The Tale of Evergreen

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was just an ordinary day. Where I take a bath go to school and listen to my boring professors oh right! I have a quiz on my favorite subject – mathematics. Note the sarcasm please.

I have always hated math, and I adore those who are brilliant in it. Meaning I want a math wizard boyfriend so I have a free tutor. Magnificent isn’t it?

I was in on the way to our living room when my mom called me.

“Amber? You’re not going to eat darling?”

“No Mom! I’m going to be late, we have a quiz in Math.”

“Ok but don’t forget to eat if you have a vacant time okay?” of course because I’m always hungry. But I never get fat, blame my fast metabolism for that one.

That’s weird. Like other mother my mom don’t want me to go to school without having breakfast so what’s the sudden change? Maybe she doesn’t want to see fail my fav subject.

“Okay you can go to school already, and you asked me if you can have a slumber party with your friends? You can do it tonight dear!”

Hmm. Usually she won’t allow it so what’s the sudden change of hearts?
But since she said yes grab the opportunity before she changes her mind!

“Sure mom! Thanks! Where’s Dad btw?”

“O-oh he’s in the office you know he’s busy these days.”

“Ah ok I’m off to school. Bye Mom. Love you!”

Our driver dropped me off to school. We are not that rich. But we can still afford to have a driver and a maid.

I ran towards my classroom to find out that the professor is already there. So much missing the important meal of the day.

“You are 11 minutes late Ms. Celery. You know that the exam is today right?”

“Sorry Ms. It’s because of the traffic!”

I sit on my chair. Unfortunately I don’t have friends in this class. Because this school changes the section every school year so I couldn’t get the chance to be with my friends. And now I call myself Ms. Loner, kidding.

Back to the quiz I just wanted to pull my hair. Ugh. This is the lesson where all I did is scroll in facebook, well discreetly of course I don’t want my phone to be confiscated.

I just don’t like this teacher she discussed as if there’s no tomorrow! It’s too fast! Mathematics should be discussed properly so we the students can understand it.

So instead of listening to her I opened my wattpad app and read some stories. Duh.

And this is my consequences I should hire a math wizard boyfriend. I tried to answer which I think is easy if there’s something like that here it full of numbers god!

If this is English or Science it could be so easy for me I can answer it with my eyes closed. But this is math we’re talking about my every day misery. I wonder if I will be able to pass this subject.

Thank god the bell rang already. I can finally go out in this hell. And because sir Mathew our English teacher can’t attend his class I decided to go to the rooftop and breath some fresh air. Observing the students, I always do these all the time if I have vacant. I like to observe things how they are doing criticizing them sometimes. I don’t know maybe I’m being judgemental.

But something’s not right I can’t seem to be easy like something that’s bad is going to happen. Strange because I’m not like this. I tried to call my Dad to check on him but he didn’t pick up. I tried and tried until he already picked up.

“Yes sweetheart? I’m in the middle of the meeting when you called. What is it?”

“Where are you right now dad? are you okay?”

“I told you I’m in the office, why what is it?”

What a good liar he’s in the office but he’s panting what is he doing there running in the whole building? But I trust my dad so let’s leave him for now. Let’s just hope that he’s not having a mistress because I will be the one to cut his dick. Kidding! That would be so gross. I’m sure my dad is loyal. He is madly smitten by my mother.

Maybe this uneasy feeling is nothing. This is just math side effects chu chu. So lemme go back to my boring classes. And because breaktime is done, then I shall engage myself with history! Another boring and yet my favorite subject. Many people despise history but me? I so loved it!

I wanted to know how the empires rises and fall who are king then their tactics and whatsoever.

I am on my way to the classroom when someone bumped me to the point that I slumped in the ground. Bitches! They never really learn. This school never tolerates bullying but I can’t tell my professors that I’m bullied sometimes because that would put me to shame. I mean I’m already eighteen yet still bullied how ironic.I was about to stand up when some stranger extended his arm.

“Oh thank you! ” I said to the man but he just shrugged and went on.

All I can see is his massive back, he isn’t wearing our uniform either. But outsiders aren’t allowed, how did he enter. And why did he helped me?

I wonder who might that be?

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