laughter that wanted to escape as she watched Mandy trying to right herself, her legs buckling beneath her like she was Bambi on ice.

"Will someone help me!" She demanded through gritted teeth as her arms shot out to steady herself. Her friends reached out tentatively, stretching at odd angles as if avoiding something on the floor.

"Is she drunk?" Kellan laughed, causing a glare from Mandy who was still incredibly unsteady.

"No! There is ice on the floor," she retorted, sweeping her blonde hair out of her face as she tried to regain her composure.

"Sure. A random bit of ice? That just appeared in front of you? Now you definitely sound drunk."

"It's right there!"

Kellan's hand relaxed onto the table in front of them as he stood to see what Mandy was talking about. The air around them instantly felt warmer, as if the heating had been turned on and whacked up. He stretched over to see the ground in front of her, laughter escaping him as he lowered himself back down.

"Mandy, that's a puddle. Someone clearly spilt some water and you tried to drown yourself in it. Not that I'm complaining but chose a bigger puddle next time, it might wield better results."

"Fuck off!" She replied, hands on her hips as she sashayed away from them, dancing around the pool of water by her feet. Faye just looked on in confusion, unsure what exactly had been happening the past few minutes. She looked over at Kellan whose gaze was already upon her, one hand weaving back into position across her lower back as the other reached for a cold chip. A warmth pooled in her chest, at how he had defended her without hesitation.

"Fancy making a move?" He asked in between chews, a smile on his face as he held her gaze.

"Sure. Do you think Mandy's alright? She did fall pretty hard?"

"Yeah. Maybe it will knock the bitch out of her?"

Laughter shot out of Faye as she rose to leave, her eyes landing on the substantial puddle that lay to her left. It was odd that it was there, right next to their table yet she hadn't heard or seen anyone drop a glass. Well, more like a jug from the size of it.

"Unlikely," she mumbled as she remained focused on the puddle, lost in her own thoughts until she felt Kellan's hand upon the small of her back, pushing her forward and out the front door of the restaurant.

Faye shivered as the cool night air trickled over her skin. Kellan instantly covered her shoulders with her black woollen coat, rubbing her arms a little before stepping away.

"Thanks," she breathed, her teeth chattering a bit as the word came out before she slid her arms into her jacket. Kellan's hand found hers as it emerged before they fell into step beside each other in the direction of Faye's dorm. Faye walked briskly, eager to get home and into the warmth, confused where this sudden chill in her bones had come from. The pair walked quietly together into the night, content to yet again just be in each others company. She loved that about him, how he was happy just to be with her, nothing more. It made her want more, more of him.

When they reached her building, Faye stopped by the door, releasing Kellan's hand and turning to him with a smile on her face.

"So...did you want to come up?" She asked playfully, dipping forward to kiss him softly on the mouth. Faye didn't know when the thought had taken hold, but she had decided tonight would be the night. The night she asked for all of him. And she had no doubt that he would be willing.

"Is that even a question you need to ask?" He replied before capturing her mouth with his, his arms coming up to hold her in place as he deepened the kiss. Without breaking from her he started to walk her backwards until her body collided with the door behind them. A giggle, half-muffled, escaped Faye as she broke away, turning from him to open it.

"Let's get inside first."

Faye entered first, her fingers entwined behind her in his, trying her best to keep some distance until they were at least in her room. She rushed up the stairs, her heart beating excitedly as she reached her dorm room door. Kellan was close behind her, she could feel his warmth before his lips came down to nuzzle her neck.

"Stop it," she giggled, "I'm trying to open the door."

"And I'm trying to kiss you."

Faye turned towards him and kissed him feverishly, something inside of her awakening and willing her to drown in him. These past few weeks had been blissful but a part of her was always holding back, hiding from him. But tonight she wanted to knock down her walls. She didn't want to keep him out any longer.

The door seemed to give way behind them, Faye almost collapsing into her room before Kellan's strong arms braced her from falling. But instead of releasing her, his form seemed frozen, his gaze focused behind her as she looked up at him.

"Kellan?" She asked as she tried to step out from his embrace. He released her but his movements felt stiff. Faye righted herself and turned around to see what Kellan was glaring at and her heart stopped in her chest when sat, perched on her windowsill was...


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