Terradon Prime

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Jonathan sat at the feet of the Old Timers, an unpublished group of Great Smoky Mountains Fabricators, as he like to call them. Faced with the challenge of performing for a live audience in Cades Cove, Tennessee, he mastered the art of impromptu story weaving with a wise lesson The Outstanding Americans Foundation selected him as one of the Outstanding Young Men of American for his quiet, unselfish contributions to his community and profession, shaping the quality of the lives of the people he crossed paths with. As a world traveler, he became an English teacher in Japan, having completed his studies in theology, technology, counseling, and distance education development.

Dedication: I dedicate this book to my adoring wife, Angela and my daughter, Heather.

Quote from the book: Despite our prowess—mākutu, as we call it— we do not venture into the desert.”

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