Broken Whispers

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Chapter 2

Faye walked into her house like a whirlwind, sending the door cascading into the wall behind. Her mother appeared in the doorway with a rather shocked look on her face whilst Faye was oblivious, her music drowning out all outside noise.

"What?" She asked as she pulled off her headphones, confused at her mother's glare that she was sure wasn't earnt.

"The door Faye. How many times do I have to tell you?" Her mother replied, tone short as she moved around Faye to check the wall. She tutted as she rubbed the small mark that had been made and Faye turned to head towards the stairs.

"I'm sorry. I'll paint over it again later," she shouted as she ran up the steps to her bedroom, slamming yet another door behind her. She winced a little as the sound ricocheted off the walls, feeling her mother's glare even in the closed off room.

"What did the door do?" Avery's voice stole her attention once more. He was perched next to her windowsill, leaning against the wall, an irritating smile on his face.

"Seriously? Me literally running away from you didn't give you the message?" Faye scowled as she walked to her bed and fell onto it heavily. She pulled her headfones off and dropped them to the floor, groaning loudly at his presence. She really didn't want him around right now.

"You always run from me. And I always follow you. When will you get the message?" he retorted. Faye felt as the bed dipped slightly from his presence and grabbed the pillow next to her head to cover it. Within a moment the pillow was snatched from her hands, causing her to turn over and scowl at him again.

"Maybe if you were less annoying then I'd stick around more," she quipped, desperately reaching for the pillow and failing. He was able to dangle it just out of her reach which infuriated her more.

"Then that's what I'll endeavour to do," he whispered as her face was suddenly incredibly close to his. He dropped the pillow so it fell into her lap but she made no move to grab it. It tumbled softly to the floor as Faye got lost in his beautiful blue eyes for a moment.

"Faye? Didn't you hear me knocking?" The whoosh of the door opening tickled Faye's face and she turned towards it in confusion. Her mother's worried gaze landed upon her instantly and Faye looked back at Avery briefly before meeting her gaze once more.

"Ummm no, sorry music," she replied, bringing her hand up to tap on her headfones that were no longer on top of her head. Faye's mother didn't miss that fact either, opening the door further and walking inside.

"Who were you talking to?" She asked, her tone full of uncertainty and worry. Faye looked down at the pillow then back over at her mother preparing the lie on her tongue.

"No-one, I was just listening to music,"

"Faye. I heard you talking to someone so don't lie to me," her mother continued whilst walking over to Faye's bedside cabinet. She immediately opened the top drawer, picking up a white box of pills. They rattled as she moved them, as if calling out their presence before anyone had even opened them.

"Mum. Seriously," Faye said, knowing exactly where this conversation was going. She watched as her mother opened the loud bottle of pills and tipped them out, counting them one by one as they clattered loudly back into the pot.

"18 mum. There are 18 left. Exactly the amount there is meant to be," Faye continued, trying desperately to stop the tears that were burning her eyes. She hated that every single time something happened, even something incredibly small like she wasn't hungry, or someone annoyed her, that it must be because of her illness. No other reason was ever offered. Her illness was more her than she was.

"I'm your mother. I'm allowed to check," she explained, placing the closed bottle back in the drawer before turning with an apologetic look on her face. Faye shook her head as she met her eyes.

"You're meant to trust me," she replied before looking over at the empty spot where Avery had been. To be honest, she couldn't blame her mother, she had been talking to someone. Someone that didn't exist. But if she told her that then she would drag her back to Dr Billows and demand they increased the meds. Or changed them again. And it wouldn't work. He never went away, meds or not.

"I do trust you," her mother said as she sat next to her on the bed, squeezing her hand. Faye resisted the urge to snatch it back, knowing her mother was just trying to do what she felt was best. Even if that meant lying to her.

"How has college been this week? Made any friends yet?" She continued and Faye groaned at the question.

"I'm not 12 mum. I don't need friends, I just need to do my work," she replied, trying her best to not think of Mandy at that moment. The last thing she wanted was to have a repeat of her secondary school years. So her plan this time around was to have no friends. Ever. Then she wouldn't have to go through the pain of losing them.

"Everyone needs friends," her mother said, softly pulling Faye into a small hug as they sat together on the bed. Faye didn't resist when she did so, leaning into her, feeling the contact soothe her.

"I don't," Faye breathed, relaxing into her mother's hold. She felt as her mother brought her hand up to stroke her hair softly. The pair didn't speak further, just happy to be in each others company for a while.

When her mother left, Faye relaxed back onto her bed, closing her eyes in an attempt to shut the world out for a moment. She relished in the realisation that there was no college again till Monday, despite the fact it was Saturday already so only a full day left. But that full-day felt like such a blessing, being able to hide in her room again like she had done for most of her childhood. Away from the bullies. Away from anyone really.

"Do you want me to go?" Avery asked, at some point having reappeared. Faye ignored him this time, as if she, like everyone else couldn't see nor hear him. But once again she felt the dip on the bed and manoeuvred her legs away from him.

"I don't like it when you shut the world out Faye. It scares me," he replied softly and she knew why it did. Her hand instinctively found it's way to her wrist, stroking the silky scar underneath her fingertips. But that had been many years ago now and the thought never crossed her mind. Well rarely.

Faye opened her eyes and sat up on the bed to face him, a sad smile on her lips that was likely reflected in her eyes. She saw how Avery was looking at her, worry etched across his face. So for the first time in a long time she reached out to purposely touch him. Her hand found his that was rested on his knee and she felt the slight jolt as they connected.

"I promised I'd never ever do something like that again. And I won't," she breathed softly, giving the hand she held a squeeze. Faye had been lost in the darkness back then searching for a light to stave off the shadows that had invaded her mind.

"You can't leave me, Faye," he replied, voice thick with emotion and fear. Faye reasoned it was because if she died then Avery clearly would too, existing only in her mind. So of course he never wanted her to do it again. She might succeed this time and he would be gone too.

"I think we both know by now that we are stuck with each other" Faye chuckled as she tried to pull her hand from his. His grip stayed firm though, refusing to let her go just yet.

"True. I'll never leave you, that much I know,"

He stroked her hand softly, his eyes staring at where they rested on his lap. Faye didn't know why she did it, but she leant into him, her head fitting perfectly on his shoulder. For that moment she didn't quite care that he wasn't real, just needed the comfort. His body was stiff at first, as if he didn't know quite what to do. Probably worried that if he moved he would spook her, like she was some sort of wild animal. After a minute or so, when he was assured she wouldn't move, he shuffled back so that he was leaning on the wall. He pulled her closer so she was nestled into his side, not just balanced on his shoulder and Faye didn't resist.

At some point, Faye must have fallen asleep as her mother's voice stirred her rather abruptly sometime later.

"Faye. Faye. Dinner is ready," her mother said loudly, not quite shouting but loud enough to startle her awake. She looked underneath her in confusion, sleep still fogging her mind and movements. Avery's strong form was still firmly underneath her and Faye stretched out like a cat as her body awoke a little more.

"How on earth are you resting like that. It's like you're balancing on air?" Her mother asked and Faye sat up slowly, confused at what her mother was talking about. She just shook her head in confusion, looking back at Avery and the wall as she rose.

Faye manoeuvred her mother out of the room, not wanting Avery to wake and watch her leave, knowing the sadness that would be on his face as their moment had ended. For years now Faye had desperately tried to avoid even talking to Avery. It was too risky because if her mother or Dr Billows found out then they would either pump her full of more drugs or admit her again. And that's what dragged her down into the darkness in the first place. Also, he had been like a best friend growing up, at times her only friend and when she spoke to him, when she had moments like she had just had with him, it just made everything else so much harder. It made ignoring him almost impossible.

Faye shut the door quietly before following her mother down the stairs as the familiar scents of tomato and spices flooded her nostrils. She ignored the pull she felt to go back to him and focused on moving her feet in front of her one step at a time.

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