Broken Whispers

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Chapter 24

Kellan nursed his wounded jaw, his hand gripping it gingerly as he open and shut his mouth. His eyes flared a cobalt blue as he stood, zeroed in on Avery who stood a few metres in front of him. He had a smirk on his face, clearly happy with his right hook but Faye didn't miss how he mirrored Kellan's jaw movement with his fist, pain clearly radiating through his knuckles at the very least.

"Unfortunately so," Kellan spat, dusting himself off as he rose, continuing to glare. Faye stood there silently, a little behind the pair, waiting for them both to turn and include her instead of squaring up to each other like Neanderthals. But they barely seemed to notice her presence, intent on drowning in each other's stern glares or firey gazes than explaining to her what the hell was going on.

"Finally, a droplet of truth falling from a Wynter's lips," Avery growled.

"You're one to talk. Just wait till the council hear about your treachery."

"Then they shall hear about yours."

"But it's expected of me. I'm a Wynter. But their golden boy," Kellan scoffed as he trailed off, rolling his eyes as he gestured at Avery, "they will be woefully disappointed in you. I feel a chill just thinking about it."

Faye watched as Avery lunged at Kellan again but Kellan gracefully anticipated it, dancing out of his reach like a swan, beautiful and captivating.

"Hot-headed. Summers are so predictable."

Faye was tired at this point of not being able to follow the conversation. She was confused constantly but an undercurrent to that confusion was anger. Anger that the two people in the world right now that could ease her confusion were too busy fighting about nonsense and seasons to even try. The Anger seemed to pulse inside of her, manifesting into something that felt tangent, that had a life of its own.

Faye threw her hands up in the air and decided it was best right now to put a little distance between her and them, her hands now turning to fists as she stalked away. She contemplated going to her dorm but instantly decided against it, that would be the first place either of them looked.

She reached into her bag as she walked, her fingertips gracing her headphones with ease as she tugged them out and nestled them on her head. Her body instantly relaxed a little, the anger dissipating, taking comfort in being able to block the world out for a while. She turned the volume up so that the music drowned out everything, each beat seeming to pulsate through her entirety as her feet pounded the pavement.

Faye had no idea where she was going, her eyes catching glimpses of streets and houses as she walked but retaining little else. Her feet continued to carry her senselessly, her mind refusing to focus on anything other than the melody that flowed through her body.

A second before Avery came into view, Faye felt a difference in the air around her. It was as if suddenly there was a charge in the air, a crackle of energy trickling over her skin like electricity. And odd sensation bloomed in her chest and it was enough to make Faye stop dead in the street, slipping her headphones off as she looked around, a bit bewildered.

"Where are you going?" Avery asked, his voice reaching her before her eyes found him. He was lent underneath a random tree that lay on an otherwise barren bit of grass, the leaves shielding him from the sunlight, dousing him in shadows.

"Away from the pair of you," Faye retorted, already done with this conversation.

"You haven't let me explain yet," he stated, his voice less heavy as worry dripped over the words like honey.

"And I'm not going to. Liars don't deserve second chances. Naivety isn't a part of my personality unfortunately for you."

"I never lied," he almost growled, stalking off the tree and towards where Faye was stood. The tingle over her skin increased tenfold as he once again came close enough to touch her, for an instant the sensation drowning out everything else. The odd sensation in her chest subsided, her entire being calling out to his.

His eyes found hers and seemed to sparkle before falling to her lips. Faye bit her bottom lip in response, her body reacting to his presence even if her mind still hated what he had done.

"There's another lie," Kellan quipped, his voice shocking her out of whatever stupor that she had become lost in. Faye turned towards him, brow furrowed as he came to a stop just behind her.

"I'm not lying," Avery spat, glowering at Kellan as if he wished his glare could physically ignite him. Kellan rolled his eyes like a child, clearly feeling the same amount of contempt.

"So you've told her what she is, what she means in all this?"

"You have no idea what you're talking about!"

Kellan's cackle shattered into the quiet street, Faye flinching a little at the sound.

"I'm going to take that as a no," Kellan chuckled out once his laughter subsided, his eyes falling onto Faye, "I will tell you everything, Faye. All you have to do is let me."

"Oh right. Because you've never lied? Never made her think she was crazy? You pretended you hadn't seen me, you made her think she was insane."

"I had no other choice. I was working with what little options I had. If she didn't think you were real then she couldn't choose-"

"Enough!" Faye interrupted, head flipping between them so they knew it was directed at the both of them, "I don't trust either of you. Not a word that falls from your lips. So would you both just leave me alone!"

"But-" Avery started but she shot him a look that said he best end that sentence there. Kellan stayed silent, a small smirk on his face that Faye didn't care for right now.

"I don't want anything to do with either of you. The lies, the half-truths, it's agony and confusing as fucking hell. So unless either of you can get me someone I can trust, someone that can explain all of this, why this is happening to me, then kindly fuck off out of my life."

Faye threw her headphones forcefully on top of her head as she walked heavily away from the pair, not looking back. She absentmindedly shot the music up on her phone to a painful level but she didn't care. She enjoyed the pain for a while, it gave her another thing to focus on, a physical outlet instead of the cavern of torture that swirled through her chest.

Why hadn't Avery just shown her parents right at the start that he was real instead of letting her spend her entire life believing she was crazy? Why had Kellan inserted himself into her life, brought some normality into it just to shatter it? Why did he lie about seeing Avery? How did he even know Avery?

So many questions spun around in her mind making Faye feel physically sick. She desperately wanted answers but didn't know how to get them. She couldn't trust those men to tell her the truth, she couldn't trust them to breathe truthfully let alone answer truthfully.

Faye stopped her movements, realising at that moment that she had no idea where to go. She couldn't go home. She couldn't go to her dorm. She couldn't even go to her sanctuary because Avery knew where that was. She couldn't escape them and that realisation angered her.

Faye recognised the familiar sensation from earlier as it seemed to swirl around in her stomach, like an angry, trapped little bird caught in a cage, desperate to find a way out. And as her thoughts flew to Avery and Kellan, to their deceit, the anger inside of her raged stronger. Until suddenly the sensation flooded her, no longer was the tiny, little defenceless bird trapped in a cage.

No...the cage had been melted by the fury that ravaged her, a puddle of golden liquid that now flared through her veins, burning her from the inside out.

Years of pent up anger and frustration that had built up inside of her demanded an outlet, demanded to be free.

Power seemed to tingle at her fingertips for a moment, similar to the sensation she felt around Avery and Kellan but stronger...and darker. Faye for a moment thought she could actually hear it crackle, snapping against the air like a crocodile, intent on destruction.

That's what it felt like...

Like she could destroy anything and everything with a mere flick of her wrist.


Faye whipped her head around at a speed she wasn't used to and as her eyes clashed with sea blues her vision blurred a little, nausea rippling beneath the surface. She swayed on her feet before a hand shot out to steady her. Her gaze flicked to who had touched her without permission. She was so sick of everyone doing things without her permission...without consulting her at all. A flash of energy pulsed out from her, like a lightning strike and Kellan flew backwards, crashing into the ground, earth and grass exploding as if a bomb had exploded.

"What the fuck was that!" Kellan shouted as he scrambled to his feet, his eyes darting between Avery and Faye.

The rage bubbled to the surface once more, almost drowning the smallest part of her that was holding back...

"Faye. Faye, you have to calm down."

Avery's voice cut through the haze of anger for a second, like a thick film that covered her entire form. But within seconds it engulfed her again once she heard his instruction.

"I don't have to do anything you say," she spat, her voice sounding gravelly and unlike her own.

"What the fuck is even happening? How is she doing this? The rose is meant to be mortal!" Kellan demanded, shock rippling across his face.

"How am I meant to know!"

"Because you have been with her for most of her life apparently."

"Well, she has obviously never done this. I would have shared that little tidbit."

"Of course you would have," Kellan scoffed, crossing his arms across his chest, clearly not believing him in the slightest.

As Faye stood there once again listening to them argue about her, she almost drowned in the rage that threatened to consume her. The sensation inside of her wanted her to give in, wanted her to take everything that swirled inside of her, and let it out. It wanted to silence them.

It wanted to silence everything.

"No!" Faye screamed, unsure if it was just in her own head or out loud. Two eyes swung in her direction and when they crashed into hers she hoped they saw the fear in her own.

"I can't- I can't control it," she pleaded, her body trembling as she tried to keep the power contained.

"Just breathe," Avery said, holding her gaze and outstretching a hand towards her. Faye shook her head, refusing to take it.

"Come on don't be stubborn," Avery smiled as he inched closer, his gaze drifting to his left as Faye noticed Kellan mirroring his movements.

"I don't want to hurt you," Faye breathed, wrapping her hands around herself as her gaze flicked between the pair.

"You won't."

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