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From a very young age, Valencia has been trained for battles. As a result of being the daughter of the Alpha of Arkland, who is notorious for his ruthless ways, Valencia has been advised and trained mercilessly to be like him, a strong warrior and lycan, and to be prepared for any possible violent conflicts. Especially conflicts that may arise because of the Messolyn Pack's intentions. The Messolyn Pack and its powerful Alpha, Russo, are enemies of Arkland and its occupants. Valencia, as well as thousands of other warriors, must fight them if needed to protect the Arkland Pack. When a battle eventually erupts throughout Arkland, Valencia is forced to adapt to the new events that occur throughout her country, pack and her personal life. Copyright © 2021 by Faith Hunte All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of Faith Hunte.

Fantasy / Romance
Faith Hunte
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Chapter 1

Hello everyone. This is one of the books in the series Amidst the Grips of Lycans and can be read as a standalone.

The other books in the series include: Lycans Of The Woods, SKYLAR and The Lycans of HollowMist.

Below is some information about this book, VALENCIA:

Valencia is twenty-one years old.

Arkland is the country where Valencia's pack is located. The name of the pack is the Arkland Pack, and it is the only pack in existence in the country.

Lycans, most who are from the Arkland Pack, are the only ones who live in this country as well.

Wynland, the Alpha of Arkland, also has complete control over the country as well. I hope that this makes sense, but if not, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to explain it. Now on to the story....


"You all will be taken to the cells."

Wynland's voice sliced through the dark room, and I remained seated, silent and still beside him, my eyes travelling over the solemn faces of the captured lycans.

Their wrists were forcibly pressed tightly together before them and the chains bound around their wrists were causing welts and bruises to appear on their skin.

My eyes momentarily held the ones of a young, petrified girl, whose thick short dark blonde hair laid limply across her face and her clothes were soaked with sweat. A boy stood beside her, and because of their very similar features, I thought them to be siblings, twins even.

Unlike his sister, the young male lycan stood strong, legs shoulder width apart and back straight, his blazing eyes narrowed on Wynland.

The boy's dark eyes drifted to my own after a moment, and his features hardened further as he watched me observe him. Small fangs were revealed as he growled lowly at me, and I pressed my lips together tightly, resisting returning one of my own.

A clock clicked loudly, echoing in the room, and two of my fingers automatically moved to tap against my bare wrist, the action drawing Wynland's attention. He inhaled deeply and stood from his chair, and I did as well, my hand which wasn't tucked behind my back lifting to adjust the uncomfortable collar of my dark coat. I allowed Wynland to pass ahead of me, and dropped my hands to my sides before I began walking.

Beta Julius tilted his head low as I strode by him, and I carried on walking towards the door, aware that Wynland had stopped to exchange a few words to his Beta, words which I believed he didn't just yet want me to know of.

My fingers curled around the handle of the door once again, the cold metal turning as my eyes went back to the young girl with the thick hair, and her sibling. Their eyes were focused on me and their contrasting expressions and behaviors were intriguing.

The boy's chin was lifted high in defiance, the girl's lower lip trembled with fear and her eyes glistened with tears. The boy initially had been just as scared as his sister when he had been brought here, and the behavior that I now see from him, was what I suspect to be an act. He was trying to be brave, and the corner of my lips quirked as I realized this. His scowl deepened.

Wynland entered my view, and I opened the door immediately, stepping back and allowing him to pass me before I too slipped through the door. It closed soundly behind us.

"You are wanted in the Dome by Bertha." Wynland spoke briefly to me before we parted ways, my boots clicking loudly against the tiled floors of a long hallway until I stepped outside the glass building.

My boots then crunched against dried leaves and grass, and the scent of recently burnt earth reached my nostrils as I crossed the field. Nearby, a child was rocking back and forth on her heels, head low whilst an Arkland warrior stood in front her, chastising the girl for setting the small area which they stood on, on fire. A lighter was gripped in the warrior's hand, and no doubt the young pup had used it.

My lips tightened as I briefly locked eyes with her; five year old Ferah had a habit of being naughty, and it was not the first time I had seen her being admonished for the day.

I carried on walking across the field, my hands finding and staying in the large pockets of my coat as the cool night air wrapped around my body. Up ahead laid the large building, the Dome. It had acquired that name because, well, it was shaped as a dome. It had also been carefully constructed, and built with materials that would not bend or crumble easily to gunfire or violence.

The doors of the building slid open once I waved my Arkland card across a dark machine; many warriors of the pack have a similar card as well, which allows them to enter several buildings.

I pocketed my gray and blue Ark key card as I stepped inside, eyes travelling over the bland, dark furniture, the grey and white walls before finally settling on the lycan, Bertha, who had called for me. She was dressed in a uniform similar to those of the lycan warriors of Arkland. Our uniforms were simply black cargo pants and a black, long sleeved shirt. The small initials of our names were also stitched into the upper right side of our shirts.

Bertha stood as I approached, her head dipping just the slightest before she straightened.

"Aunt Bertha." I spoke, and I bristled at the way my voice bounced around the walls. I paused, listening to the echo, as well as any other possible voices of the employees who worked in the building, but heard nothing but my reverberating voice. I continued, "Wynland told me I was needed here."

She nodded, and I watched as she turned. Her hands roamed her messy desk, searching for something, and I watched silently when she eventually lifted a folded paper. She raised it to me, and I took it wordlessly.

Bertha was quiet as I flipped it open and analyzed the map which showed three mountains not too far from the pack. There were several areas on a particular mountain that were circled in red ink, and I flicked a questioning look up towards Bertha.

"Your next assignment," She revealed finally. "Wynland expects you to leave tomorrow at dawn. Check the cameras and ensure everything is as it should be. Several have not been working correctly and one in particular, the Eye Two, hasn't been showing clear footage since twelve noon yesterday."

I nodded. It was often that Wynland would rely on Bertha, or the Beta to relay information regarding my assignments or duties. Wynland however was the one who would create and organize them. He had been since I was a child.

I folded the map just as it had been initially, and shoved it into my back pocket, right behind the ark key card. "Is that all?" I asked, doing my best to not allow the tiredness I felt to seep into my voice.

Bertha nodded and I stepped away after studying her face. Like myself, she looked tired, with dark bags under her eyes and her face's complexion was somewhat between pale and its normal color.

A look at the clock hanging on the wall by the exit of the doors showed that ten p.m. was nearing, and Bertha would be returning home once the hour came.

When I left the building, I took a moment to inhale the cool air, and for my gaze to move over towards the large mountains in the distance. By six thirty tomorrow, I would be nearing one of them.

But for now and until twelve a.m., I would patrol the pack with some of my fellow warriors.



My head lifted slowly from the document I'd been reading, and I stared across my office to where Wynland stood. Surprise coiled in my stomach and I straightened, alert. It was not often that Wynland came to my house or office, and it looked odd to see him in the doorway of it.

The hour was early, around three a.m, and after being unable to sleep after I'd finished patrolling the pack, I had decided to go to my office, and review several documents regarding the pack's resources.

"Yes, Wynland?" I stood as the Alpha entered, but his eyes were not on me. No, they were on the small pile of documents on my desk, on the photos framed and hanging against my walls and then on the map given to me by Bertha, which rested on the desk.

"Sit down." Wynland waved a hand when he saw that I was on my feet, and I did obediently, never taking my eyes off of the Alpha. Time seemed to move slowly as he carried on looking around the room, his face impassive, and body language giving away nothing of what he felt.

"You have an additional assignment, dear daughter." His voice was void of warmth, as it usually is when he spoke of or to me.

He finally stepped to my desk, and tapped a finger against the opened map. "You will need to travel to the RoakeView Mountain as well. Another Eye, Eye 13, has been having trouble. Whilst you are there, check all of the Eyes." His glacier eyes narrowed on mine. "I want your assignments completed by today, eight p.m."

I roughly estimated the hours it would take to do the assignments. The walk to EarthWind Mountain, and the thorough checking and possible fixing of the twenty-six Eyes placed across many areas of the mountain, would take at least six to eight hours. And the trip to RoakeView and the checking of the sixteen cameras there would take five hours.

"Will I have a team?" I asked, ears ringing when Wynland noisily pulled back a chair resting before my desk and sat in it, the small chair surprising not straining under his tall, brawny body.

"Yes. Four warriors will go with you." Wynland spoke of this flippantly, and I straightened further in my office chair, knowing now that he intended to speak of another topic.

"The two twins," Wynland began. "Are from the Messolyn Pack."

I didn't speak. I knew this already, as they had admitted it in the questioning room. Nonetheless, even now as Wynland spoke of the pack and I was reminded of where they were from, I felt a small lurch of anger in my chest. The Messolyn Pack was a threat to our own. The Alpha had, according to Wynland, made it clear that he intended to seize control of our pack and Arkland. The likelihood of a battle was strong because of this.

The Messolyn Pack's intentions had led Wynland to issue orders of even more strenuous training for thousands of warriors, and myself.

The threats from the Alpha of Messolyn had been occurring for several years, and Wynland believed that the pack would strike when they thought we least expected it. So, Wynland thought it important that each pack warrior of Arkland always be prepared.

Wynland had travelled occasionally to many packs throughout the years, conducting what he called "business" with some. But I knew that the business he spoke of involved death, but he did not communicate much to me about it. I was not allowed to travel with him or the warriors he would take, and was told to instead stay in Arkland and train under the Beta whilst Wynland was gone.

"I am unsure of how they entered Arkland," Wynland carried on speaking. His gaze narrowed on me, as if they entering Arkland was my fault. I raised my chin, swallowed tightly at the flash in his eyes as he growled, "Those who were with them were also from Messolyn, and one in particular, the light brown haired male with the scar on his cheek, is suspected to be a close relative to the Alpha. I believe him, and all those we have captured, wanted to gather information about the Arkland Pack and send them back to Messolyn."

I was silent when Wynland reached to his side, and my gaze lowered briefly to the sharp machete he placed on the oak desk. His eyes were dark as he studied me, his voice a snarl, "I want them dead by tomorrow."

My hands reached forward, and my fingertips dragged slowly against the side of the long blade."Where shall I kill them?" My voice was quiet as my thoughts went to the amount of people who had been captured today. Five. Five supposed spies that needed to be murdered.

I fought to keep my expression neutral, and for my eyebrows not to furrow in thought. I doubted those two siblings, the twins, were spies. They were young, perhaps seven or eight years old. And they were far too clumsy and skittish, especially the girl, to be spies.

Wynland's words broke into my thoughts.

"I don't give a fuck where you kill them. Take them before the pack, kill them in the cells they stay in, I don't give a fuck. I want them dead."

Wynland inhaled deeply after he spoke, and my eyes held his own steadily as he said after a moment of silence,

"Understand me clearly, Valencia. I will do whatever I must to make sure Arkland never gets into the hands of that scum, Russo. I would sacrifice anything or anyone if needed to make sure of this," He leaned forward, and the chair underneath him groaned under his muscled body.

His eyes flashed once again as he purposely continued to hold my blank gaze, and I remained unaffected by his words whilst he snarled, "I would sacrifice anyone."

New book!! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I know it's the first chapter lol, but what do you think so far about Wynland?

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