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As his green mesmerizing eyes locked with mine, a playful smirk danced on his lips. I instantly bowed. "Evron" I could feel his intense gaze as everyone in the hall bowed. Her nightmares are haunting her living reality, but time stops when nightmares become real, when an invisible hand leading her to an unknown world, in which she might find her lost self or her true love. "You will survive." She might be a savior, the last hope. She is Aurora. 🔞This is a dark romance, contains mature content, foul language, and NOT recommended to underage readers. Read at your risk.

Fantasy / Romance
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She was panting as an unbearable pain stirred her feeble flesh and as if sensing the silent steps of a cruel end, she clutched down on the cold ground, breathless.
They were coming for her, and her child.
She was cold.

Her dry lips parted in a desperate attempt to scream, but instead, a soft whimper escaped them, not even audible to herself. She closed her trembling eyelids as warm tears were streaming down her bruised cheeks.

Her shaky hands were loosely wrapped around a bundle, warm enough to uncover a breathing life within, sleeping in a nearly shattering silence.

She brought her child closer to her cold bosom, unwrapping only her small angelic face to take in her features for the last time.

She knew all hopes had died away and her throbbing open wound on the right shoulder was a certain promise to her gradual death.
A tear trickled down and fell on the baby’s cheek.

“You will survive.” She murmured in
her ear.
The baby was in peaceful sleep, unaware of the coming storm.
“Keep her safe Evron. Take my worthless life and save her. Please... please ...”
She said in her heart.

She was begging silently, seeking a lost hope.
She tilted her head weakly to the sound of their heavy steps on the snow, an ominous sign which made her blood froze in her veins.

They would find her, easily as the blood stained the white of the snow here and there.
“ Evron... please...”

She whispered vaguely, spent, in a shallow voice as her last praying to a deaf God.
“ Come...She’s here... “

She gazed out at the darkness and detected soldiers approaching cautiously to her, and more were stepping out of the darkness.
She was terrified eying their looming presence and raised her trembling hand to show she would surrender.

The Soldiers warily took a step back, they had seen their power before in the battlefields, but she was so vulnerable and wounded to fight, no danger for them.

“ Kill her before he descends and takes the child.”
She whined hearing the vicious words, shook her head in defeat. “ No”

She attempted to move but a soldier was fast to approach and swiftly hit his sword’s pod on her wounded shoulder, forcing a searing pain to engulf her bones.

He ruthlessly took the bundle out of her embrace and pushed her roughly on the ground, a cracking sound indicating a broken bone.

She sobbed faintly as trying in vain to move or stand, to save her captive child.
“Kill her.”
This was the brutal end.

She closed her eyes accepting the unwanted fate as the sharp sword cut through her back to her rib cage, instantly reaching to her beating heart. Blood oozed out of her mouth, her eyes blurred in the rush of tears and a suffocated whimper was loud enough to break the grim silence.

“ Look at the sky.”
The bright light was spreading in the breadth of the sky.
He was descending.

“Come on, we should leave.”
They rushed to their horses and left taking the child with them.
As they were riding away, a dreadful wild scream pierced the silence, rattled the ground.
She was dead.


“ HA...”
I woke up, screaming. My heart was pounding wildly in my chest and my whole body was in pain, an unknown raw pain.
“ Are you Ok sweetheart?”

Blake said terrified while taking me in his arms.
I was crying and shivering with the sudden agony that was clutching my heart.
“Shhh, it was just a nightmare. Breathe.”
I took a deep breath trying desperately to calm down.

“I’m right here, I’m right here.”
I closed my eyes, to forget my dark nightmare.
My dark repetitive nightmare.
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